Loosen the tie and breathe – How to deal with stress in your daily life

With fast and fierce competition in every sphere of life be it cooking, working in the office or even picking up kids after school, stress has become a bane for many people around the world. A large number of people have confessed to suffering from feelings of loneliness that keep increasing unless it becomes hard not to visit a doctor for it. Happiness has become an alien word in today’s competitive environment, which demands to either win or disappear forever. Once happy, many are dying more from stress than from wars. In your battle to counter pressure and come out victorious, here are a few simple steps to make your life more happening than a depression-filled story:

1. Kick off the past – A majority of people keep on turning around and run after their past instead of enjoying their present life. Your attitude of being a runner of past feels like missing the morning bus and then repenting as if that were the last chance you could reach your office. However, we forget that just like the next bus that will come; life also gives you a second chance to make it better and live off happily and not as a past runner.10KeyThings-kick-off-the-past Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

A good way is to take a piece of paper and write all your past regrets on it. Read it once and then burn the ghosts that have been haunting you making them leave your mind and body forever. Always remember, you only give power to your past to rule over your present so only you can decimate the monster or keep on crying over things that aren’t there anymore. Just stop messing with something that is not there anymore, running after the past is like looking in the mirror and hitting yourself.

2. Just share it – One of the best ways to relieve stress and keep that glowing smile on your face. Whatever be your past regrets or mistakes just share them with someone close and trustable. Spit out all the venom that has been eating away your peaceful life and move on to the better things. Remember, happy people are more prone to living a longer and happy life than the individual crying over spilled milk.10KeyThings-share-it Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

If it is something that cannot be spoken out, then simply jot it down on a piece of paper and hand it over to your closed ones without a doubt. They won’t judge you on the ghosts of your past but on the person you are at present.

3. Childishness rocks big time – Often in the madness to become “Mature” and then “Grow-up”, people tend to forget what brought them happiness when they were not a part of this rat race. Simple things such as shouting or singing while in the shower used to bring happiness to many, which after some time become silent shower followed by an irritating behavior when someone else does the same.10KeyThings-being-childish Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

Another childish way to relieve stress is to get a balloon. Then write all your worries on it and leave it out in the open air to blow away somewhere where it cannot come back from or just take a pin and “BOOM”, it is done. Another way to bring out the child in you and beat stress can be bringing a pillow and writing on it what or who stresses you out, be it the angry boss or that demanding school teacher. Just punch the pillow and see the stress disappear.

4. Prepare before, for the next – Do you have a habit of keeping your wallet at a place where you can’t find it the next morning and create a ruckus over it? If this is the scenario, then it is highly recommended to keep the most required things before hand at a place where you can remember or hand them over to someone who can remind you the next day.10KeyThings-Prepare-before Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

Although a simple thing to do, even things like not able to find your trendy Smartphone or the new branded wallet can lead to a stressful day, which is not required.

5. Laughter, the best dosage – Laugh as much as you want be it on that Whatsapp joke sent by a friend or when something hilarious happens. Do not stand and keep a neutral face pretending to be mature and show off to the next person. The strength of an individual is analyzed when they have the guts to stand up to a hard situation and laugh in its face along with fighting to get over it.10KeyThings-laugh-a-bit-more Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

6. Language matters – When talking to someone or oneself, always remember to use positive words and the thought process as this will reinforce feelings of happiness and positivity. Make sure not to use curse or abusive language, even when talking to a labour. It will not only make you more prone to anger and stress, but force the other person to lose that respect they have for you.10KeyThings-language-matters Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

7. The power of romance – Adults often suffer more from stress in daily life than young people do. Simple ways to lay off stress is to show and receive some love between two soul mates. It can be either a simple hug or even going out together holding hands and sitting in the green meadows of a mountain area with nothing but silence and each other.10KeyThings-Power-of-romance Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

8. Gratitude is power – In this world, everyone has been programmed for perfection from their childhood and most of them will even let it affect their personal lives and relationships to become the legend of perfection. But has anyone ever considered the boons given by the Almighty in the form of loving parents, caring friends and happiness all the time? Probably not. Thanking the person sitting high in the sky will not only make you feel happy, but content with what has been given.10KeyThings-Gratitude-is-power Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

It may not seem that important, the only way is to stop comparing yourself with the billionaire next door or that corporate employee wearing Gucci suits is to have gratitude. Staying content and happy is what will make you beat stress for not being that Mr.Perfect the world demands.

Perfection can never be attained by human beings be it the most intelligent person on earth or the richest person.

9. Find something besides work and just work – Instead of leaning over your laptop for eternity even after getting home, spend time on your interests and hobbies be it a simple drawing passion or trying to write that book that might make you an author overnight.10KeyThings-Besides-work Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

The main idea is to get some time for yourself besides working on the worksheets and official documents, which might get you an increased salary package but stress comes on a wholesale discount with it.

10. Exercise and diet to lift off stress – The best option to relieve stress from the body after that long day at the office is to get a full body massage or a simple head massage at the nearest spa centre. Also, drinking herbal tea and natural foods is much better than the intake of that international and expensive alcohol or nicotine. One of the best idea to counter stress is to join a health club or gym and lift weights. These will not only help you relax but also give strength to the body to handle daily pressure in a much better way.10KeyThings-exercise Loosen the tie and breathe - How to deal with stress in your daily life

The final and last resort is live life by the rule of F2F, aka Forgive to Forget. Just forgive all those who did wrong to you and move on with your present situation to experience the bliss of happiness instead the pain of loneliness and stress. If all these steps are kept in mind and followed, then stress is not only bound to be removed but also leave you alone for good.

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