10 Best Halal Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

10 Best Halal Restaurants Melbourne CBD

Central Business District, Melbourne – Just as the culture of Melbourne, the food here also has the best of the whole wide World. Spanning from Asian to African, from cheap to ones which can dig a hole in your pocket and yet, leave you happy as ever! Melbourne has got them all. Just as they love their sports, citizens of Melbourne love their food as well (Legends have it, some have their scales tipping more towards food!).

So after a lot of deliberation, experimentation and research, the team of food-lovers here at 10KeyThings have created a comprehensive list of the best eateries serving Halal meat in the area. Trying very hard not to break the AUD 100 ceiling, we dig deep and try to make sure to cover both, the known delights as well as some little-known gems. Yep, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the places in this area that you absolutely must try! Remember – this list is in no particular order! FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND SHARE YOUR MIND!

1. Alice’s Thai Restaurant 

Cuisine: Thai, Halal    
When in Melbourne and looking for a great breakfast to start the day on a good note, look no further. Located near Victoria Hotel, this little place serves one of the best breakfast buffets in town. With lots of variety in the buffet, they sure please any guest right at the start of the morning. Patrons will be as amazed by …read more about Alice’s Thai Restaurant Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

2. Nelayan Indonesian Restaurant 

Cuisine: Indonesian, Halal
If you love good reliable cheap eats, Nelayan fits the bill. Due to its pocket-friendly spread of food, it mostly attracts university crowd. Added on top of that is its authentic homestyle cooked Indonesian cuisine which hits all the right chords. While most of the Nelayan patrons go for the items in the bain Marie, …read more about Nelayan Indonesian Restaurant Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

3. Mama Wong’s Kitchen 

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Halal
Mama Wong’s is a hidden gem in the city! This small little kitchen on the corner of flinders street gives back a homestyle richness to Asian cuisine. it’s at the most convenient location as well, get off the tram or walk 5 mins from flinders street Station. With absolutely friendly owners and staff, added with the fact that all the food is cooked fresh; It would be hard to find anyone …read more about Mama Wong’s Kitchen Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

4. Desi Dhaba 

Cuisine: North Indian, Pakistani, Halal
As you step inside this cosy looking restaurant, you’ll be greeted with the welcoming sight of fairy lights all around the place, making the place look real dreamy and nice (just like a typical Bollywood movie, just saying!). The owner of this joint takes its name pretty seriously, as the decor contains quite a heavy touch …read more about Desi Dhaba Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

5. Killiney Kopitiam 

Cuisine: Asian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Halal
Sticking true to its roots, the owner of this has kept this place quite simple yet elegant and thus, decorated with furniture that’s similar to a real Kopitiam (cafe) back in Singapore. Set near the ill-fated Paramount shopping centre which has very low occupancy rates and has never really picked up, …read more about Killiney Kopitiam Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

6. PappaRich 

Cuisine: Malaysian, Halal
With a vast amount of ingredients, their coconut soup hits the right spot, making it a favourite amongst its regulars. Patrons will find this place to be a good treat if they’re looking for something light in quantity. The steamed buns work really well with the curry chicken as they soak up the sauce which creates a nice flavour. The ones who have a soft …read more about PappaRich Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

7. Es Teler 77 

Cuisine: Indonesian, Halal
Es Teler is a Halal restaurant and has been around for a long time. Initially starting in Indonesia, and now in Malaysia, Singapore and Melbourne, they must surely be doing something right. They started as simple no frills Warung and have pretty much maintained the no-frills down to earth eatery feel. Being in Cardigan St., it attracts …read more about Es Teler 77 Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

8. Bali Bagus 

Cuisine: Indonesian, Halal
Bali Bagus on Franklin St. is one of the many Indonesian restaurants here in Melbourne. They recently just renovated which made it a perfect timing to go check it out. The interior is simple and approachable. Nothing fancy which is perfect. To just be there to make some noise, …read more about Bali Bagus Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

9. Gami 

Cuisine: Korean, Bar Food, Halal
Gami is everything you could hope it to be. The service is quick as ever and the way the wait staff take the order and manage the entire process is simply flawless. Attentive and prompt, they do not make you feel like you had to wait long. You walk in and are immediately hit with a queue. The rumblings …read more about Gami Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

10. Sahara Kitchen 

Cuisine: Moroccan, Halal
As you enter this lovely little place, you’ll be greeted with warm, rustic, exposed brick walls creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere which hints a little of North African flavour. Combined with views across from the state library and surrounding high rises, it just makes the entire experience mesmerising. Just as the decor makes you feel welcome, wait till you …read more about Sahara Kitchen Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute best places to eat in Melbourne CBD! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in the nutshell, this list is not fixed!

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