10 Best Vietnamese Restaurants Melbourne CBD, Australia

10 Best Vietnamese Restaurants Melbourne CBD

Vietnamese cuisine has seen a sudden surge in interest from all quarters of the world. People in Australia too have taken a liking to an array of Asian cuisines especially Vietnamese. Our research team of foodies at 10KeyThings brings you our guide of 10 of the best places to taste bud stimulating food in the Central Business District area. This food listing is not static and we keep updating it based on your comments, reviews, and suggestions. So don’t forget to leave us a comment after visiting the places here!

1. Mama’s Buoi

Cuisine: Vietnamese
You can come across this place when walking through the alleyway between the Myer building and old GPO. The place is exceptionally lively on a Friday night and the staff is very friendly. You can try the vegetables and beef stir-fry…read more about Mama’s Buoi Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

2. Pho N Roll

Cuisine: Vietnamese
This place is a fresh take on Vietnamese street food. The pricing is really economical and the staff is friendly. The food is really fresh but does not expect a very fancy high-end ambience. The place has Wi-Fi, separate smoking area, outdoor seating, and wheelchair accessible, home delivery option and serves alcohol too.
You may order the ‘combination’ pho and spring rolls. Pho: the combination pho has both beef and chicken. The pho is good in terms of taste…read more about Pho N Roll Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

3. Pho Nom

Cuisine: Vietnamese
A busy little place with an unassuming environment, Pho Nom is a brilliant option for cheap and good food. You shall love this place for the Pho. Yes, it’s casual and just typical Vietnamese food you get in most places, but it actually is made nice. It doesn’t have fatty pieces mixed in which you can find in some places. This is one of the favorite…read more about Pho Nom Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

4. The Brass Coq

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Asian
Vietnamese eatery & bar where good food is made to share and cocktails meet chesterfields and urban beats
The Brass Coq has great food, great service, and a great vibe. Their Vietnamese fried Chicken is delicious as are the other menu options. This place is great for…read more about The Brass Coq Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

5. Little Brother

Cuisine: Vietnamese
This place has amazing rice noodle salad with lemongrass chicken and the Vietnamese baguette. Nice service hence we would definitely recommend it for a quick and cheap lunch in the CBD. You can try their Pho for lunch. It is pretty…read more about Little Brother Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

6. PHO 24

Cuisine: Vietnamese, Asian
This place is a favorite pho place for many in the city. Service is always speedy and friendly. You will love the fun concept of living herbs around the restaurant. I am addicted to coriander so I love that I can add copious amounts of it on my pho. Some famous dishes…read more about PHO 24 Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

7. Rice Paper Vietnamese Restaurant

Cuisine: Vietnamese
It is a great place for an out of ordinary Vietnamese experience with quite a few unique dishes. The fantastic Tofu and Vegetarian Noodles, which have an abundance of flavour and a hint of smokiness are brilliant. Pork Rice paper rolls are large and tasty. Love the chicken…read more about Rice Paper Vietnamese Restaurant Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

8. Ba’get

Cuisine: Sandwich, Vietnamese 
Very reasonably priced and delicious bahn mi. You may try the grilled pork and there is plenty of flavours there. You will be pleasantly surprised by this Vietnamese fast food eatery. The Bahn Mi Classic at $8.0 is a little pricey but authentic, fresh and delicious. In Sydney, they’re usually…read more about Ba’get Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

9. Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam

Cuisine: Asian, Vietnamese
The food is delicious. Service is fast and friendly. The restaurant itself is quite cramped and busy; you may have to wait outside for a seat, though. Everyone loves to flock to this place because how fresh the food is and how great the flavours are. You may order Pho with chicken breast fillet and Chargrilled Chicken on broken rice. The soup is…read more about Pho Bo Ga Mekong Vietnam Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

10. Miss Chu

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Miss Chu is a brilliant option for Vietnamese food. Everyone falls in love with the traditional Peking duck pancake here. The taste is really nice; especially the sauce adds great value to the pancake. Pretty cheap as well! The prawn noodle salad here is pretty good, although pricey compared to other places. We love the Peking duck rolls and dumplings. It’s quite a small restaurant so seating can be hard to get. If you do not have enough…read more about Miss Chu Vietnamese Restaurant Melbourne, Australia…

We at 10KT hope that your taste buds have found the correct places to find the perfect Vietnamese food. If so then do go out and try some of these places we have mentioned in this listing. As always, we are happy to hear your comments and reviews of the places you visit. We will keep our list fresh and updated based on your recommendations. The upshot is that you after you’ve exhausted this list; you can come back and find a new list of 10 key Vietnamese places waiting, all ready for your tasting pleasure. Happy eating!

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