10 Key Things about Prague, Czech Republic

Prague – The city of Yester-Years

Located on the banks of the Vlatva River, Prague is the capital city of Czech-Republic and the historical capital of Bohemia. Flourishing during the times of Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque period, it served as location for the Protestant Reformation and the Bohemian movement. With a resident population of 1.26 million and a 1,100-year old history, the city is a hub for culture, history, finance and tourism and is therefore, one of the most frequented tourist places in the world.

1. History of Prague

Although the signs of habitation in the city have been found from the paleolithic age, the first documentation of the city was when the Roman emperor Augustus named the city Maroboden in the 1st century AD. Mostly inhabited by the Germanic tribes, it started flourishing in the Romanesque Era. Under Charles IV, it was declared as the capital city of Bohemia and grew in population to become a flourishing multi-cultural city.

The fortunes of this city waxed and waned through the years as it was burnt down, rebuilt, faced calamities, became a place of trade and faced wars. However the city thrived and prospered, owing to its strategic location in Central Europe.After the Velvet Revolution of 1989, it became the capital of the newly formed Czech Republic and has been the posterboy for globalisation as well as historical and cultural integrity.10-key-things-Moldova-Architecture-Castle-1024x682 10 Key Things about Prague, Czech Republic

2. Night Life of Prague

The nightlife of this city is as infamous and raucous as it gets. You’ll soon discover that beer is drunk here morning,noon and night probably because Czech beer is one of the best and cheapest beers in the world. It’s nightlife encompasses all tastes. So, if you’re into serious clubbing or you’re just looking for a drink and some dance, the city has always something surprising in store for you.

Soul, Blues or Jazz, Jazz Dock is the best place for audiophiles. Bars and Books is also frequented by tourists. M1 Bar and Lounge is among those newly established dance clubs that are skyrocketing to the zenith. Just a gentle reminder, take it easy on the absinthe!

3. Safety in Prague

The city’s safety standards are pretty high. The rate of organized crime in the city is very low. However, like any global metropolitan city, there is a problem of petty thievery or pickpocketing. General precautions should be taken to avoid such mishaps. Avoid visiting dark and dingy places alone and prefer traveling in groups.

Be careful while walking on cobbled streets to prevent sprained ankles and bruised knees. There are also some tourist locations which have stairs with no hand railing, so be careful to prevent any mishap.

In case of emergency call 112.

4. Living Expenses in Prague

The living expenses of the city tend to be pretty expensive owing to highly dense population and the facilities provided by the city. The wages of the residents also tend to be higher than the average.

The cost of renting a 3-bedroom apartment is nearly 27,173 CZK in the city centre while it is nearly 15,948.05 CZK outside the city centre. The tariff at budget hotels are nearly 1400 CZK however, if you plan on a Bohemian escapade of the grandest proportions, the city provides the opportunity for that at the cost of 20,000 CZK in the King’s Suite of The Grand Mark.10-key-things-Charles-Bridge-Old-Town-1024x768 10 Key Things about Prague, Czech Republic

5. Cuisines of Prague

The city while popular for its architecture and beer, is also well renowned for its cuisine. The Czech cuisine is a unique blend of the east and west and is truly delightful. Savoury, sweet or tingy, the Czech cuisine has something delectable in store for you.

While at Prague, make sure you try the Palacinky, the Czech version of pancakes preferably at the cafes outside the city centre. Vepřo-knedlo-zelo is a local favourite made from succulent roast pork. Gulas, while Hungarian, is also one of the staple foods in the city’s cuisine. Knedlíky are dumplings served alongside a meat dish is a must try for every tourist.

