Towards effective working – Tips for the boss

The relation between a boss and employee is something that cannot be defined. There are good moments and horrendous ones as well. But as a good boss you should understand and respect the individuality of your subordinates. Here is a list of 10 things that a boss must do for his subordinates.

1. Lead by example – Set an example for the team by your work standards and proficiency. Whatever age you are at, being a boss you are looked up on and are also followed. One wrong deed may ruin the image.
Tip: You can conduct a learning session and share your experiences.10KeyThings-Lead-by-example Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

2. Say the right words – As a boss it is essential that you have great communication skills. Communicate clearly and professionally so that the message that you want to convey to your subordinates goes out loud and clear. Some subordinates may be shy to ask you for the second time.
Tip: To ensure that your message is clearly conveyed, ask questions.

3. You were too a subordinate once upon a time – Put yourself in the shoes of the subordinates and think on their behalf as well. You as a boss should think of the wellbeing of the entire team. Being a crude boss does not work these days. When you empathize, your subordinate feels comfortable with you.
Tip: Take a chance and talk to them about their life outside office10KeyThings-I-was-subordinate-too Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

4. Yes you can do it attitude – Motivate your team at every step so that they can set quality benchmarks. Keeping the morale and spirits high should be one of your priorities. Subordinates would want to have you around only if you are a motivating boss. A push is always required to get things going.
Tip: Start a mini Boss program or a one day CEO program.10KeyThings-You-can-do-it-attitude Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

5. Pat on the back – Appreciate the efforts of your subordinates and encourage by praising them. This helps them to work more efficiently.
Tip: Give rewards even for a small good job done10KeyThings-pat-on-the-back Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

6. When you do it, they see – Inspire subordinates to deliver best of their abilities. There is nothing like – your work, my work. When you do it, they get inspired and put in their double efforts.
Tip: Be a participant in the task.10KeyThings-Do-it-and-others-follow Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

7. Trust – Trust your subordinates. Believe that the team is capable and would be able to handle each project efficiently. When you believe, they realize their potential.
Tip: Give them freedom to take a decision sometimes10KeyThings-trust Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

8. Give direction – Giving orders is just not the end of your job. Show them the right direction so that they can lead on the path of success and prosperity. Assign tasks properly and ensure deadlines are met.
Tip: Tell them the sources to find the right information10KeyThings-give-direction Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

9. Know your employees’ strength – Just because you have hired the subordinate, you cannot treat him like a slave. A good boss knows the strengths of the team and knows how to channelize the energy in the right direction. Use their strength at the right place. When the subordinate understands that you know his strength and weaknesses, the relationship gets stronger.
Tip: Ask them which job do they like doing the most10KeyThings-employees-strength Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

10. Take a chill pill – Be patient! There are tough times but keeping your cool is the golden rule. You as a good boss should stay calm, be kind and understanding. Every action has a reason and every wrong step taken can be rectified. Explain the subordinate about the wrong step calmly, so that he understands the mistake.
Tip: Take him to separate cabin or conference for a discussion. Never make such conversation in front of other subordinates.10KeyThings-be-patient Towards effective working - Tips for the boss

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  1. Wowwwww..awesome one…especially required for the current generation bosses who have attitude problem that boss need not have to contribute but just to run the show…I completely agree on these point…no one is a slave to anyone..if the boss can be of a good role model to his fellow employees he is surely capable of building more leaders in the future…let this read change mindset of every boss and influence the employees to work more effectively…thanks author for sharing the topic…cheers


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