10 Things you didn’t know about Carlton, Victoria

10 things you didn’t know about Carlton, Victoria

Carlton Suburb Profile – 

Carlton is a bubbling and vibrant suburb of Victoria, Melbourne. It is situated 2 kilometres North from Melbourne’s central business district. The local government area for this bustling suburb is the City of Melbourne. Carlton was established in 1851.

“How is Carlton suburb stands on different parameters?”

1. Demographics

As of 2014, Carlton had a population of 17,249. Out of which 8,498 were men and 8,751 were women. The median age was 25.7. The population density was 9,486 persons/sq. kilometer. This area is known for its diversity as it is home to a considerable number of people with Jewish and Italian heritage. This suburb has a sizeable number of students because of its proximity to the University of Melbourne. The postcode for Carlton is 3053.

2. Amenities

a) Healthcare: Incidentally, Carlton is known for its top-notch health care and medical facilities. The Royal Women’s Hospital, the new Royal Dental Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Royal Children’s hospital are well-located in the case of emergency. St. Vincent’s Hospital, Epworth Hospital, and Cabrini Hospital are also well-known hospitals located around Carlton. Most private hospitals will charge a pocket fee during an emergency, so one should keep that in mind.

b) Sports: Carlton is a sports enthusiastic neighbourhood. It houses many options for Football lovers since it is home to ‘The Blues’, better known as the Carlton Football Club and it is also the birthplace of the Australian Rules Football Club. The Prince’s Park, situated in Carlton North, is a 95.4-acre major sports and recreation ground. Carlton also has indoor Sports Centres like Futsal Life located in Carlton North which hosts competitions and leagues for futsal. Carlton Baths is a well-known recreation centre on Rathdowne Street. They offer programs for children, swimming lessons, yoga classes, a health club, nutrition program and much more.

c) Transportation: According to the number of motor vehicles registered in Carlton in the year of 2014, almost half of the suburb’s population owns a vehicle for their daily commutes and needs. However, Melbourne has many tram routes, some of which cater to the people of Carlton. The Tram routes run along Swanston Street and terminate at the University of Melbourne. Certain tram routes like the 8 and 1 continue along to Carlton North via Lygon Street. Apart from trams, there are several buses plying in Carlton with bus stops at Lygon Street, Elgin Street, and Rathdowne Streets. Unfortunately, there are no trains to Carlton. Proposals have been made to extend the train lines but no concrete decision has been made. Subway routes have been proposed in Carlton, as a part of the proposed 17-kilometre metro tunnel.

3. Property Prices

Apartments are said to be the most common form of housing in Carlton. Since Carlton is a hub for students and bachelors, the apartments here are low-rent. Carlton also has many student accommodations. However, most people prefer renting houses in Carlton. The median price of a house in Carlton is A$ 1,050,000 (US$ 800,257), and that of a unit is A$ 375,150 (US$ 285,894). The rent for a home stands at A$ 580 per week (US$ 442) and at A$ 435 (US$ 331) for a unit.

4. Attractions

It is a beautiful suburb with tasteful inspirations from the Victorian Era. Garden Squares are a noteworthy attraction of Carlton. There are five main Garden Squares here: Carlton Gardens, University Square, Lincoln Square, Argyle Place and MacArthur Place. The Carlton Gardens square is the largest of all, being a 26-hectare big attraction, planned for the World Exhibition and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Garden also has a museum known as the Melbourne Museum. The Lincoln Square has a Bali Memorial commemorating those lost in the 2002 Bali Bombings. The famous La Mama Theatre, that is greatly known for its vibrant energy, is located in Carlton. The Melbourne Trades Hall is one of Melbourne’s historically significant prized possessions which stands tall in the Carlton suburb. The Royal Exhibition Building and the ruins of the old Carlton Brewery, a collection of buildings constructed between 1864 and 1927, all of which are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, are also a well-known attraction around Carlton.

5. Traffic

One of the downsides to this otherwise beautiful Melbourne suburb is the traffic situation. Certain streets of this suburb see a decent amount of crowd around the daytime. The Lygon Street is considered one of the busiest streets of Carlton. So, beware while navigating through the traffic in the suburb. It might get on your nerves.

