Be the employee of the month, every month!

A new job is always a mixed bag that triggers positive and negative feelings in equal measure. You feel overwhelmed with the thought of cracking the interview and want to prove your worth from the very first day. But at times, you also feel weighed down by the expectations and the adjustments that you will have to face when you enter your new office. No matter what the post or the size of the company, every new employee goes through the “butterflies-in-the-stomach” syndrome. Well, there is no such hard and fast rule for excelling at your new job but certain tips will always come to your rescue.

1. Be punctual and sincere – Integrity is the key to excellence. Therefore, your thoughts, words and actions should be in harmony. There is no short cut to success and hard work is the way to making you count. Follow the time table to make sure that all the work that you have been assigned gets completed on time. If you can do it early, nothing can beat that at all.10KeyThings-be-on-time Be the employee of the month, every month!

2. Carry the approach of a learner – Everyone likes a person who is willing to learn and possesses the zeal, curiosity and passion of a student. A new job mostly revolves around learning the ropes and trying to fit in with the work culture of the new organization. Therefore, it is important that you come with an open mind and embrace the lessons and tricks just the way students take exercises at school.10KeyThings-Carry-the-approach-of-a-learner Be the employee of the month, every month!

3. Core responsibilities – Accept all the tasks that are given to you with open arms. Understand the fact that these are the task for which you were hired for. Do not skip duties. Your superiors have already started keeping an eye on you. Stay pro-active and involve whole-heartedly in all the jobs given to you.10KeyThings-Core-Responsibilities Be the employee of the month, every month!

4. Build relationships – It is very important to share good rapport with your seniors, colleagues and subordinates if you are to do well at your new job. It will help you to fit in with the new setup and you can also learn at an easy pace. In order to bond, be friendly and try to earn the trust and respect of others. Throw a positive approach towards whatsoever you do. Make new friends, interact with even the ground level staff and know about the organisation well. Stay calm and positive with the people around.10KeyThings-build-relationships Be the employee of the month, every month!

5. Don’t be afraid to ask or question – If you have any doubts or questions, get them clarified. Don’t feel shy or diffident while voicing your opinion. Say what you feel to be right. Just make sure that your point of view is communicated in a polite manner. Know your limits and if anything is troubling you, seek the help of your supervisor or boss.10KeyThings-Dont-be-afraid-ask-a-question Be the employee of the month, every month!

6. Pitch in where you can – Of course, you are new to the company but that does not mean you cannot help others. You must if you can as it will bring you in the good books of your manager and also enhance your credentials.10KeyThings-Pitch-in-where-you-can Be the employee of the month, every month!

7. Stand out as a performer – There is no substitute for good performance and as a newbie the pressure is certainly there which you can handle with hard work. Everyone takes notice when you are putting in sincere efforts and in the early days, this is exactly what matters.10KeyThings-Stand-out-as-a-performer Be the employee of the month, every month!

8. Observe people – Do not make friends on the first day. Nor should you make enemies on the first day. Be neutral to all. Meet everyone with a positive smile.10KeyThings-Observe-people Be the employee of the month, every month!

9. Keep patience – Don’t be judgmental on the first day – Neither towards the people nor towards the job given to you. It is too early to make conclusions. Give space and time to settle yourself in the new environment.10KeyThings-Keep-Patience Be the employee of the month, every month!

A new job is always special. It has equal power to ruin as well as reinstate your career. Therefore, you must tread the path carefully. Follow the aforementioned tips and take every day as it comes, without any fear or anxiety. Be yourself and stay positive.

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