10 Key Things about Rome, Italy

Rome. The Eternal City

This place, this city is where history was made and Rome stood through it all. Standing in front of the ruins, you realize how fickle time is, how power leaves its mark on the world, and how insignificant everything else is. More than 3000 years old, this city still retains the soul of it’s past.

10 Key Things about Rome, Italy

1. History of Rome

Home to one of the largest empire of the ancient world; it began life as a modest village in the region of Italy. Major changes took place only in 7th century BCE, when this region transformed into a city, with the construction of the public square – a formal city centre, and the introduction of stone foundations.

The first to rule were the Etruscans, who gave the city writing, public building and a new social-political and military organisation. Nearly a century later, anti-monarchy rebellions overthrew the ruling kingdom, and it was this event that gave birth to the Roman Republic.10-Key-Things-Rome-Italy-Ancient-Architecture-1024x768 10 Key Things about Rome, Italy

2. Night Life of Rome

Nightclubs and bars are aplenty in the city but as they say, “When in Rome do as the Romans.” Nightlife here is not that different from any other, but if you want this experience to be different, then go out, enjoy a long stroll, sit by the fountains, have a midnight snack (try Porto Fluviale), and give a go at a comedy club to have a few laughs. A special mention is of course needed; Rome by night tours is an affordable and once in a lifetime experience.

For some good live music, Circolo degli Artisti is the place to be. On the other hand if you do wanna party, Rome has some pretty hip clubs, La Cabala, Fluid and Freni e Frizioni being the most popular.

3. Safety in Rome

The biggest safety issue here would be the traffic. Be careful when crossing the streets. Be especially alert when in Piazza Venezia as the traffic just booms at you from all sides. Crime here is what you should expect from a big city in a big country; petty crime, scams and pick pocketing is common. Be aware of the beggars and gypsies, and do not let them get too close to your person. People overly friendly or helpful are also to be looked out for; they are probably trying to rob you. Leave your passport and other valuables in the hotel safe.

Do not accept gifts from a person you met, they might just guilt you into paying for their ‘gas money’. Be careful of the taxis, they might quote unnecessarily high price.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable or bullied, make a scene, shout and call the police immediately.  

4. Living Expenses in Rome

Rome is the second most expensive city in Italy, after Milan. It is one of the more expensive cities of Europe and can seriously lighten your pocket.

Renting a one bedroom apartment in an opulent area costs around €1,000 (USD 1097) but the same in an economical area will be €680 (USD 746). Price per sq. feet to buy an apartment in the city centre can be as high as €780 (USD 856).

Hotel Tariffs in a budget hotel can range from €40 to €80, depending on the location and facilities. Luxury Hotels like Boscolo Exedra Roma and InterContinental on the other hand charge €500 per night.

5. Cuisines of Rome

Italian cuisine is dominating world at present and to get the authentic, original experience, this is where you’ll want to be. There are plenty of options. Pasta is, obviously, an important part of the cuisine, from Carbonara to Arrabbiata to Alfredo, you can find it all in family restaurants to high class cafes. Artichoke is also integral to Romans and you’d find Carciofi in plenty of eateries. Bruschetta, Pecorino romano, Baccalà, Gnocchi alla romana, Saltimbocca alla romana and of course pizza (not the usual kind) are some of the dishes you have to try.

Had enough? Well, then you would like to top it off with a gelato; these amazing, mind blowing flavours you won’t find anywhere else.

6. Statistics of Rome

Rome is Italy’s largest and fourth most populated city, with an area of about 1,285 sq. km and a population of approximately 2.9 million people with a density of 2,232 people per sq. km. The metropolitan area of the city has a population 4.3 million. Of the city population, 10% are non-Italian and in that about 5% are immigrants from other European countries.

The city boundary surrounds the country of Vatican City, and is thus called the capital of two states. The historical centre has been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

7. Public Transport in Rome  

The Leonardo da Vinci international airport serves as the chief airport of Italy, and is well connected by railways to the entire city. Rome’s main railway station is the largest in the country as well as the busiest. The city has an urban transport network with buses, trams, metro and commuter rail, connecting the whole city. To minimise pollution, the city authorities have also made available electric buses for the population.

The Roma Pass allows you to make use of all the public transport in the city and can be purchased online.

Pollution in Rome – The main cause of pollution  in the city is the traffic. In December 2015, air quality in many cities like Milan, Beijing and Rome had reached dangerous levels.. The local authorities put a 3 day odd-even policy on motor vehicles to help stabilize and improve the air quality. The PM2.5 levels fluctuate around 30’s in comparison to Beijing’s 70.  

8. Weather of Rome

Rome has a Mediterranean-Temperate climate with dry-hot summers and cool winters. the coldest month is January with an average temperature of 12°C and lowest dipping to 3°C. July is the hottest month with temperatures soaring on an average to 30°C.

Summer: July to August. Average high: 30°C. Average low: 18°C
Autumn: October to November. Average high: 17°C. Average low: 9°C
Winter: December to February – Average high: 12°C. Average low: 3°C
Spring: March to May – Average high: 18°C. Average low: 8°C

The city’s annual precipitation is about 110mm.  

9. Culture of Rome

The city today is spirited, intense and dynamic, and has been nicknamed the ‘capital of the world’ because of it’s rich history. The city is a major artistic centre with an impressive collection of sculptures, mosaics, paintings and frescos from different periods of time. With modern art institutes and galleries as well as a lively theatre scene, this city has it all. Rome is also a major fashion centre and is recognized as one of the fashion capitals of the world. The city is also home to an important studio (Cinecittà) in the whole of Europe, engaged in modern cinema and creating masterpieces.

10. Places to visit in Rome

Things to do in Rome: Visit the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum, Piazza Navona, St. Peters Basilica, Pyramid of Cestius, and the many many churches of the city. Sit on the spanish steps, admire the grand architecture of the old times and just breathe in this iconic city.

10-Key-Things-Rome-Italy-Colosseum-1024x575 10 Key Things about Rome, ItalyThings to do for Kids in Rome: Your kids are in for a treat, have a live one-on-one experience fighting gladiators in a two hour training session that can be enjoyed by your whole family. After this, duck into a make your own pizza place where you’ll be taught by a real pizzaiolo and later explore taste-testing gelaterias to have as much ice cream as you or they want.

Museums and Galleries: The Museum on Palatine Hill, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Vatican Museums, Capitoline Museums, Ara Pacis, National Roman Museum, Palazzo Valentini and Quirinal Palace, all display the magnificent and diverse art and architecture of this historic city.

10-Key-Things-Rome-Italy-Vatican-Staircase-1024x682 10 Key Things about Rome, ItalyPlaces Nearby: Bagnoregio, half a day’s journey away from Rome is a scenic treasure, with poignant charm and beautiful backdrop. Spoleto is another stirring destination with a dramatic view about 100kms from the city.

Offbeat places: The city does not lack in unusual sights and destination, some of these quirky places are not as popular but they’re amazing nonetheless; There are the Purgatory Museum, The Catacombs of Rome and ghost tours to name a few.  

Author’s Conclusion: This incredible, majestic city is like no other; getting lost here would be an adventure on its own, there is so much to explore, you’d feel short of time. Rome truly is everlasting.

Country Italy
City Rome
Area 1,285 sq.km.
Population 2.8 million
Demonym Roman
Languages Italian, English,
Currency Euro (EUR) (1€ = 1.11 USD as of 20th February 2016)
Time Zone Central European Time (UTC +1)
Driving Right Hand Traffic, Left Hand Drive
Helpline Police – 112;  Emergency – 113;  Fire – 115;  Ambulance – 118

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