10 Best Restaurants in Port Melbourne, Australia

The mesmerizing sea and lip-smacking cuisine – this is what Port Melbourne is famous for. The rich history, heritage, soothing spa activities, Aboriginal Victoria and the splendid nature and wildlife are every tourist’s abode in this splendid suburb of Australia. And when it comes to wining and dining, Port Melbourne has some delightful restaurants and bars for all you foodies out there. So spend a day by the bay, appreciating the lovely oceanic waves and sunshine, and then spend a night appreciating the fine wining and dining with an array of delicious enticing eateries lining the main bay street. Here we come up with our pick of the 10 best restaurants in Port Melbourne that will definitely be a therapy for your taste buds. The list in here is of no particular order neither is it in any way static. We promise to update this list over time. Feel free to share your mind!

     10 Best Restaurants in Port Melbourne, CBD

1. Waterfront Port Melbourne

Cuisine: Seafood, Modern Australian
It is regarded by many as one of the finest restaurants in the city offering a large venue and an eclectic menu. It is a paradise for people who want a simple yet magnanimous experience of dining…read more about Waterfront Port Melbourne Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

2. Dalmatino

Cuisine: European, Seafood, Croatian
An airy, rustic-chick café with a vaulted wooden ceiling and exposed brick walls, this place is a foodie’s delight. Extremely famous for its Croatian cuisine this bayside eatery is one of the most amazing…read more about Dalmatino Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

3. Ciao Cielo

Cuisine: Italian, European
If Italian cuisine sweeps you off your feet, then Ciao Cielo is just the ideal place for you. The stylish space with lead light windows, dark wood accents and banquets which describe the typical 1940s décor with elegant…read more about Ciao Cielo Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

4. The Graham

Cuisine: Modern Australian
The Graham Hotel is one of the most highly recommended wining and dining restaurants of Port Melbourne which has already gathered a lot of local attention. The chic wood panelled wine and cocktail bar with a stylish dining room for Modern Australian dishes, this restaurant is one of the most charming…read more about The Graham Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

5. The Petty Officer

Cuisine: Cafe
It is one of the coolest cafes in Port Melbourne. The Artisan coffee and homemade Modern Australian brunch with black-and-white stylish décor will definitely cheer you up bright on a bad day. The special coffee offered by this exotic café is definitely the heart of Melbourne’s tourist…read more about The Petty Officer Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

6. Moshi Moshi

Cuisine: Seafood, Japanese
If you are a fan of seafood and Japanese food, in particular, Moshi Moshi is the never to miss restaurant for you. It is a mellow Japanese eatery with traditional paintings and décor giving the typical Japanese touch to the ambience…read more about Moshi Moshi Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

7. Railway Club Hotel

Cuisine: Steakhouse, Pub Food
For a casual and fine brunch somewhere in Port Melbourne, Railway Club hotel is the perfect place. À la carte dining showcasing grass-fed beef, in a casual pub setting with polished wood décor this old school joint is one of the most crowded…read more about Railway Club Hotel Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

8. Third Wave Café

Cuisine: American, BBQ
A cool, stylish and exotic café by the splendid sea, the Third Wave Cafe is one of the finest places in Port Melbourne to provide a lot of exciting and enticing cuisines. It’s a casual black-and-white cafe,…read more about Third Wave Café Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

9. Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen

Cuisine: Seafood, Modern Australian
It is one of Port Melbourne’s most trendy and stylish chic hotel in a high-rise property. Fourteen minutes’ walk from the Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium and 3.1 km from the National…read more about Dock 37 Bar and Kitchen Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

10. Melbourne Bakehouse

Cuisine: Cafe
And ultimately after a fine dining experience, everybody craves for desserts and sweets. So for all those lovely people having a sweet tooth, Melbourne Bakehouse is the best bakery of Port Melbourne. Be it the fancy and…read more about Melbourne Bakehouse Restaurant Port Melbourne, Australia…

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute best places to eat in Port Melbourne! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in a nutshell, this list is not fixed!

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