10 signs the person you’re dating is cheating on you

10KeyThings Partner Cheating on you

“I Love You.”
Probably the most beautiful sentence in the world filled with the three most dignified of words of the English dictionary. This sentence is both capable of making your world or shattering it if said to the wrong person. Commitment is the epicenter of any relationship and if even one fails to fulfill it, the relationship cannot sustain itself.
A relationship, basically, consists of three things – A girl, a boy (may vary based on your preference) and most importantly – trust. A lack of the third one from either side results in an apocalypse – which is truly a complete chaos!

Let’s talk about the bitter truth about relationships. People cheating on their spouses these days, has become as common a sight as watching a kid enjoying candy in the park! People have lost their self-respect and charisma in this era that we live in. “My life, my rules” is the mantra behind every successful story and unfortunately behind the unsuccessful ones as well. Let us look at some signs that keep us well in check of the impending doom.

1. Keeping away – You know sometimes the person you once loved becomes the person, you come to loathe, even if you don’t want to. Yes, it is exactly the same feeling that comes to the fore when your spouse starts acting weirdly. Don’t understand it? Well, to put it more clearly, your spouse shall start misbehaving a bit, maybe not answering to your texts or your calls or simply start ignoring you; he/she me may try and look for every possible opportunity to skip a date and whenever you’re together, he/she may act differently as if feeling insecure, maybe. You know for sure now that it’s started to fall apart.

2. Hiding phone – Remember back in the day, when you met with your dream boy/girl and both promised to hide nothing away from each other or simply tell each other the password to their phones? Now, the love of your life tries to keep away his/her phone from your grasp as much as possible. You are no longer obliged to touch their phones, let alone unlock it! They feel it’s safe to hide stuff from you while you burn in anguish and despair. Beware. The road ahead is steep, forget about being smooth!

3. Keep with him/herself – You know it is a lost soul when you look at it. But looking at your darling turn into one isn’t a nice sight to bear. Your dear ones now have started maintaining “the distance” from you. They barely look you in the eye and hold hands and share all the stuff like the way it used to be. All your chats have hit an all time low and the amount of time that you both share now accounts to – negligible. All you know now is that you are probably hung over the wrong number and unless and until you change it; the world will have to pay!

4. Busy often – “Sorry dear, can’t meet you! Quite busy this afternoon.”
“I am really sorry, darling! Had a very important meeting. Will catch up soon!”
“I am in the middle of something, here. I will call you up later.”
Are you sick of hearing blatant excuses? Do you feel cheated when left alone in the wilderness while your loved ones are busy living his/her own life somewhere far, far away from you? Don’t you sniff danger from the sight of rejected calls on your screen?
If no, then you are living in a fairytale with your prince charming toying with you and I am fairy godmother here to save you! Get out from the mist and take a look outside! Maybe you’ll see the storm as of now but remember that the rainbow awaits you after it.

5. Friend to ghost – The guy/gal you once imagined your future with has now become the ghost that is ruining your life! Your dream has now turned to shadow and all you could do is to stare at them. Your spouse now seems more interested in the things that you seem to dislike and has become the woman/man that you always didn’t want her/him to be. You can now sense the two of you growing apart and time serving as your nemesis. Your other half now loves to keep to the other side of the wall rather than with you, on your side. How quick the time flies, I tell you!

6. Intimacy – Both physical as well emotional, now seems to have hit the rock bottom. Your supposedly better half is no longer interested in having any kind of intimacy with you. Maybe he/she loathes your touch now, more than often and disgusts you in the worst way possible or simply wants some space eventually leading to break-ups. Yes! It’s true, if your spouse is no longer interested in getting intimate with you then you may have lost your touch or he/she may have been acquainted with newer and sadly, better (according to him/her) touches or whatever.

7. Often getting irritated on trivial things There was once a pleasant time in your life, when you would enjoy decent evening walks or simply laying back at the couch or spend romantic times together. Now, he/she gets foul every time you try and step up your game. He/she no longer finds your antics amusing and gets mad at you, more quickly than ever before! Things become so out of control sometimes that you seem to clearly disown the own you once called your love! Be cautious – This may also mean that your partner is not cheating on you, but he/she does not love you any more. So, be careful with your judgement.

8. Would do anything, to be with you – Your sweetheart who once used to crave your presence and would do anything just to catch a glimpse of you now seems to be more than concentrated on his/her work. The same person who used to doze off at the name of work now seems to be more than occupied with the same! Maybe his/her conscience woke up or he/she got hit hard on the head or maybe he/she is just telling an old lie just to try and stay away from you for as much time as possible because he/she got a better alternative of you whose coup d’oeil now matters more. But you possibly can’t know for sure, or can you?

9. Friends who take over – There was a time when you both had mutual friends and the whole gang used to roam about pretending to be the kings and queens of the “kind” world. Presumably, you used to know all of your sweet’s acquaintances and had rather spent some quality time with them too. Well, now comes the news that your beloved is with some of his/her friends and can’t reach you at the moment. Which friends? Never mind.
You seem to ignore all of this for a while but with time, these so-called “friends” take over your love completely, in an instant too, and your social life plus your social life is shattered to bits. Some friends, eh?

10. No consent anymore – There used to be a point of time when all your plans were made with the consent of the other. Partying, holidaying or simple plans were all influenced by his/her will. And here you are in the middle of nowhere, while your spouse is busy ski diving or maybe rock climbing or, or, or horse riding – but you don’t know for sure. You know why? Because that other person, who called you their better halves at one point of time, now seems to be doing just fine, maybe better without you. Their all new schedules seem to be a kind of mystery to even the MI7! You know there is something wrong when the people you love simply start ignoring you, right?

Every relationship relies on honesty, loyalty and love. Once this trust breaks up, everything finishes. So, be careful. Be cunning; because the old man’s tale has now changed.

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