10 Key Things about Venice, Italy

Venice – The Queen of the Adriatic

Venice, a beautiful city in the north-eastern Italy is a conglomeration of 118 islands stitched together by canals and bridges. The city as a whole is listed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Situated along the shoreline of the Adriatic Sea and the Po river, the city has a rich and vivid culture linked to it all of which makes for a exceptional place to visit.

1. History of Venice

Starting out as a fishing village in the 10th Century BC, Venice was a part of the Byzantine Empire even after several attacks by the Romans and the Charlemagne. Due to its strategic location at the mouth of the Adriatic Sea, it became invulnerable as a naval and commercial centre. After the elimination of pirates, it served as the only port for the Western Europe and hence gained prosperity as a city-state.

10-Key-Things-Venice-Italy-Cathedral-1024x706 10 Key Things about Venice, ItalyPlagued by constant war from the Turks and the Black Death it started declining in the 15th century and was left behind in the race for colonies.

After being annexed by Napoleon Bonaparte, it was recaptured by the Austrian empire in the 18th century.

Finally, after the 2nd World War, it was a part of Italy and has prospered into a flourishing and refined city with great cultural capital.

2. Night Life in Venice

The nightlife of the city is classic at its best. The city slowly graduates from the hustle and bustle of the day to the sweet aroma of the evening. Take a stroll about the city, listen to the choir at St. Geremia. Piazza San Marco café is a living museum of the coffee culture whose patrons have been great poets like Lord Byron. You have to try the Skyline Bar at Hilton Molino Stucky no matter what. Head on to a gothic cafe like L’Ombra del Leone and discover the ecstasy of culture while enjoying the great food.

3. Safety in Venice

The crime-rate in Venice is negligible. However, there have been cases of pickpocketing. Therefore, it is recommended to take basic precautions against pickpockets and conmen. It is also recommended to carry only small items of luggage as the city streets tend to be pretty narrow. Moreover, taking photographs inside churches is strictly forbidden.

10-Key-Things-Venice-Italy-Murano-Island-houses-1024x680 10 Key Things about Venice, Italy4. Living Expenses in Venice

Due to it’s heavy tourism and high population density, the living expenses are truly expensive. However, the wages received on an average are also higher than other contemporary cities.

Renting a 3 bedroom apartment in the city centre may cost as much as 1,387 € (USD 1530) while it may cost 914 € (USD 1008) to rent a 3 bedroom apartment outside the city centre.

Tariff at a budget hotel is nearly equal to 80 € (USD 88); however Venice provides you with complete opportunity to live lavishly at hotels like The Gritti Palace or the Hilton which can be as expensive as 700 € (USD 772).

5. Cuisines of Venice

The cuisines of Venice are heavily inspired by its indigenous produce as well as the imported ingredients. The cuisines are full of seafood and the cooking method has been kept in accordance with age old traditions.

Major dishes in the Venetian cuisine consists of sardines (salted and preserved for long voyages), bacalà mantecato, bisàto risi e bisi, rice, peas and bacon. Moreover, the coffee culture is predominant in the city with the likes of Cafe Florian and numerous other cozy cafes.

If you have a sweet tooth, the city provides several temptations like the Fritole and Baicoli. Hot Chocolate has been considered a fashionable drink since the 1770s in Venice.

6. Statistics of Venice

Venice has a total area of 414.6 sq.km with a total population of nearly 260,060.

91% of the population is natively Italian. Other immigrant are mostly Romanians or East Asians.

The city is dominantly Roman Catholic with nearly 92.7% of the residents following Christianity. Other religions followed include Islam, Hindu and Jew.

Languages spoken in the city are Italian, English, and French.

7. Public Transport in Venice

Public Transport in Venice is extensive with the use of waterways, buses, trams, railways and airports. The city is full of canals and bridges, therefore it is a must for every tourist to travel in a waterboat and enjoy the serene and sublime beauty of this lovely city. A company named ACTV is responsible for the public transport in the city. There are also busways and trams in the boroughs of the city. The city also has an international airport (Marco Polo International Airport) that connects it to nearly all major global cities.

Pollution in Venice: The air pollution in Venice is not much of a problem with the PM 2.5 levels being around 42 ppm. The government is taking precautions and taking the issue of pollution in a war-like footing.

8. Weather of Venice

Venice has a Mediterranean Climate which is characterised by pleasant weather throughout the year and uniform precipitation. Mid-September is the optimal time to visit Venice.

Summer: May to August. Average Low: 16°C. Average High: 24°C
Autumn: September to December. Average Low: 14°C. Average High: 20°C
Winter: December to March. Average Low: 4°C. Average High: 10°C
Spring: March to May. Average Low: 12°C. Average High: 18°C

9. Culture of Venice

The name of Venice is synonymous with culture and tradition. The classic culture and heritage abounds in every nook and corner of this magnificence of a city so much so that a lot of novels and plays are based around this city be it Merchant of Venice or Tomb Raider.

The architecture in the city is stupendous. Inspired by Gothic movement and Colossal movement, there is something unique  about every building. Music of Venice is symbolic with that of the Baroque period with the likes of Antonio Vivaldi and several others.

Venice is really popular for its magnificent ornate glass work. So when it city, it would be really great if you visit the Festa del Redentore if you have the opportunity to do so.

The Venice Film Festival is held in great esteem by the entire global cinema community. The Carnival of Venice is also celebrated lavishly by the proud Venetians.

10. Places to visit in Venice

Things to do in Venice: Visit the St. Marks Basilica and enjoy the scenery of the city. Visit the Doge’s Palace and the clock tower of the Torre dell’Orologia. Get around the gondola through the waterways of the city. Get a bird eye’s view from the Campnille, take a trip down the Grand Canal, try the Venetian cuisine at the Vini di Gigio (Psst! Go to a secret wine retreat).

10-Key-Things-Venice-Italy-Piazza-San-Marco-1024x662 10 Key Things about Venice, ItalyThings to do for Kids in Venice: Visit the Peggy Guggenheim Collection on a Sunday Afternoon, ride down a gondola, the Arte de Sole is also popular among the kids.

Museum and Galleries: Doge’s Palace, Ca’ d’Oro, Museo Corner are just to name a few. You will find yourself pouring over the marvellous artefacts and paints in these museums.

Places nearby: Arquà Petrarca is a small village with nearly 1800 residents and is a heritage site. Marostica is also a popular tourist town near Venice which is frequented by the fun-lovers. Asolo is a great place to retreat and contemplate.

Offbeat places: Bassano del Grappa while not popular with the tourists is an experience in itself. Lose yourself in the tiny narrow alleys of the town. Taste the best cheese and wine you have ever had and sleep while stargazing and having some ‘Grappa’ a strong local liquor.

10-Key-Things-Venice-Italy-Masks-Carnival-1024x682 10 Key Things about Venice, ItalyAuthor’s Conclusion: This tiny maze of narrow alleys, waterways and islands is set to steal your heart and give you some wonderful memories. The best of food, culture and architecture…You could not have asked for more.

Country Italy
City Venice
Area 414.6 sq.km
Population 260,060
Demonym Venetian
Languages Italian, English
Currency Euro ( 1€ = USD 1.10) (As of 25th February,2016)
Time Zone Central European Time (CET)(UTC+1)
Central European Summer Time (CEST) (UTC +2)
Driving Left hand drive, Right Hand Traffic
Helpline Police-112, Ambulance-113

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