10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

Raising the health quotient without compromising on your palate. Lip smacking delights for the recently converted or the religious vegetarian, the Central Business District of Melbourne offers a plethora of choices to cater to the needs of your taste buds. Recipes to bring an avalanche of flavours to your mouth, while promising good health, beautiful locations, and lovely company (which we hope you shall be bringing along to share a wholesome meal). With Melbourne becoming a culinary amalgam of sorts, combining distinct flavours from all around the globe, you will find yourself drawn to these places every so often. Not having to burn a hole in your pockets is all the more an added bonus. We will be updating our list as you comment so don’t forget to subscribe and tell us about your dining experience. Go meatless!

10 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD

1. Supercharger Wholefoods

Cuisine: Asian, Vegetarian, Vegan
Supercharger packs super foods to the zenith in all meals. The feel good factor is at an all time high, with all the essential nutrients that go in with every combination of a meal. One that you get to put together yourself.Be it a mint spiced, broccoli and kale cleansing drink, or…read more about Supercharger wholefoods Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

2. Gong de Lin

Cuisine: Asian, Chinese, Vegetarian
A beautiful, neat little place with cosy wooden interiors that doesn’t overwhelm you, seems so inviting, this just being how the ambience feels. Coming to the food, Gong de Lin hosts an elaborate menu of…read more about Gong de Lin Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

3. TOFWD – The Organic Food and Wine Deli

Cuisine: Vegetarian, Vegan
Do you know what would be great? A place where you can tick off of your health list dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and yet be left with a wide range of delicious, super healthy, vegetarian and/or vegan delights. Amply laden with nutritionally high foods, where…read more about TOFWD – The Organic Food and Wine Deli Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

4. Hunters’ Roots

Cuisine: Vegetarian, Vegan
Three words. Dragonfruit smoothie bowl. Walk into Hunters’, have a bowl, then tell us it wasn’t the best decision you made on a scorching summer afternoon. A salad menu that changes every day, good quality of fresh ingredients and a lovely atmosphere were the key ingredients that brought up…read more about Hunters’ Roots Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

5. Invita

Cuisine: Healthy Food, Vegetarian
One of the best things about Invita- its location next to the organic produce market from where they get most of their ingredients. As fresh as it gets! The owners are a lovely couple that creates magic in their kitchen with fresh produce, and a rare combination of…read more about Invita Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

6. Gopal’s Vegetarian

Cuisine: Indian, Healthy Food, Vegetarian, Vegan
Some of the friendliest people will greet you when you walk into Gopal’s vegetarian. A very simply put menu, extremely reasonable and humongous serving sizes. You’re sure to leave Gopal’s with a belly filled with delicious food and a smile of contentment brightening your…read more about Gopal’s Vegetarian Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

7. Om Vegetarian

Cuisine: Indian Vegetarian
There are four branches of Om in the CBD area, but we recommend the one at 139, Swanston Street out of the lot, located right outside the Flinders Street Station. Imagine feasting on an all-you-can-eat buffet at just $…read more about Om Vegetarian Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

8. Laneway Greens

Cuisine: Healthy Food, Vegetarian
As elegant and crisp the setting of Laneway appears, amidst the stark shades of black and white, their entire cooking technique seems to involve an experimental element to it. Every salad is handcrafted; add to it the unpredictable flavour combinations. What gets created is an… read more about Laneway Greens Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

9. Crossways Food for life

Cuisine: Indian, Vegetarian
All-you-can-eat buffet at under $8. Run by the Hare Krishna of Melbourne, this is a wonderful, hygienic place with so much food and love to offer for everyone. There is a different menu for every day of the week as well as for lunch and dinner! Rest assured to find something new…read more about Crossways Food for life Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

10. The School of Life Cafe

Cuisine: Cafe, Healthy food, Vegetarian
What would you prefer, coffee, conversation and fresh Danish pastries by the side with your friends? Or The Smoking Simone which is smoked mozzarella with red tomatoes, pickled red onions and salsa verde accompanied by a smooth glass of Shiraz while sharing…read more about The School of Life Cafe Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

That’s it for now – but remember that this list is in no particular order. We’re happy to hear about your experiences at the restaurants on this list, as well as your suggestions about which of your favourite joints you need to see on it! So make sure to comment and rate these places so that we can keep updating the status of the absolute Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Melbourne CBD! We’ll make sure to keep the list regularly updated based on the valuable input of our readers. So, in a nutshell, this list is not fixed!

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