10 Key Things about Seville, Spain

Seville – El Sartén (“The Frying Pan”), City of Towers

Seville, the capital city of autonomous Andalucia, is situated on the plains of the river Guadalquivir. Having always been the economic centre, the city has a wide offer of entertainment on display. With a wide range of taste bud tingling dishes and rock music to dance to, the city also has wide history to flip through. Put on your summer caps and visit this beauty!

1. History of Seville

Seville was originally the Roman city of Hispalis. Later on, the city became a part of the Caliphate of Cordoba after the Muslim conquest in 712. Seville had always been an economic centre in the administrative set up and took quite a hit after the wars that were waged upon the country. It also holds close to it the scars of the Spanish Civil War.

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2. Night Life at Seville

The night life can be divided into 4 zones for this city. Calle Betis the hotspot for young people in the city looking forward to a night of flamenco. El Arenal is home to one of the cheapest bars in the city, Capone Bar. Alfalfa is a part of the city that is for people who want to be lost in the bass of the loud music for a night. Alameda is the zone that is most comfortable for day drinking and to lay back and face the sun.

3. Safety in Seville

Beware of pickpockets and gypsies who might want you to let loose your wallet and its contents. To be able to roam around the identical streets of Seville, without getting lost, it is safe to keep some local Spanish linguistic skills handy. Santa Cruz is notorious for it similar looking streets which is eventually leads to one being lost. If you plan on visiting the city during the Holy week, it is highly advised that you know someone locally who can take you around.10-Key-Things-Seville-Spain-Barber-Opera-Perfomance-Dupage-1024x681 10 Key Things about Seville, Spain

4. Living Expenses in Seville

If you’re looking to live further away from the city, you can get accommodations as cheap as EUR 35.83 (USD 40) per night. However, the city offers a wide range of offers that might be either light or too heavy on the pockets. Budget hotels can be found in the Este or San Pablo region starting from EUR 64.49 (USD 72) per night and if one is really looking forward to an extravagant splurge of money, they can check into Old City and spend up to EUR 510.52 (USD 570) per night.

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5. Cuisines of Seville

Rather than offer a variety of restaurants, the city offers a list of dishes that would feature on your to-do list, for sure! The tapas scene is popular. Tapas literally translates to dishes that are covered with lids. Serranito is the product of the local fast food. It is a sandwich which is stuffed with meat/fish/vegetables. Whatever your taste buds prefer! Torrijas are slices of fresh bread that have been dipped in honey or sweet milk. Roscos Fritos are deep fried ring shaped doughnuts. You can have a strong hit of caffeine along with sweet cakes such as magdalenas, also called fairy cakes.

6. Statistics of Seville

Seville is home to 3 UNESCO world heritage sites, namely, Alcaza Palace, Cathedral and General Archive of Indies. Seville is the 4th largest city in Spain and is also the 30th populous city in the European Union. Listed as the hottest metropolitan in Europe , it is also the only river port in Spain.

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7. Public Transport in Seville

Bus service is applicable throughout the city. The main two stops being Plaza de Armas and Prado de San Sebastian, connecting the extremes of the city together. The city has recently launched its metro, with one line and 22 stations. They plan on launching the rest of the projections soon. The Surface Tramway, so far, has only 5 stops. The train network in the city is of AVE high-speed, a joint plan with 17 major cities with a 5 line commuter. The major success is the Community Bicycle Program offered as a public transportation system making bicycles available at cheap rates for rent and also demarcated bicycle lanes. The main airport is the San Pablo Airport, Seville.

Pollution in Seville: The pollution levels of Seville are not high. So far, it hasn’t tripped off any environmental alarms. In fact, it looms in the safe neighbourhood of negligible or non-existent air pollution.

8. Weather in Seville

The city has a subtropical Mediterranean climate with dry summers and extremely wet winters. The average everyday temperature ranges from 25°C in the day and 13°C at night.

Summer: May to September; Average high: 25°C; Average low: 20°C
Winter: October to March; Average high: 20°C; Average low: 11°C

9. Culture of Seville

The city is well known for its festivals that are celebrated in a solemn but decorative manner. Semana Santa, the Holy week, is celebrated in a colourful manner with a lively fair. Women wear their flamenco dresses. While, men don on their best suits. The city has also been home to beautiful rock music and the clubs still play these tunes for everyone to dance to.

10. Places to Visit in Seville

Things to do in Seville: The city has an array display of their own history and beautiful gardens to walk through. Also being the  host of three UNESCO world heritage sites also adds beauty to the city. The St. Mary Cathedral, Torre del Oro (the watch tower).

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Things to do for Kids in Seville: The Alcazar Gardens, in front of the Alcazar Palace, showcases historical styles. The Parque del Alamillo y San Jeronimo is the largest park in Andalusia.

Plaza de Espana and Maria Luisa Park is a must if you have any Star Wars fans in the family. The Plaza de España has been featured in a lot of movies, however Star Wars is by far the most famous. Each one has a different tiled bench and they are all unique with a map on the ground showing the important cities. If you have any young soccer fans in your family, they might recognize a few of the places from their favorite teams!

Museums and Galleries: City Hall, General Archives of the Indies and the Museum of Art and Traditions must definitely be on your to-do list. These rooms recreate the official settings of the country, from bookshelves to offices of prominent political leaders.

Nearby Places: Granada, a city 200 odd km away from Seville, still holds the authentic culture of Spain close to their heart. They still serve free tapas with your food. The Alhambra fortress also is a spot that is a must-visit for tourists. The beauty of the fortress is usually described as, “a pearl set in emeralds” by Moorish poets because of the shade of the walls of the fortress in contrast of the woods that they nestle in.  

Off Beat: For a picturesque setting that seems picked out of fairytales, you ought to spend a weekend at Sierra Norte Natural Park. Part of the extravagant mountain ranges in Spain, even the locals of Seville go to visit this beauty in search of bucolic tranquility. The prettiest village in setting, grab your cameras and get ready for the stunning pastoral expanse.

Author’s Conclusion: The city of Seville offers history and music on a platter. Along with loud music with beer and food, one can also settle down for silent nights near the gardens. The fact that it is on a plain offers a wide variety of food and also, sea food. Get a bit lost and find yourself in the swirling streets of this beauty. For a walk through history and taste bud tingling food, one must visit this city!

Country Spain
City Seville
Area 140 sq.km.
Population 703,021
Demonym Sevillian
Language Spanish
Currency Euro (EUR) (1 EUR = 1.12 USD as on 26-03-2016)
Time Zone UTC +1
Driving Right Hand Traffic, Left Hand Drive vehicles
Helpline Ambulance, Fire, Police – 112

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