Got my locks bonded, what now? Hair care tips for the tresses

Most of the woman desires long, straight and silky hair. Long hair is considered a symbol of beauty. Since ages, women have given extra time and attention to take care of their hair. From warm oil massages to applying the curd or egg yolk; women have been experimenting with many things to have those thick and shiny tresses. Today there are many more options available for women to get what they want and that includes straight hair. Even if you are born with curly hair, it is still very much possible for you to flaunt silky, straight hair and enjoy the attention and appreciation.

This can be done by re-bonding your hair. Rebonding is the process in which natural hair bonds are first relaxed and broken down, followed by making new bonds.
It is a myth that rebonding is a process of straightening hair. However, the fact is rebonding is creating new bonds and this process is possible vice-versa as well i.e. curling the natural straight hair.

But after you do the process of re–bonding, it is very important to take care of your hair so that it stays healthy. Chemicals are used in re-bonding and it’s a harsh treatment. Your hair becomes very weak and fragile. So to avoid any damage to your hair, you must take proper care after re-bonding. Here are some useful care tips for your re-bonded hair:

1. Do not wet your hair – Right after the process of rebonding, it is advised that you do not wet your hair for 3 days. This allows the chemical to seep inside every strand of your hair so that it gets the desired texture(straight/curl). Do not oil them. Don’t go for swimming.

2. Sleep carefully – When you sleep, make sure the hair is kept straight. You would not want to sleep all over your hair and wake up to messy and unmanageable hair.10KeyThings-Sleep-carefully Got my locks bonded, what now? Hair care tips for the tresses

3. Hair wash – Always keep in mind to be gentle with your hair. As mentioned above, the hair becomes weak after re-bonding, so never wash your hair with hot water. It would be advisable to not even use warm water. Always wash your hair with cold water.

4. Hair spa – Once your hair re-bonding is done, try and visit a good parlor for hair spa. Even if you are taking precaution at home, thorough spa done by professionals always helps. There are certain things which can be done at parlors which can’t be managed at home. Once in a month visit is recommended.

5. Exposure to sun rays – Since the hair has undergone strong chemical treatment, it is advised that you keep your head covered to avoid direct exposure to sun rays. Covering your head also keeps you away from dust. Its simple! The more often your hair gets unclean, higher will be the frequency of washing your head. And the more regularly you wash them, the lesser will chemical (that gives the texture) stays in your hair.10KeyThings-after-hair-rebonding Got my locks bonded, what now? Hair care tips for the tresses

6. Hair rejuvenation and repair therapy – Since the hair has undergone a chemical treatment, it is obvious that they are sensitive now. You need to put in extra effort to keep them healthy and straight. Opting for repair therapy and rejuvenation will help you keep them healthy. The process involves; head massage, steaming and cleaning.

7. Hair conditioning – Your hair will need lots of conditioning after re-bonding. Use a god conditioner generously. Use the conditioner which is specifically for re-bonded hair. If you are spending lots of time outdoors in the sun, then it is advisable to use a conditioner. Using a good conditioner will ensure that your hair remains soft and silky and does not get dry.

8. Curl control shampoo – If you have opted for straightening, ask your hair expert to recommend a good curl control shampoo. The regular shampoo should not be used. Curl control shampoos are specifically made soft and light.10KeyThings-tresses Got my locks bonded, what now? Hair care tips for the tresses

9. Right way to comb – As mentioned earlier, hair becomes weak after re-bonding so it is essential that you are careful while combing your hair. Use a wide tooth comb. It will move gently and will not break hair. Also, it will be easy to untangle hair with a wide tooth comb or with a nice hairbrush.

10. Trim – your hair once in 45 days. Trimming helps in getting rid of spilt ends and will allow your hair to grow healthy. This will further keeps your hair in top condition.

11. Hair dryer – Hair dryers are good and convenient but are a strict no-no after re-bonding as it can cause damage to your hair. After every hair wash, let your hair dry naturally.10KeyThings-Hair-Rebonding Got my locks bonded, what now? Hair care tips for the tresses

12. Cold water – Rebonded hair should be washed with cold water only. The temperature should be bearable. Warm water will gradually wash off the chemical used. Note that the hair will remain in the required texture till the time the chemical stay in your hair.

13. Hair serum – Serum not only give you that extra shine to your hair but also creates a protection layer between your hair and other harmful elements like sunrays and dust.

14. Tying your hair or changing hair style – Resist the temptation of tying your hair in a pony at least for a month after re-bonding. Leave your hair loose. Also avoid changing your hair style or getting highlights, etc. This will further damage your hair.10KeyThings-hair-tying Got my locks bonded, what now? Hair care tips for the tresses

15. Follow a good diet – You need to eat food that directly helps in keeping your hair healthy. Add cashews, almonds and lots of fruit and vegetables to your diet.

Do not go by what others talk about harmful effects of re-bonding. If you keep these tips in mind, you are good to go. Re-bonding does give your hair that beautiful look, but it can also be very harsh on hair. So it’s important to take good and proper care after re-bonding.

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