10 Best Nightlife Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

10 Best Nightlife Restaurants in Melbourne, CBD

Central Business District, Melbourne – Just as the culture of Melbourne, the food here also has the best of the whole wide World. It carries within its heart a little something for everyone. And when it comes down to that one thing which every Aussie love (well, one of the many things really), it’s their love for some a fun night out. I’m talking about bar food, good drinks, great company and all that jazz.

So after a lot of deliberation, experimentation, and research, the team of food-lovers here at 10KeyThings have created a comprehensive list of the best places in and around the area which have the best Nightlife. So we dig deep and try to make sure to cover both, the known delights as well as some little-known gems. Yep, we’re here to give you the lowdown on the places in this area that you absolutely must try! Remember – this list is in no particular order! SO FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND SHARE YOUR MIND!

1. Eau De Vie

Cuisine: Bar Food
Eau De Vie is decorated with antiques and trinkets bringing about its own quirkiness. It is a typical Melbourne hipster watering hole. This place specialises in cocktails and whisky – of which they have lots! So many in fact that the drinks menu is about 20 odd pages. And when you’ve got great company…read more about Eau De Vie Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

2. Rooftop Bar and Cinema

Cuisine: Bar Food
Situated at the top of Curtin House, rooftop bar has some great views of Melbourne. People love coming here in summer to watch a movie, enjoy a few drink and cocktails and have a good time. The view on the city is awesome, the atmosphere is really cool and relaxed, the cocktails are simple but…read more about Rooftop Bar and Cinema Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

3. 1806

Cuisine: Bar Food
1806 is the year that the word cocktail was first defined in print. Named after this iconic date, 1806 in Exhibition Street is about all things of the cocktail variety. The drinks menu is epic, so don’t expect to leave this drinking den after just one. It is a standout bar in Melbourne that impresses…read more about 1806 Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

4. Magic Mountain Saloon Bar

Cuisine: Asian, Fusion
The first thing you need to do when planning to go to Magic Mountain Saloon is to memorise the logo. Just like an entrance to a magical fairy world, if you don’t know the symbol you can’t find the entrance. And they’re not even kidding! There isn’t actually a…read more about Magic Mountain Saloon Bar Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

5. Madame Brussels

Cuisine: Bar Food
Madame Brussels opens up to a light-filled rooftop terrace decorated with faux grass and pastel decor in shades of pink and green. As per the famed brothel owner, it’s named after, Madame Brussels is the embodiment of a cheeky grown up tea party where patrons are served by preppy waiters…read more about Campari House Madame Brussels Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

6. Hihou

Cuisine: Japanese
The word Hihou means ‘secret treasure’ and this place is indeed one. Almost completely unmarked and requiring patrons to press a non-descript doorbell to be granted entry, it is easy to miss Hihou. But once inside, you are greeted by a gorgeously minimalist Japanese interior lit by flickering…read more about Hihou Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

7. Bomba Rooftop

Cuisine: Bar Food, Tapas
Bomba Rooftop is located on Lonsdale St in the Melbourne CBD and replaced the old Aylesbury. Downstairs is a funky, casual dimly lit dining area and upstairs is a rooftop bar where you grab a cocktail, aperitif and enjoy the view. When you walk in, you are greeted by the centre piece of the room which is the bar…read more about Bomba Rooftop Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

8. Bar Americano

Cuisine: Bar Food
Bar Americano is a prestigious bar in a laneway just off Lt Collins st. A little bar occupying the site of the former Pushka bar and the brainchild of the gents behind Der Raum, it’s been promised to be the next big thing. And this place surely fits the bill. The place is teeny tiny inside and has beautiful dark wood…read more about Bar Americano Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

9. Nieuw Amsterdam

Cuisine: American, BBQ
Nieuw Amsterdam can be described as a classy New York-style bar and eatery, serving creative cocktails and gourmet American diner food. It’s a bit more low key located on Hardware Street which is directly opposite the hustle and bustle of Hardware Lane, so you’d have to know it was there opposed to being wooed by the hawkers outside restaurants on Hardware Lane. It is set up over …read more about Nieuw Amsterdam Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

10. City Wine Shop

Cuisine: European
The City Wine Shop is a lot more than a wine shop. It is a lovely little place serving great food and wine. Located at the top end of Bourke Street, this bar, bistro, bottle shop offers an outstanding wine list, beautiful views of the Parliament building and a tasty menu. If you’re on the run, grab a bottle from their wine wall, or…read more about City Wine Shop Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute best places to eat in Melbourne CBD! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in a nutshell, this list is not fixed.

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