6. Safety

Carlton is considered to be a safe suburb. Locals often acknowledge how comfortable and at ease they feel in the area. Carlton does not have a police station of its own. However, the suburb’s proximity to Fitzroy and Melbourne serve it well since both the areas have police stations.

Melbourne East Police Station
226 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, VIC 3000

Fitzroy Police Station
419 Young Street, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

7. Restaurants

The people of the suburb cannot stop raving about the restaurants and cafes that this area has to offer. Lygon Street is also known as the ‘Little Italy’ of Carlton and is home to some of the best Italian Restaurants in Melbourne. Little Italy is also considered to be the birthplace of the ‘cafe culture’ of Melbourne. The suburb also has an amazing group of clubs and bars for those that enjoy having a nightlife. Eateries in the suburb offer all kinds of cuisines, enough for you to not look beyond the suburb. Italian is a no-brainer for this area. But the list doesn’t end there. This suburb has amazing options for European, Indian, Thai, Chinese, American, Greek, Mexican, and whatnot. You name it and Carlton has it.

8. Nearby Suburbs

Carlton’s location is ideal in all aspects. It is located close to the best suburbs of Melbourne and Melbourne CBD itself! This suburb is close to Parkville, Fitzroy, North Melbourne, East Melbourne, & West Melbourne. Melbourne CBD itself is just a five-minute drive from the suburb.

9. Future Plans

The future of the suburb seems very bright. The proximity of this suburb to Melbourne CBD is a huge aid for those working in Melbourne. This, in turn, has resulted in an unprecedented rise in the number of residents in the suburb. Rod Eddington’s East West Link Needs Assessment does mention that there will be subway(s) in Carlton, as a part of the proposed 17 km metro tunnel. However, no concrete plan has been made on this matter.

10. a) Reasons to Live in Carlton: Carlton is undoubtedly one of the best suburbs of Melbourne. It is close to Melbourne CBD and the University of Melbourne. This makes Carlton a great option for the working class and students. Carlton has great eateries, parks, recreation centres, historical attractions, and medical facilities. Carlton’s rent is also lower when compared with neighbouring suburbs. There are almost 41 schools in and around Carlton, making it a great place for people with families.

b) Reasons to reconsider Carlton: Carlton is a somewhat crowded suburb. If you wish to live in a peaceful and quiet suburb, then Carlton might not be the suburb for you. The traffic situation and alleged lack of parking space are also a trouble for the residents.

What do people say about Carlton:

People are quite satisfied with their lives in Carlton. It’s a vibrant suburb with ample options for food lovers, shopaholics, and art lovers. It has great malls and cinemas. It also has amazing coffee houses and nightlife facilities. Public transport in the suburb is also adequate. However, the suburb is lit in the nighttime which might not be good for some.

List of following facilities in and around Carlton at an average radial distance of approximately 5 kilometres:

Facilities in Carlton Availability
Woolsworth Yes
Kmart Yes
Target Yes
Dan Murphy Yes
Bunnings Yes
Leisure Centre Yes
Swim School(s) Yes
Swimming / Sauna / Spa (Public) Yes
Primary School(s) Yes
Secondary School(s) Yes
Night Buses 955, 966
Buses (Lines and Routes) Melbourne Visitor Shuttle,
No. 200: Melbourne to Bulleen,
No. 207: Melbourne to Doncaster,
No. 250: Melbourne to Bundoora,
No. 251: Melbourne to Preston,
No. 401: North Melbourne to Melbourne University,
No. 402: Footscray to East Melbourne,
No. 504: Moonee Ponds to Clifton Hill,
No. 546: Heidelberg to Melbourne,
Starbus Airport Shuttle
Tram(s) 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 16, 19, 64, 67, 72, 86, 96
Train Station(s) – V/Line No
Train Station(s) – Metro Melbourne Central

Note: These facilities may or may not be near to your residence within CarltonPlease recheck the distance to a facility before buying or renting a property in Carlton.

Hope we have done some justice to showcase the highlights of Carlton suburb. If you notice that either we have not covered something or have made some mistake in data about Carlton, don’t forget to share it with us.

Disclaimer: Some information about Carlton may change at any point in time. So, we humbly request to kindly verify any critical information directly with the Carlton Council.


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