10 Best Japanese Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

The Central Business District in the Melbourne City is home to the busiest professionals around. But no work is done on an empty stomach! Japanese cuisine is a favourite for lunch, known for its delicate flavours and exquisite tastes. But the CBD area is chock full of Japanese style restaurants. But fear not, office folk in the CBD, our team of dedicated food researchers at 10KeyThings, brings you this list of the best Japanese restaurants to try out! Keep in mind, this list is not fixed. We will change and update it based on your suggestions and comments, so review the restaurants here and add ones you feel should make this list!

10 Best Japanese Restaurants in Melbourne CBD

1. Chocolate Buddha

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
There is a great vegetarian variety in this place. Get started with the delicious Renkon crisps, crisped lotus roots with mayo. The Buddha dumplings are also pretty amazing. The Kingfish Ochazuke is a highly recommended option here. The Japanese style steak, Wafu Steak Don is a huge …read further for recommended dishes

2. Kaneda Japanese Restaurant

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
This no frills, simple fast Japanese comfort food place. If you are looking for affordable, filling Japanese food, line up outside, because that’s what the rest of Melbourne also comes here for! They have a huge variety of set menus, the Assorted Sushi and …read further for recommended dishes

3. Gypsy and Pig

Cuisine: Japanese
The rather strangely named Gypsy and Pig is a great place to try your hand at the japanese tonkatsu style of food. This means pork meat rolled in egg, crumbed and deep fried. Oh it’s bad, very bad, but what’s life without a few bad choices? Gypsy and Pig specializes in …read further for recommended dishes

4. Don Don

Cuisine: Japanese, Asian
Whatever you had in mind when someone said affordable food, throw it out the window! Don Don features a one page menu with every item under 10$. You read that right! 10$ for a well prepared, authentic and hearty Japanese meal. For a full meal experience, we highly recommend …read further for recommended dishes

5. BrimCC

Cuisine: Japanese
This is great place on Collins with a huge number of gluten free, vegetarian and all organic options for your tasting pleasure. The cafe is a hole-in-the-wall type joint with a great buzz and a friendly, warm atmosphere all around. For a soup selection, go for the Salmon Miso soup in …read further for recommended dishes

6. Izakaya Den

Cuisine: Japanese, Tapas
The den completely lives up to its name, hidden away in a large bustling basement on Russell street. Finding this place is part of the whole experience, which is a pretty chic affair. A dish that you absolutely must try here is the slow cooked ocean trout, served with …read further for recommended dishes

7. Little Ramen Bar

Cuisine: Japanese, Ramen
There is really nothing else that matches a hot, steaming bowl of ramen on a nippy day. It’s one of the all-time favourites of Japanese cuisine and the Little Ramen Bar is a great place to have some! We would highly recommend the Edamame to start off with. They are …read further for recommended dishes

8. Gyoza Gyoza

Cuisine: Japanese
This is a busy little place in the heart of the CBD, with a great atmosphere which is simplistically elegant, without being too overbearing. The low, simple bench style seating really complements the internal decor to add a great experience to your food. If you’re looking to …read further for recommended dishes

9. Riverside Teppanyaki

Cuisine: Japanese
There is nothing quite like the experience of a live Teppanyaki show from a chef. While you sit there mesmerized by the artistry of it all, you are served to some great tasting food as well, served hot, right off the plate! Do not miss ordering their set menu or from the …read further for recommended dishes

10. Sushi Monger

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi
Japanese cuisine has become nearly synonymous with this signature fish preparation, and no one does it better than Sushi Monger! The place is tiny, but really bustling with lines stretching till outside in rush hours. This is a great place to stack up on some healthy protein, so order the …read further for recommended dishes

Enjoyed fantasizing about what you’ll eat at lunch tomorrow? We definitely want to hear about it! Let us know what you think about our 10Key picks of Best Japanese Restaurants in Melbourne CBD. Do review these restaurants and comment here so that we can keep this list fresh and updated for your tasting pleasure!

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