When shoo is not enough – Dealing with a street dog

I know you may feel stuck sometimes; cornered in a corner by a street dog who could take your life with a sway of his teeth! Just kidding; we have all been through times when we have found ourselves in the middle of nowhere amongst nobody but a great street dog who just won’t quit barking at you or staring at you or letting you go. Now, in all those time of distress when help is nowhere to be found, and only hope stands by your side – a hero begins to take shape; a hero born out of tranquility and insanity, but a hero who is needed to be. Let’s look at ways to help you become that hero – more or less.

Dealing with a street dog:

1. Walk smart; never ever run! This is the key to your escape. No matter how disruptively the street dog may be barking or staring at you like crazy – never resort to running. This may result in being the Achilles heel in your coffin because you may be a fast runner but definitely not faster than the dog. Walk valiantly and without fear; showing no signs of fear, at all!

2. Don’t dare stare! You may think that looking at them compulsively and playing the stare-game may result in winning this duel; but sadly, you are mistaken here. Staring not only enrages the street dog but also captivates him into going for the big gig – the bite! They may start barking at you like crazy and would even chase you off! So, remember never play with a street dog, the game – stare-off!

3. Don’t whistle – “Nice doggie; sweet doggie,” calling out names and whistling won’t help with a berserk dog; so don’t try and call out to him – it will all be in vain. Try and stay calm and put. And if you so want to say something, try shouting “back off” with a certain tone of authority, so that the street dog could sense who’s the boss.

4. Wait for someone – Stay composed; if you feel irksome, wait for someone else to come by. You could always use some help. A street dog would try and attack a single person but would likely back off in case of the presence of any accomplice. Try and play the waiting game and stay as cool as possible during that time.

5. High spot – If the street dog gets too mad or something, try finding yourself a sweet spot – a high spot. That should keep you from harm’s way for some time or until help arrive. Street dogs necessarily don’t climb things and try and stay on the lower ground as much as possible.

6. Don’t try to pet the Street dog – Showing nerve is good but going too far may prove to be fatal. Don’t try to get near that street dog and start caressing or do something like you would to any other pet dog; that may be the very last thing that you do to it! Always try and stay as far away from the street dog as possible.

7. Signs of panic – Always try and act serene (even if you are not!). This will tell the street dog well that you are not afraid and wouldn’t give in to his intimidations. Show him that you are the boss and not to be trifled with!

8. Motionless – Stand still; no swaying of arms or kicking of legs is required. Standing immobile would give a signal to the street dog that you are not interested in causing any harm to it while unnecessary movement may infuriate it. Try to stay as stable as possible.

9. Ignore the street dog, completely! Ignore the dog, if possible; look and stand facing the other way round. You don’t need to pay heed to any of his wild barking or anything as such. Show him that you just-don’t-care! This will not only tell him that you are not interested in getting into any bogus fight and would keep him at bay for the time being.

10. Fight, if necessary – Well, this probably the last option, if you see yourself getting nowhere and with the street dog at the helm of his anger. Seek to defend yourself better rather than trying to hit it. Protect your head and chest and strive to fight your way out as soon as possible or until help arrives.

Well, getting into a brawl with a person may be tolerable up to some point but doing the same with a street dog may prove too much for anyone! Try and stay positive and be on friendly terms with every street dog you see! Stay safe!


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