10 Key Things about Telstra

If you are looking for a mobile solution in Australia and the APAC region, you need to look no further than Telstra, because ‘It’s How We Connect’! Telstra is a leading telecommunications company and these 10 things will let you know why –

10 Key Things about Telstra

1. 16.9 million Retail mobile subscribers in Australia are on Telstra! Australia’s leading telecommunications and information services company, Telstra, also provides telecommunication solutions to 7.3 fixed voice subscribers and 3.1 million Retail fixed broadband services. It has presence in more than 15 countries expanding heavily in the APAC region being present even in China!

2. It is growing by leaps and bound every year and has satisfied customers and investors alike. It has increased its total income from $25,304m in FY11 to $26,607m in FY15 with a comparable rise in profits from $3,250m in FY11 to $4,305m in FY15. Shareholders were also rewarded as the earnings per share increased from 26.1 (cents per share) to 34.5 (cents per share).

3. Telstra provides a host of services like Voice & Mobile Services like VOIP, International Toll Free, ISDN Hubbing, Mobile Roaming; Satellite & Media Services like Satellite data service, Online Video Solution & Video Monetization Solution; Cloud Services like Cloud infrastructure and collocation; Managed Network Services and Collaboration services including Audio and web conferencing.

4. Not only does Telstra provide telecommunication services it also strives to make it easy for businesses to connect and collaborate with each other. It has a host of applications which allow businesses to transact online from any device. Whispir is a communications platform which allows secure business communication, Docusign is an eSignature and digital transaction management solution, Kony is a end to end mobile enterprise application platform which allows to quickly design, build and deploy app and Telesign which s used for account security like registration, access, usage and recovery of phones.

5. Internet of Things (IoT) is the new big thing which will transform the world right from enabling smarter devices to creating a better lifestyle. Telstra is working on supporting the IoT by making strides in providing the infrastructure for data services. Telstra is now supporting Category 1 (Cat 1) devices that will allow the next wave of IoT devices at lower cost and offer longer battery life. It is the first time in Australia that the Cat 1 chipset of Sequans Communications will be tested on Telstra’s network.

6. Telstra is fully committed to providing a communication freedom to its customers. It has been a part of Australia’s growth story and continues to do so by providing coverage to remote and regional Australia. This mobile coverage allows for innovation in diverse industries including the major Agriculture industry which is seeing a lot of innovations due to the penetration of mobile communication. The Mobile Black Spots program is a unique initiative which involves $165 million investment from Telstra to provide more coverage in regional Australia.

7. Customers believe in the promise that Telstra strives to deliver and have mandated it to be Australia’s most valuable brand. In the latest research by Brand Finance, Telstra’s brand value improved by 23% up from 2015 and became the most valuable brand in Australia. Customer focus, delivering value to stakeholders, satisfied employees, Telstra is making the right moves in creating a great brand to be associated with.

8. A major concern facing telecom and mobile companies is data security. Telstra understands the need to make both retail and enterprise customer data more secure as the amount of sensitive data online burgeons every day. In the world’s first demonstration of 200Gbps optical encryption Telstra took a major step in data safety. This will allow customers not only to secure their data at an application level but also network level, all this without any latency.

9. Telstra has more than 36,000 employees and more than 3,000 employees based in 22 countries outside of Australia. In a research by Marketing.com it was found that more than 88% of employees agreed that Telstra is a great place to work. In fact it believes in making their employees as brand ambassadors as it invests in them and delivers the brand promise through employees to customers. It values its employees and has some of the best practices at work.

10. Corporate Social Responsibility is not just a buzz word for Telstra but an important aspect of their company. It supports a number of organizations and causes in its endeavor to become a socially responsible company. It supports “Recognise”, White Ribbon Australia”, “Lifestart” while the Telstra Foundation supports social innovation projects that leverage technology to improve young lives like “The Alannah and Madeline Foundation”, “Code Club Australia”, “Cerebral Palsy Alliance”, “ReachOut.com”.

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