10 Secrets you’d never find out unless you read this

There are a million things in the world that no one will ever tell you. There are secrets a plenty in each one of our lives and the world has its own share of bigger secrets. Some of them might even stare you in the eye. We have brought together a compilation of the

World’s top ten best kept secrets

We will reveal the truth to you.

1. There is man-made trash on the moon – Humans walked on the moon (while this in itself is under a lot of debate) and as a result have left trash on the moon. It is said that there is almost 180,000 kilograms of manmade things on the moon. This includes mainly things left over from experiments, both successful ones and the ones that failed. The truth is that humans have been so careless that they have even left behind some aluminum and other metal tins containing astronauts’ feces. Yes it is gross but it is the truth.Trash-in-Space 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

2. Flight mode – valid or invalid? Every time you are on a flight, the most common thing that you hear is to switch off your mobile phones. Common sense also tells you that your signals will interfere with the flight’s signals and you might be the reason if the plane crashes. Scary as it seems, this is not the truth. It is now being realized that the passengers’ personal electronic devices will not interfere with the aircraft’s radio signals in any way. Though, there has been a bad case where the pilot’s mobile device has caused a plane to crash but that is a different story altogether.No-phone-on-planes 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

3. Death of Hitler – We have read a lot about Hitler and his life. It is often said that he and his wife Eva committed suicide. It is said that they killed themselves on 30th April of 1945 at around 3:30 pm. Their bodies were cremated and then moved by the Soviets. The truth about them is that no one knew for sure if Hitler had really died. President Harry Truman asked Stalin four months later if Hitler was dead and Stalin said yes. It is believed that Hitler was protected by other Nazis. The proof for this claim is various files that the FBI had on where Hitler was seen in South America after his apparent “death”. Some of these records are now available to public under the freedom of information Act.Hitler 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

4. Truth about Titanic! The truth about Titanic has been a secret for way too long. The only survivor was senior officer Charles Lightoller. It is said that he revealed very less about the accident to the public and media. The ship sunk with 1500 people on board. It is said that the ship’s steerman Robert Hitchins saw the iceberg, panicked and turned the ship by mistake towards the iceberg instead of moving away from it. All of this and more about the Titanic has been made into a novel by the survivor Lightoller’s granddaughter.Titanic-2 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

5. The Beethoven – The next secret is about one of the world’s greatest minds – Beethoven who is known for his music. He is considered a legend but he died alone in 1827. When he died, a love letter was found to some mysterious woman that was more than ten pages long. He called her “Immortal Beloved” and it is now been found that she was a married woman called Antonie Vrentano. Beethoven has also dedicated one of his best works on the piano to her.Beethoven-letter 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

6. Churchill’s Conspiracy – The next secret on the list is Churchill’s conspiracy. A lot of people don’t know the truth about his personality. He wanted to execute Adolf Hitler in the electric chair. He called him a gangster and the master of all evil. He also was happy that Mahatma Gandhi might starve to death in 1943 during a hunger strike for the Indian Independence. These are top secrets that no history book will ever tell you.Sir-Winston-Churchill 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

7. The Great Taj Mahal – The Great Taj Mahal conspiracy now stars in the list. A lot of people claim that this wasn’t a mausoleum at all. It is said that there was a Shiva temple called TejoMahalaya on top of which this was built. So may be Shah Jahan just took a great temple, modified it a bit and dedicated it as a symbol of romance to his wife. This truth will come out in open light if the Indian government opens the sealed rooms inside Taj Mahal.Taj-Mahal-1024x660 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

8. My Lai Massacre – The My Lai Massacre is next on the list. It happened in Vietnam and almost 500 civilians were killed by the US Army forces in 1968. It was initially kept behind closed doors and no one spoke about it unless a letter came about the torture that the Vietnamese civilians had to bear. This was then investigated and the truth was revealed. The US secretary of state though shrugged off the matter saying that in war a lot of horrible things do happen.My-Lai-Massacre-2 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

9. The Lost Bomb – There is a lost bomb out there and no one will ever tell you that. In 1968, the US built four hydrogen bombs. The vehicle carrying the bombs crashed and now an unexploded nuclear bomb is missing. It might be on the seabed near Thule where it was lost. People soon lost interest in the topic but it is essential to know that there is a dangerous weapon out there in the open, posing a risk to everyone in the world.Thule-The-Lost-Bomb 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

10. Templars and Vatican – The top secret has to go to the Templars and the Vatican. Recently, the Vatican published some classified documents on the trial of the Knights Templar. It describes their arrests and torture by King Philip the fourth of France. This was covered up for years and is now public knowledge for less than a decade. There were deaths of around 1300 people and yet it was covered up quite well.Knights-Templar 10 Secrets you'd never find out unless you read this

Now that you know a few top secrets of the world, you can keep looking up for more such interesting articles. It could be about how broken your flight really is, what else is on the moon and anything that you can think of. Keep exploring and you will reach the truth sooner or later.


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