6. Statistics of Prague

The 14th largest city of the European Union, Prague is the 5th most visited city in Europe. Encompassing an area of 496 square kilometres,  it is home to nearly 1.25 million residents and nearly 10 million tourists visit the city annually. The languages spoken in the city are German, Russian and English.It has the lowest rates of unemployement and the highest literacy rate in Europe. It is regarded as an ‘alpha’- world city by GaAwc and it is one the best cities to visit according to TripAdvisor, ranking at 5th. The currency is Czech Crown (1 CZK = USD 0.042).10-key-things-Prague-Library-Monastery-1024x493 10 Key Things about Prague, Czech Republic

7. Public Transport in Prague

The transport system in the city is safe, efficient, cheap and highly integrated. The main public transports are trams, buses and metros. If you plan on staying for more than a couple of days (which you should), it is advised to make a tourist pass that allows you to travel multiple modes of transportation and is therefore relatively cheap. It is always better to take trams and metros rather than driving or hailing a cab because of the worsening traffic conditions in the city. The funicular railways are also a popular alternative means of transport.

Pollution in Prague: There is a looming problem of pollution in the city due to its growing population and extensive tourism. The residents are pretty strict about taking measures to ensure the cleanliness and integrity of the city’s aesthetics. The air pollution index of the city is 55ppm which while clearly above the norm is relatively safe.

8. Weather of Prague

The city has a continental climate which less seasonality, it is mild with warm and dry summers with precipitation occurring in mid-winters due to temperate cyclones.

Summer: April to May. Average Low: 21°C. Average High: 30°C
Autumn: August to November. Average Low: 20°C. Average High: 25°C
Winter: December to March. Average Low: 15°C. Average High: 21°C

9. Culture of Prague

Owing to its deep roots in culture and traditions, 10-key-things-Street-Artists-682x1024 10 Key Things about Prague, Czech Republicthe city is a cultural hub to central Europe. The city is mostly popular in tourists due to its archaic architecture and its Bohemian culture. Some of the most popular and significant institutions that hold the integrity of the culture are the National Theater, the Estates Theater. The Czech philharmonic Orchestra is a pioneer in performing arts throughout the globe.

There are several cultural festivals organized in the city throughout the year some of which are the Fringe Festival, the Shakespeare Festival, the World Roma Festival and many more.

10. Places to visit in Prague

Things to do in Prague: Cycle from Prague to Vienna, visit the great Castle of Prague, lose yourself in the myriad streets of the Old Town, pore over the John Lennon Wall, go on a little beer tour of the city, visit the National Theater, sip on some fresh Czech Beer at Lokal, wander around in the Wencelas city square.

Things to do for Kids in Prague: The child-friendly hotels like the Vyotpna are a must. Prague river-cruises across the Charles Bridge are popular among children and adults alike. The Black-light Theater and the Puppet theater are popular, entertaining as well as educational.

Museum and Galleries: National Gallery of Prague, DOX Centre of Contemporary Art, Museum of Decorative Arts, Sternberg Palace are a must for the art-aficionados.10-key-things-Moldova-Architecture-1024x576 10 Key Things about Prague, Czech Republic

Places nearby: Cycle off to Vienna. Go on a day trip to Kutna Hora, KarlStejn Castle or hitch a train-ride to Tabor or Olumuc. There is fun always awaiting you at a stones throw away from you.

Offbeat places: A tour to the nearby Nuclear Bunker, Hot Chocolate at Cafe Kaficko, the panoramic views from the Letna Park, The Shoe Monument of 1955 are the offbeat but interesting places to visit and you’ll surely get the Bohemian tastes of this city.

Author’s Conclusion: Aptly known by it’s name ‘Jewel of the Crown’ of Central Europe, Prague never lets you down. No matter how many times you visit this city, you’ll always discover a new facet of it. The city has a history of the grandest proportions and culture which is rich and architecture which is marvelous. Hitch a ride to Prague, as soon as possible.

Country Czech Republic
City Prague
Area 496 sq.km.
Population 1.26 million
Demonym Praguer
Languages German, Russian, English
Currency Czech Crown (1 CZK = USD 0.042 as on 30-Mar-2016)
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
Driving Left-Hand driving, Right Hand Traffic
Helpline Emergency -112

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