10 Budget Restaurants (under $20) in Melbourne CBD, Australia

A food lover should never be deprived of good options because of the shortage of cash in his/her pocket. Budget options available should not be confused with below power quality, for money cannot determine the taste of a dish. Our research team of foodies at 10KeyThings brings you a Sherpa’s guide of 10 of the best places to enjoy pocket friendly and taste bud simulating food in the Central Business District area.

With people converging on to Melbourne from across the globe, an array of people who are travelers and employment seekers, not all of whom wish to spend major bucks on a daily basis, there are a plethora of options one can look at in CBD. The best places in CBD to enjoy food at cheaper prices without compromising with the taste have been enlisted and discussed here. This food listing is not static and we keep updating it based on your comments, reviews and suggestions. So don’t forget to leave us a comment after visiting the places here!

10 Budget Restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Australia

1. Little Mule Cafe

Cuisine: Cafe, Sandwich
Hidden from the crowded Melbourne CBD, Little Mule is a small cafe down in a lane. When you enter the cafe it’s bit dark with warehouse designs and the menu is written on a blackboard. The ambience is suitable for a rendezvous with a friend or that special someone…read more about Little Mule Cafe Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

2. Green Press

Cuisine: Beverages, Healthy Food
Green Press is an economic option to carry out the quintessential body cleanse. The cleanse is best supported by an array offerings including: The Boss, Life of the latte, Rollie Boy, Seasonal Salad, choice Chia pudding, kaling me softly (kodos for the creative names!) and …read more about Green Press Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

3. Little Rogue

Cuisine: Cafe, Sandwich
Little Rogue is an assuming small shop, which is a calm place to spend time, but we recommend it for those who want takeaways. A great find indeed. The facade is just what looks like the whole building it is connected to and it doesn’t have a sign. But you will know which one…read more about Little Rogue Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

4. Brother Baba Budan

Cuisine: Cafe, Sandwich, Tea, Coffee
This place is the personification of the vibrant buzz of Melbourne’s food and coffee scene. There has never been anything like it anywhere in the world. The coffee is amazing; the design and ambience are a treat for the eyes. The hanging chairs defying Einstein’s…read more about Brother Baba Budan Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

5. Koko Black

Cuisine Types : Cafe, Desserts, Coffee
Koko Black in Royal Arcade, Melbourne may just be one of the sweetest chocolate cafes you could have been in. If you are a fan of chocolate then this is your go to place. I have a sweet tooth and this is my chocolate heaven. I love the drinks and desserts they have to…read more about Koko Black Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

6. Dare1

Cuisine: Cafe, Desserts, Coffee
Dare1 is a brilliant Korean food place with a really nice atmosphere. The restaurant is on the smaller side. As a simple but delicious desert try the watermelon! 10KT team strongly recommends giant cheesy egg rolls and seafood pancakes, which are not just absolutely yummy but…read more about Dare1 Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

7. Harajaku Crepes

Cuisine: Cafe, Desserts, Coffee
You can never miss this place. The sweet smell of the crepes when walking would lure you the second you enter the alley. The brownie deluxe and the strawberry cheesecake deluxe are just amazing. Both are delicious. It wasn’t too sweet and the dense brownie makes…read more about Harajaku Crepes Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

8. Gong Cha

Cuisine: Cafe, Tea, Coffee
Best bubble tea if you want the regular milk tea with pearls! Best size and texture of pearls compared to their competitors in our opinion. However I have taken a liking to gong Cha, Most of the teas taste like how they’re supposed to and you can adjust the sweetness and level of…read more about Gong Cha Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

9. Patricia Coffee Brewers

Cuisine: Daily Grind Collections
Excellent coffee in a sophisticated European style interior that makes every sip feel splendid. They do have different blends to sample. Places like this add to Melbourne’s reputation as the premier coffee destination in the world. The place specializes in details. Ordering a coffee here is like…read more about Patricia Coffee Brewers Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

10. Badger vs Hawk

Cuisine: Cafe, Finger Food
This place has a great new menu of full-size burger combos with the addition of smaller stuff if you just want a deep-fried snack. Good coffee most of the time. The best one is medium strong latte (2 shots), it has the right strength. The large latte with 2 shot is too weak, but…read more about Badger vs Hawk Restaurant Melbourne, Australia

This cheap or budget restaurants Melbourne CBD list should inspire you to try out these hidden budget gems. As always, we are happy to hear your comments and reviews of the places you visit. We will keep our list fresh and updated based on your recommendations. The upshot is that you after you’ve exhausted this list, you can come back and find a new list of 10 key budget places waiting, all ready for your tasting pleasure. Happy eating!

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