10 Best French Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

The City is a place of hustle and bustle, of busy people buzzing about town rushing to and from their jobs. The Central Business District is even more so, but all the zooming about does tend to make one hungry! Which is why our team of dedicated food researchers at 10KeyThings have come up with this list of 10 best French eateries in the CBD area. The best thing about this list is that it’s not fixed and will keep evolving! So do remember to give us reviews of these places and tell us about the ones you feel deserve a place in this list!

10 Best French Restaurants in Melbourne CBD

1. Bistro Vue

Cuisine: French
This upscale place will truly give you a taste of the Parisian life, right in the middle of Melbourne! The interior is quirky and interesting and the service is superb, making this a perfect place for a great meal. For an intense meat experience, definitely try out…read more about Bistro Vue French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

2. Mr. Mason

Cuisine: French
The decor at Mr. Mason is something that strikes you the minute you enter. It is a spacious restaurant, but retains a warm atmosphere to enjoy your delicious food! The Tasting menu here changes seasonally, which is the perfect excuse to…read more about Mr. Mason French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

3. Hardware Societe

Cuisine: French
This is a place that is really, really hard to get into! One of the highest rated and raved about places in Melbourne, the wait for a table can be as long as 45 minutes, so come prepared for a line! A specialty here is amazingly creative…read more about Hardware Societe French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

4. Roule Galette

Cuisine: French
This place is all about the crepe, so come here for a breakfast or for a really filling dessert after a light meal! Every dish plated up here is like a work of art; the kind of thing you spend minutes admiring before you dig in! From their savoury selection, try out…read more about Roule Galette French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

5. Entrecote

Cuisine: French
Entrecote is a Parisian style steakhouse and breakfast cafe all rolled into one. The whole look of the place is quite beautiful, with the elegantly scribbled red neon sign out front and the modern seating and decor inside. A must have breakfast option here is the…read more about Entrecote French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

6. Bergerac

Cuisine: French
This place offers up the essential elements of French cuisine in a fine dining setting for a beautifully crafted French experience. The Marget de Canard is a duck preparation that must be had from their mains menu. Another great crowd favourite here is…read more about Bergerac French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

7. Le Traiteur

Cuisine: French
This is the breakfast and lunch place for the office goer who loves French food in a lovely cafe setting. This is a tiny, but elegant place on Lonsdale for your breakfast French fix. The cafe is most famous for its mind boggling selection of…read more about Le Traiteur French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

8. La Petite Creperie

Cuisine: French
They are really not kidding with the name here. La Petite Creperie is really, really petite, a charming little food kiosk on the footpath. The first thing that hits you within a few metres of this place is the heavenly aroma of fresh…read more about La Petite Creperie French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

9. La Belle Miette

Cuisine: French
If you’ve even mentioned desserts to a friend around here, it is likely that La Belle Miette came up in conversation. This tiny little bakery serves really high quality French biscuits. The most highly recommended macaroons here are the…read more about La Belle Miette French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

10. Bistro Guillaume

Cuisine: French
This great French place promises and delivers an elegant French dining experience with beautiful view of the river. A romantic spot if any to bring a date and enjoy delicious food. For an entree, don’t miss out on the…read more about Bistro Guillaume French Restaurant Melbourne CBD…

The French do take the leisure quite seriously and nothing is taken more seriously than the food. The French pride themselves on the exquisiteness of their cuisine, which makes it all the better for us to go out and enjoy. Remember, as always, that we would love to hear about your experiences in these restaurants so do comment below! Also, suggest places you think would be perfect for our list which will help keep this list of Best French Restaurants in Melbourne CBD fresh and updated.

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