How to be the man your wife deserves

If you ask someone for the secret of a successful marriage, each one has a different answer. Some say it is love, while some say it is deep understating. It is always a joint effort of both husband and wife for a successful marriage. Here is the list of 10 things husbands need to do for a successful marriage.

1. Eleven is the number – Experts have said that couples who make love regularly are seen staying longer in a relationship. 11 times sex a month is suggested to keep the momentum high.
Tip: Ensure that it is always with her consent.10KeyThings-11-is-the-number How to be the man your wife deserves

2. Trust her, but with open eyes – Trust is the strongest base in any relationship. Trust her to make her feel comfortable in the relationship. With trust both of you together can take your marriage to a new level. This does not mean that every partner is to be trusted blindly. Keep a close check and brains open. Patience is the main secret. Keep calm and understand your wife’s mood swings and temper tantrums.
Tip: The more you spend time together, the better the relationship grows. In case of signs where you feel you’ve been cheated, do a double check on your doubt.10KeyThings-trust-her-with-open-eyes How to be the man your wife deserves

3. Express the unending love – Showering your wife with unending love at every time is the most important thing husbands need to do for a successful marriage. Learn to express yourself. Tell her what you like about her.
Tip: A daily compliment keeps the love in the air all the time.10KeyThings-express-the-love How to be the man your wife deserves

4. Spend quality time – She understands your work and friends, but spending quality time with your wife is very important. Let her feel wanted in the relationship. She being a woman may be juggling between her career and home making. Catch the opportunity to make her feel relaxed by talking to her about her day. Coming home early to surprise her when she is least expecting are small gestures you can try.
Tip: Surprise her with a romantic together bath on a late Sunday morning10KeyThings-Spend-quality-time How to be the man your wife deserves

5. Give space – We all need ‘own time’. Give your wife the space she needs and deserves and see how successful the marriage goes. Understanding her needs, moods and shopping becomes a part of you when you become a husband. And sometimes you can always show some extra understanding.
Tip: Never say no when she wants to go out with her girl friends.10KeyThings-Give-space How to be the man your wife deserves

6. Keep your helping hands ready – Whether it is the responsibility of kids or household chores, husbands need to share the load. Your wife will love even more for this.
Tip: Helping her in the kitchen even after a hectic day at office will always get noticed by her.10KeyThings-helping-hand How to be the man your wife deserves

7. Keep the romance bubbling – Take her for a romantic dinner date, walk by the moonlight or spend a day with each other watching movies and ordering pizza, whatever is your idea or romance, keep it alive and kicking.
Tip: A surprise vacation, pretty flowers or even a book, surprise your wife with little something now and then.10KeyThings-Keep-the-romance-bubbling How to be the man your wife deserves

8. Honesty – Be honest about your feelings and mood. It goes a long way and also ensures there is transparency in your relationship. Make it a habit of sharing the truth with her.
Tip: If you do not like anything about her, tell her. She might want to change it for you.10KeyThings-be-honest How to be the man your wife deserves

9. Stand by her – Respecting her decisions, you need to stand by and support her always. For her you mean the world now. Let her know that you are there behind and beside her always. She would want to cry on your shoulder sometimes.
Tip: Say it loud that – she need not worry when you are there.

10. She is your first child – Once you become a husband, she becomes your responsibility. Caring and protecting her like your first baby is what all you husbands should do.
Tip: Offer her to pick and drop from office10KeyThings-pick-her-up How to be the man your wife deserves

11.  Develop the talking skills – It is important that you talking openly with your wife. She coming from a different family may need time to adjust in the new home. It is your responsibility that she feels at home and comfortable under one roof with you. You making the first move is what she is expecting. Do not hesitate to start the conversation.
Tip: Involve her family conversations. Ask her opinion is family matters.10KeyThings-develop-the-talking-skills How to be the man your wife deserves

12. Learn to lose an argument always – It is absolutely OK to loose a conversation with your wife. After all both of you are at the same level of relationship. Her point of argument may be correct than yours. Accepting that she is right, will balance the authority of decision making and avoid getting into an argument. Remember, nobody wins an argument. It is just a perception. However, do not confuse it with discussion.
Tip: Use positive sentences like – “I agree with you”10KeyThings-lose-the-argument How to be the man your wife deserves

13. Learn to create a balance between her and your parents – Real men do not feel inferior in accepting if wife’s parents and siblings are right. Your parents can be wrong sometimes. Since both the families are different, opinion and view point will vary. As a husband, it is your responsibility to treat both families as equal and create balance. Give importance to your wife’s family as much as you give to yours.
Tip: Do something special for wife’s parents on their anniversary.10KeyThings-create-a-balance How to be the man your wife deserves

14. Appreciate your wife’s skills – Like you she may also have some interests and hobbies. There may be skills that she masters. Appreciate and support her so that she continues her passion. Your unconditional support will give her strength.
Tip: Participate in her skillful activities.10KeyThings-appreciate-your-spouse-skills How to be the man your wife deserves

15. Learn to forgive – All humans make mistake. So can your wife. Learn to forgive expressing what you feel about it. Long hours of bitterness will land you and your wife into chain of misunderstandings. Once you hear a sorry coming from her, stay ready to forgive.
Tip: Just say it’s ok and I love you. A kiss can bring back things to normal situation.10KeyThings-learn-to-forgive How to be the man your wife deserves

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