9 things you shouldn’t say at your First job

Your first job is considered as the first step of your career and one associates all his/her anticipations, dreams and desires with it. Remember this well-known Adage, which says, “First Impression is the Lasting Impression”. This line has inspired people to make an impactful impression on their first appearance.  Your first job is extremely significant for you and the pressure to make the positive first impression clutter butterflies in the stomach. Let us check out the 9 key things that you must avoid saying at your first job.

1. “I’m sorry, I am late.” – Punctuality is the primary requirement of any job and is keenly observed by the management of the company. It is better to start early in order to reach the office 15 minutes before the given scheduled time. Do not let any road hurdles or crowd-hang outs hamper you from the time of meeting or appointment.

2. “Can I make a private call from anyplace in the office?” – Company is paying you for the time and knowledge you are dedicating to complete company business. Such a phrase may raise eyebrows of your colleagues or superiors and allow them to concoct suspicions in their mind.

3. “I don’t know.” – These three words can raise doubts on your selection. There can be certain things, which you really do not know, but an upfront acceptance of the fact may disrepute your position and personality. The better way would be to ‘I need to check this out first.” Or “I’ll check and shall revert. However, this response may vary country to country. In some working culture, it may be considered as a positive response.

4. “Who’s that girl on the reception? She is looking hot.” – Such disgraceful remarks will certainly call for a slap in addition to sexual harassment case. It is your first job and such loose comments can sabotage your respect in front of the whole office as words flow by air and turn into gossip news.

5. “May I check my tweet or Facebook account?” – Your behavior, actions and conversations even the official e-mail-inboxes, are ardently examined by your bosses. Checking social media accounts is not ethically right during office hours and can unnecessarily cause ripples in your stay in the first job.

6. “That procedure/operation is absolutely wrong…” – Your first job opens the door of learning and experimenting new techniques. Raising questions or Issuing negative remarks on the existing procedures/operations can raise questions on the potential of the current managerial modus-operandi.

7. “He/She is so …………………… while working.” – Personal comments on colleagues in front of other colleagues in your first job may cause friction and make you the subject of office politics.

8. “Oh this, I know it all….” – Never let others know that you know things better or more than your peers or trainers. Infact, it is better to be a good listener initially than a good spokesperson.

9. “I can do it alone…” – It is better to work along with team and not to brag about your self-efficiency in your first job. Never opt to work alone unless asked for.

Let your first job boost your confidence and enhance your career. Avoid above phrases during your tenure, to make a long lasting impression. Oh yes, some of the above things are not limited to first job only, but those specifics are for next time.

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