10 Best Thai Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

Thai cuisine is popular all over the globe. The “Fifty Most Delicious Dishes of the World” feature seven Thai dishes – more than that of any country. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes full of spices and having a strong aromatic component. The cuisine is known for its complex interplay of four-five fundamental taste senses. Sum rap Thai is how the entire world eats.

The names – pad Thai, tom yam goong, som tam and Thai fried rice get mouths watering. In this article, we present our pick of Melbourne CBD’s best Thai restaurants. This list is in no way static, and is in no particular order whatsoever. Feel free to share your mind!

10 Best Thai Restaurants in Melbourne CBD

1. Chin Chin

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
On Flinders Lane in the CBD, lies the hipster, laidback restaurant that has heads turning and feet shuffling towards it – Chin Chin. If you’re planning to eat here, you better shift your circadian rhythm to eat before or after the general population does. At lunchtime, on an unremarkably boring Monday, you will find …read further for recommended dishes

2. Ratee Thai

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
When you walk into the sweet cheap-eat haven that Port Phillip Arcade is, the first restaurant that you encounter is the authentic, spice loaded Thai joint – Ratee Thai. Home to a lot of office workers, university students, and expatriates, it is a fairly casual, your run-of-the-mill-eat-and-run type …read further for recommended dishes

3. Longrain

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
It’s bold, it’s loud and it’s situated in the most unlikely of places. Longrain has been stealing hearts from inside a refurbished warehouse building. The ambience resonates with the Gen X – it is the right mixture of trendy, vibrant, bold and loud. The heritage features of the …read further for recommended dishes

4. Cookie

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
A quirky décor, a very chic and hip ambience, large arched windows overlooking the street, and a wine menu that will have you polish your eyeballs just to be a cent percent sure of what you see – that is Cookie. Don’t be fooled by the laidback attitude of …read further for recommended dishes

5. Fomo Thai

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
Do you have the Fear Of Missing Out on some mouth-wateringly delectable Thai? Well, fret no more, sire, cause Bourke Street has the solution to all your problems. 
FOMO Thai is conveniently located to be a great place for dinner after work. The restaurant has …read further for recommended dishes

6. Mr. Nice Guy

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
From the house that gifted Melbourne Middle Fish comes a nice restaurant on the western end of the CBD – Mr. Nice Guy. 
With funky and creative interiors designed by Thai artist Torlarp Larpjaroensook, Mr. Nice Guy employs the use of Thai bathroom tiles to a surprisingly …read further for recommended dishes

7. Red Spice Road

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
Red Spice Road feels a bit like a franchise straight out of the U.S. The friendliness in service, the alluring red and green interior and a rare spaciousness to it make Red Spice Road a very enjoyable evening. 
There is a vibrant bar, a pleasant courtyard and a dining area with long …read further for recommended dishes

8. The Toff in Town

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
Found on the top floor of Curtis House is the restaurant/bar with the dodgy name. Designed by architect Phillip Schemnitz and co-owner Camillo Ippoliti, The Toff is an absolute delight to look at. It is divided into two parts: a music venue, and a bar & restaurant. 
As you turn towards …read further for recommended dishes

9. Tom Toon 3

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
Famous among expatriates and residents alike, Tom Toon 3 is your homely, eat-and-run, cute-compact Thai joint. Tom Toon’s ambience game is not as strong as it’s food game, so you won’t find some otherworldly creative concept used in the restaurant. But the fingerlicking …read further for recommended dishes

10. Red Silks

Cuisine: Thai, Asian
With some funky interiors, a huge balcony and  an open kitchen, this Canto-pop sound tracked bar/cafe is a favourite among RMIT students and professionals alike. Being on the first floor, it is a bit tricky to get to. But the searching will be worth …read further for recommended dishes

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute Best Thai Restaurants in Melbourne CBD! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in a nutshell, this list is not fixed!

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