10 Best American Restaurants in Port Melbourne, Victoria

10 Best American Restaurants in Port Melbourne

1. The Bank On Collins

Cuisine: Modern Australian
These days, Melbourne is considered the world’s most livable city, but back in the 1850’s gold rush, it was the world’s richest city, and people thought the streets were paved with gold.
Located on a prominent corner site on Collins street, and formerly home to historically significant …read more about The Bank On Collins Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

2. Leroy’s Cafe

Cuisine: Cafe
If you have a lovely bunch of high on energy kids with you, this place is definitely the most wonderful for an afternoon sit down. This is a great little place in Newport. It’s pram friendly, has high chairs and a small kids play area. During warmer weather …read more about Leroy’s Cafe Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

3. Badger Vs Hawk

Cuisine: Cafe
First is The BADGER! This burger has different condiments and secret sauce for a richer appeal to the senses. Second is The HAWK! This selection is perfect for those looking …read more about Badger Vs Hawk Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

4. Walker’s Doughnuts

Cuisine: American, Desserts
Deliciously appetising doughnuts, milkshakes and the ever so amazing baristas, this outlet is surely one of the best treats to your sweet tooth that Melbourne has to offer. It is a great late night spot for street food and city life that …read more about Walker’s Doughnuts Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

5. Bowery To Williamsburg

Cuisine: Cafe, American, Coffee and Tea
If you are a fan of fine lunching and brunching, this exotic restaurant is definitely a never to miss for you. The peanut butter, hot smoked salmon, pulled pork and potato latkes will definitely leave you wanting for more. The New York-style …read more about Bowery To Williamsburg Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

6. Trunk Diner

Cuisine: American
Trendy bar and diner in a restored 1850s synagogue with a huge beer garden, plus rooftop beehives, this place is definitely one of the undisputed leaders of this list! It offers a wide variety of cuisines on its wide and extravagant menu, including Italian, …read more about Trunk Diner Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

7. Grill’d

Cuisine: Burger
If you’re a fast-food junkie, the Grill’d is one of the best places for you to satiate your cravings. The crisp bacon, lamb, fries, burgers, hot chips and much more such delicious food items offered by this eatery …read more about Grill’d Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

8. Corte

Cuisine: Latin American, Tapas
Corte is a Latin American Restaurant with Rustic-chic spot in a former courthouse, serving creative tapas and mojitos, plus a leafy courtyard. It’s a great place for Sunday afternoon sit down. One can sit outside with the pork belly …read more about Corte Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

9. Rubira’s Port Melbourne

Cuisine: Seafood, Modern Australian
It’s a cosy haunt with a red ceiling, green tiles and an open fire, presenting refined seafood dishes and American barbeque. The captivating fire on a winter’s eve with scallops, modules and oysters make your experience …read more about Rubira’s Port Melbourne Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

10. Big Boy BBQ

Cuisine: American, BBQ
It is a funky joint for slow-cooked American-style ribs, wings, sandwiches and a lot more exciting and enticing options available on that extravagant menu. The atmosphere and vibe of the eatery are very energetic and the staff very friendly. This busy eatery …read more about Big Boy BBQ Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute best places to eat in Melbourne CBD! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in a nutshell, this list is not fixed.

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