10 Best Malaysian Restaurants Melbourne, CBD

10 Best Malaysian Restaurants Melbourne, CBD

Melbourne’s central business district is an area of 1.61 x 0.80 km and the grid’s southern edge fronts onto the Yarra River. The CBD has a reputation for it’s historic and prominent lanes and arcades (most notably Block Place and Royal Arcade) which contain a variety of shops and cafés. The CBD and surrounds also contain many significant historic buildings such as the Royal Exhibition Building, the Melbourne Town Hall and Parliament House. The place is buzzing with people throughout the day and is a favourite place for family outings besides being a busy commercial hub. To cater to this flowing stream of people of all ages, CBD has a number of restaurants that meet the requirement of all genres. So if are in CBD or around, it will be worthwhile to drop into any of these joints for the delectable meal.

1. PappaRich

Cuisine: Malaysian
PappaRich offers quality Malaysian cuisine with a family touch. The cuisine is like comfort food with options for Roti, Satay skewers, and delicious Laksa. Here one gets a well-presented meal with waiters in uniform, modern fit out opens kitchen and well set out spacious restaurant. The addition of booths …read more about PappaRich Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

2. Sarawak Kitchen

Cuisine: Chinese, Malaysian
Sarawak kitchen is quite small, nothing too fancy but the food here is pretty good and will definitely exceed your expectations. There was plenty of variety on the menu and everything is really cheap but the portions are big enough to be …read more about Sarawak Kitchen Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

3. SugarBun

Cuisine: Asian, Malaysian
SugarBun brings a vibrant collection of dishes and flavours originating from Borneo and Malaysia to the heart of Melbourne. The flagship restaurant in Melbourne is spread over 2 levels, on Russell Street- offering a chic yet comfortable dining experience. It is a happening place and the floor staffs are well equipped to handle the …read more about SugarBun Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

4. Old Town White Coffee

Cuisine: Malaysian
Old Town White Coffee located at Elizabeth Street, CBD, reminds of the South East Asian coffee house, bustling with activities and aroma of coffee and Asian spices wafting through the dining area. Space is light and airy and it has the feel of a happening place, with furniture that’s simple but realistic for a coffee house with a …read more about Old Town White Coffee Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

5. Golden Orchids

Cuisine: Chinese, Malaysian
The Golden Orchids’ welcoming double-storey windows stand out among Chinatown’s boisterous eateries. This Malaysian/ Chinese restaurant is the first one to open in Melbourne. Golden Orchids’ white tablecloths, soft lighting, and polite service are not to be mistaken for a dull setting. The friendly staffs encourage beverage-toting groups …read more about Golden Orchids Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

6. Little Ipoh

Cuisine: Malaysian
Little Ipoh Restaurant gives you a little taste of the most popular foods in Asia. Situated on La Trobe Street in the vast Melbourne area, Little Ipoh Restaurant knows how to please the customers who walk through its doors. Climbing a few stairs is worth it as good authentic Malaysian cuisine awaits you. Each customer is given a fabulously …read more about Little Ipoh Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

7. Petaling Street

Cuisine: Malaysian
This Malaysian restaurant gives a hawker food hall experience; you get to taste a variety of dishes at this place. Access to the restaurant is up a set of stairs and therefore not disabled friendly. It does get very crowded much lunch times, which means that it has garnered a positive reputation generally. There is plenty …read more about Petaling Street Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

8. Sambal Kampung

Cuisine: Malaysian, Chinese
Sambal Kampung is situated in Little Bourke Street. Inside is quite classy and comfortable. Staff very polite and friendly seems to have the “family run” business feel. The walls pictures of their dishes highlighted by Seafood Curry Laksa & their crispy skin chicken with no rice they look delectable. This restaurant is …read more about Sambal Kampung Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

9. Mabrown

Cuisine: Malaysian, Chinese
The entry to Mabrown is from the Southern Cross Lane behind the massive Southern Cross Office tower. The restaurant has two sides, one for sitting in to eat and the other side of the service area serves takeaway. The sitting part is like a canteen especially at peak lunch time with closely arranged tables …read more about Mabrown Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

10. Chow Down

Cuisine: Asian, Malaysian
Chow Down in the heart of the CBD serves up authentic Malaysian hawker food. The cuisine reflects the diversity of its Southeast Asian roots, drawing influences from Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. The service is friendly and prompt with staffs that are …read more about Chow Down Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

The above list is in random order and does not rank the restaurants. We are happy to hear your experiences at the restaurants on this list as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite restaurants you would like to see on it. So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute best places to dine at Melbourne CBD. We will make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in a nutshell, the above list is dynamic.

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