10 Reasons to revamp your website…Just like we did

So, 10KeyThings took a short break and had put the website on maintenance mode. Reason? We were revamping the website for our dear readers for a better experience so that they can browse through valuable information that we serve in the crispest manner possible! The packets of information and suggestions that we offer at 10KeyThings has gained wide readership over the internet and our inbox was brimming with messages. While the readers complimented us for our hard work on the content that we publish, they also suggested we need a better website. And after some Research & Development, we realized they were right and hence – the revamp.

While we were revamping, we also thought to share all the sacred knowledge and realizations that we had! So here are the

10 reasons to revamp your website

just like we did at 10KeyThings:

1. If old is gold, new is diamond – Whomsoever said that old is gold, wasn’t aware of the wonders that new can bring – especially when we talk about website technologies.

2. Take a break and know things better – While you revamp your website, you get a buffer time to think and introspect. You can use this time judiciously and make strategies, action plans and execute improvements that should be followed once you are done revamping.

3. Your technical knowledge might be limited – Technology is upgrading with every passing second and what you know about web development and websites might not be the latest! So research and find out what is in trend and is efficiently working and upgrade!

4. Your website might not be user friendly – Whom are you making website for? Obviously, for people in general. What if you like the website but the other users find it boring and dull? It is not about your personal choice. It is about what everyone likes! So do a survey, take feedback and find out!

5. Shout effectively at social media – Social media sites are the major channels of bringing real active users or when running an online media platform it is about bringing organic regular readers. Upgrading the website or while introducing any news or update really helps with gaining more and more traction from your regular following as well as helps with gaining more following on social media.

6. Because Google likes it! Did you know upgrading the website in an authentic & SEO friendly manner and improvising it impresses the big daddy of search engine – google, and your site rank is enhanced automatically! And if google likes it, users are going to like it for sure!

7. Good content demands good design – The website won’t go anywhere unless you have both the important ingredients – content and design. While it is true that design is a onetime hassle and content is an ongoing thing – none of them can be neglected.

8. Upgrading the website helps to Sort it out effectively! Updating content regularly is a good habit that would take you a long way ahead, but if the content is not sorted properly, it can become a problem. Revamp your website so that you can sort out what you have already posted and would be posting in a smart fashion.

9. Because you can manage to change it on your own – If you own a media/ blog website but to make even small changes, you need to contact a developer – revamp it right now to a technology where you can implement changes on your own. Get something you are comfortable dealing with…something that you can update on your own.

10. Because to be perfect is to change often – as it has been rightly said. Change is the only permanent thing in the world and to be perfect is to change often – as per the circumstances and the demand. Be humble and surrender yourself to change, it will yield good results for sure.

So, these were our reasons to revamp our website! Do let us know yours if you have revamped yours and have more to share, do comment and let us know. The knowledge is to be spread, not to be contained. So come on now and just tell us what you think!


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