Your body needs a healthy change from inside

You’ve turned 30, and you are still figuring out ways to live healthy. In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, you may be doing everything that is suggested to you. As the modern lifestyle is taking a toll on our body, what we are doing these days is only work that involves an enormous amount of stress and a high risk of body malfunction. We have forgotten to eat healthy, sleep adequately and talk to our beloved ones. Today, more than our outer body, our inner soul needs relaxation. Hence, your body needs a healthy change from inside.

1. Time with your family – Make time for your near and dear ones because unexpected happiness strikes from their side. This happiness is very important for your stressful mind. Planning for an annual getaway is the best way to reconnect with family and spend some quality time.
Tip: Make it a part of your routine. You could plan a movie over a weekend or a picnic.10KeyThings-time-with-your-family Your body needs a healthy change from inside

2. Eating habits and regular breaks while at workplace – Spend some time outside your office building and appreciate the nature’s beauty around you. Make sure to keep your desk clean for that slight inner satisfaction in you. Avoid eating at odd times and reduce your caffeine consumption.
Tip: You can increase your water intake at work. This will push you to move from your workstation. 10KeyThings-regular-breaks Your body needs a healthy change from inside

3. Food for your mind – Gift yourself peace. Allow yourself to relax, read new stuff everyday and praise yourself once in a while. Meditate to let all negative vibes go away from you. Spend alone time, close your eyes and listen to your favorite music.
Tip: Do this for 20-25 minutes daily. Watching your favorite comedy show can be a good option.10KeyThings-food-for-mind Your body needs a healthy change from inside

4. Computer time – Plan your work and schedule. Your body develops a lot of painful problem because of those long hours you spend in front of your computer system. Cutting down this machine time will help you move towards a healthy step.
Tip: Make optimum use of technology. You can reply to emails from your phone. Take a break from your computer screen when you are talking on phone or attending your colleague. 10KeyThings-Computer-time Your body needs a healthy change from inside

5. Eating before sleeping – Do not go to the bed with loaded stomach. Keep a gap between your dinner and sleep. You could utilize this gap by going for a healthy walk.
Tip: Eat early, so that there is gap between your dinner and sleeping time.10KeyThings-eating-before-sleeping Your body needs a healthy change from inside

6. Sleep – Good quality sleep rejuvenates you from inside after day’s long work. Always sleep with your lights off and stay away from electronic gadgets while you sleep. The presence of light does not let your body release Melotonin, the hormone that puts you to sleep. As a result, you don’t wake up fresh.
Tip: Sleep early, so that you get quality 6-8 hours of sleep.10KeyThings-Sleep Your body needs a healthy change from inside

7. Pamper your body – Take time to give attention to your beauty. By doing so, you make yourself fresh and happy. Get ready for some warm compliments from your colleagues and near ones that somehow relax your mind. Go for spa or body massage. How about a nice hair cut?
Tip: Ask your salon to give you a reminder call.10KeyThings-pamper-your-body Your body needs a healthy change from inside

8. Exercise – Make a point to exercise regularly. It boosts your hormones for sexual activities which give pleasure, improves your sleep time and eating habits. It indirectly takes a lot of stress out from your body. Adding morning walk to your daily routine can also do wonders.
Tip: Wake up early to spend at least 30 minutes in exercise.10KeyThings-Exercise Your body needs a healthy change from inside

9. Short vacation – Going for a holiday and giving your body and mind that much needed break is important. Once in six months is recommended.
Tip: Solo travelling can be fun. Plan your calendar accordingly.10KeyThings-Short-Vacation Your body needs a healthy change from inside

10. Brain training – Look for courses that teach you how to make your brain work faster and better. These courses are also available online.
Tip: Look for audio courses. This way you need not have to sit in front of your computer system.10KeyThings-Brain-training Your body needs a healthy change from inside

11. Relaxed activities – Identify what you like. Pick up an activity that will keep you away from the daily stress. You could choose gardening, cooking, fishing or anything you enjoy.
Tip: Try everything that you can think of. You can then choose what you like the most.10KeyThings-Relaxed-activities Your body needs a healthy change from inside

These are just subsets of how you should deal with your body in different situations. The real power lies in your entire thought process as to how you take different things and how much stress you put on to your mind. It is high time you gave importance to your body and make sure you practice the above points for a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Wowwwwww….such simple things but many forget to follow in their busy routine..good one and almost everything is covered..thanks for this to remind me that I have to restart my routine life in this manner to make life even more happier..cheers to the author for making it crisp and neat..


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