13 things a good parent would teach the kid

With the changing time the relation between parents and children is becoming more open. For a lot of children these days their parents are like their friends and they discuss love and life issues with them freely. Here is a list of 10 things that parents should teach their children about relationships.

1. Truthfulness – Truthfulness and trust are two things that take relationships on next level. Teach your child to be truthful. Conveying true feelings (even if they are harsh) will strengthen the bond.
Tip: Never lie in front of your children. What they see is what they learn.

1 13 things a good parent would teach the kid2. Patience – Patience which is a rare quality these days, but it is so essential for relationships. Teach your children to be patient and handle relationships vows with a calm and cool mindset. Teach them that shouting and loosing temper for small things will never fix a problem. The right approach is to understand the other person.
Tip: Watch your words with your partner. Fathers should note their pitch and volume of speech when talking to mothers of their children

2 13 things a good parent would teach the kid

3. Don’t take the other person for granted – Yes, please don’t take the other person for granted at any time. You never know when you can be at the receiving end. Teaching the child that every person has his value is very important. One who respects relationships can stay in for a longer time. For Example: Not showing or not being grateful to the person for helping you.
Tip: Be an example to your children. When they see you practice of what you teach, they automatically follow.

3 13 things a good parent would teach the kid4. Teach the Art of Understanding – Understanding each others’ sorrows and happiness is what true understanding is all about. Teach your children this art. Teach them with live examples and make them learn to understand why the other person takes a particular step.
Tip: When you understand your children well, you can easily make them master this art.

4 13 things a good parent would teach the kid5. Love – Love, love and more love. It is the strongest base for any relation. Whether it is marriage or a relation between two friends, if there isn’t love the relationship will not last long.
Tip: Shower ample love on your children so that they feel the goodness and power of love. Father and mother must keep the environment happy and positive to showcase love for each other.

5 13 things a good parent would teach the kid6. Integrity – Adhere to the quality of integrity and take your relationships to an all new high. Morals and limits are important for limitless love as well.
Tip: Preaching moral values every now and then will help children imbibe

6 13 things a good parent would teach the kid7. Giving space – The most important thing in relationships is giving space. Every once a while we all need some quality ‘own time’! You as a parent would know this from your experience so teach your children the same.
Tip: Make it a habit of practicing this with your children. While you practice, make them understand why it is important.

7 13 things a good parent would teach the kid
Smiling young mother has a good time in conversations with the son of preschool age

8. Faith – Having faith in a relationship is of utmost importance. Through ups and downs you must hold on and have faith that everything would be fine.
Tip: Your child will learn this while he sees this between his mother and father.

8 13 things a good parent would teach the kid9. Transparency – Teach your children to have transparency in relationships. Whether it is communication or love, the higher the transparency the lower would the chances of arguments.
Tip: Never let your child know that you are in no-talking mode with your partner.

9 13 things a good parent would teach the kid10. Respect – Make your children understand to respect the other person’s individuality. Also ensure that you imbibe the practice wherein children give due respect to others.
Tip: Never counter question your partner in front of your children.

10 13 things a good parent would teach the kid11. Lend your ears – Teach them that one cannot be right always. Listening to other person’s perspective is equally important.
Tip:  Make it a habit to practice this with your children. When you listen to them with open ears, they would learn the art of listening.

11 13 things a good parent would teach the kid12. Say Sorry – Apologizing does not make you a wrong person or inferior. Rather it strengthens relationships. Teach them that feeling guilty and accepting mistake is a good deed.
Tip: Never hesitate to apologise to your children when required.

12 13 things a good parent would teach the kid13. Never hold grudges – Winning or losing is a part and parcel of life. One should not hold grudges if he loose and should not undermine others if you win. Teach them that holding grudges against anyone is not a behavior of a good human being.
Tip: Make it a practice of forgiving your children when they do something wrong.

13 13 things a good parent would teach the kid

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