10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

“The Chinese eat everything with four legs, except tables, and everything that flies, except airplanes.”— Anon.

China boasts one of the most delicious and varied cuisine in the world. Mastering one of the Eight Culinary Cuisines of China is an artform. You will find Chinese dishes all over the world.

Really well-cooked Chinese food is said to be possess great appearance, taste and smell. In this article, we present our pick of the bustling CBD’s best Chinese restaurants. This list is in no way static and will be  updated over time. Feel free to share your mind!

10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

1. Wonderbao

Cuisine: Chinese, Taiwanese
As it is with Melbourne, the more hidden something is, the better it tastes. Wonderbao is no exception. Hidden amongst RMIT’s developments, it has been teeming with people ever since it opened up. Wonderbao has a hipster ambience. The teeny tiny restaurant has an incredibly…read further for recommended dishes

2. Sichuan House

Cuisine: Chinese, Sichuan, Asian
Sichuan House is Melbourne’s representative of the Sichuan cuisine. Standing in place of Dainty Sichuan, Sichuan House remains as crowded as its older sibling at Box Hill.
In terms of ambience and decor, Sichuan House is very simple. Nothing too impressive. But don’t …read further for recommended dishes

3. Shanghai Street Dumpling

Cuisine: Chinese, Dumplings
Situated on the quiet end of Little Bourke Street, Shanghai Street Dumpling is a great addition to Melbourne’s dumpling scene. The joint seems to be eternally busy, but the wait for a table is not too long. The setting is pretty modern. The decor is fairly simple, but nothing…read further for recommended dishes

4. Rose Garden BBQ

Cuisine: Chinese, BBQ
If you judge it by its name, Rose Garden BBQ sounds like a romantic garden restaurant. Well.. It is tiny. It is very similar to the innumerable Hong Kong type eateries in the city. But unlike the subpar student fare that you get in most places around the city, Rose…read further for recommended dishes

5. ShanDong MaMa

Cuisine: Chinese, Dumblings
ShanDong MaMa is another one of Melbourne’s hidden treasures, cozily tucked away in an alley in Chinatown. It resides where the old Gold Star Noodle House Restaurant used to be. The restaurant deals in the delicious seafood that is ShanDong cuisine. The restaurant resembles…read further for recommended dishes

6. Mr. Huang Jin

Cuisine: Chinese, Taiwanese
One of the expensive sides of the dumpling spectrum can be found at Katherine Place. On weekday lunch hours, you would find this restaurant packed with busy city workers while dumplings fly around at breakneck speed. Mr. Huang Jin is not a place where you linger for…read further for recommended dishes

7. HuTong Dumpling Bar

Cuisine: Chinese, Dumpling
HuTong is famous. It has been earning rave reviews ever since it was established, and getting a table without a booking and no waiting is unheard of. This is one of the best places to have a xiao long bao. The red bricked wall, stained windows and hanging lamps, HuTong presents a…read further for recommended dishes

8. Bamboo House

Cuisine: Chinese
Bamboo House has been around since the 80s. While Melbourne has rapidly changed its tastes, Bamboo House hasn’t changed. It still serves some of the best Chinese you can have in the city. This classic restaurant is pretty formal, with waiters dressed in all black hovering discreetly around tables, swiftly delivering food on tables covered with white tablecloth. This classy restaurant contrasts the hasty Chinese eateries which dominate the city.…read further for recommended dishes

9. Lee Ho Fook

Cuisine: Chinese, Asian
Taking its name from the Warren Zevon song “Werewolves of London”, Lee Ho Fook is now in the CBD. With head chef Victor Liong’s motive of putting a new twist on the good ol’ Chinese, or as he likes to say it “funky new style Chinese”. The restaurant has a classic vibe. With…read further for recommended dishes

10. Sung’s Kitchen

Cuisine: Chinese, Sichuan, Asian
Maintaining its standards over the years, Sung’s Kitchen has remained your homely, simple fix for the Sichuan delicacies. With the elegant decor and the beautifully neat tables, Sung’s Kitchen will make you fall in love with it instantly. The menu is expansive, covering…read further for recommended dishes

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute best places to have delctable Chinese in Melbourne CBD! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in a nutshell, this list is not fixed!

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