Disney-types you would want to Date in Real life

Who doesn’t love Disney characters? I mean all the princesses and princes alike – so charismatic, so beautiful, simply perfect. We all know how people go all berserk at the name of their favorite prince/princess and their desires to meet a companion who, if not same, could at least match the standards of their favorite characters. Keeping in mind all of the Disney characters, who won all your hearts, we have compiled a list of five princes and princesses apiece who would coincide with the reality. And, if not, the same would certainly relate to the future spouses or partners that you may fall in love with or at least date during some point of your life!

First for the girls, all their happy-go-lucky princes:

1. Prince Charming type – The rich yet not spoilt brat and his looks – simply enchanting! He would fall in love with you at a mere glimpse of you (even if it’s your slipper he gets hold on). He would love you and save you from the harm’s way and treat you the way a princess should be. A word of caution though, he may not recognize you if somehow you fail to fit into your old clothes or slippers, for example. Never change, to say the least!

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2. Beast type – May seem like a mean guy 10KeyThings-Beast Disney-types you would want to Date in Real lifeat the first glance but has a heart of gold. The perfect description of “What may seem bad may not always be bad.” You would hate him at first; loathe him for his choices and stuff but in the end fall in love for who he actually is. The perfect spouse for anybody who seeks for beauty beyond looks; he is the one who would love you till the end. Image Source

3. Prince Hans type – Ravishing looks, unprecedented style – this guy would rock your world! He would play with you, listen to all your grief and sorrow and support you, would be there in your best times and your harsh times too; all in all, make up for the perfect partner. But, wait for it, slowly and steadily this guy would change – and for worse! From the man of your dreams, he would turn into the man from your nightmares! Bloody Poker face kind of guys, truly.

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4. Aladdin type – Aah! This dude would be your hero from the swampland! Don’t go by his looks but judge him on his swagger! Smart, witty and damn courageous – you will fall in love with him the moment you start trusting him. All you’ll ever need to do is to take a leap of faith, and he will never ever disappoint you! He will love you for who you are and not for what you are. A true gentleman, indeed!

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5. Tarzan type – The wild guy with the ravishing looks! He may not be smart or intelligent, for that matter but street-smart and witty. He would be the old and rugged kind of guy who would love you unconditionally and save you from all your troubles. He may not seem civilized at times and may misbehave but is a keeper at heart. Not a true gentleman but quite gentle at heart!

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And now, for the guys, who would love to see her future partner in the form of a ravishing princess:

1. Cinderella type 10KeyThings-Cinderella Disney-types you would want to Date in Real lifeA smart, intelligent and a brave girl who may seem weak and shy at first, but is bold and valiant at heart; she’ll be like a true savior who would vouch for you and take care of you in your bad times.
Note – She is prone to forgetting things. Keep a tab on all the things she buys and forgets! Image Source

2. Rapunzel type – The charming and beautiful girl – popular among all the folks; long hair – her mark of beauty and courage – a truckload in her! A brilliant fighter and hearty lover – she’ll be with you until the end and love you and never judge on who you are or what you were.
Note – She is prone to take a lot of time getting ready of parties and stuff like that.

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3. Elsa type – The angry chick who would never let go of her feelings at first and then burst like a balloon at the very end. Sweet and powerful, she’ll be the epicenter of your world. She will love you truly and would bear any pain without saying a word.
Note – Never let her get mad at you! The outcome is – you’ll get to know.

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4. Anna type – The chirpy and cheeky one; she can get childish at times, but it’s all in good taste. She will fall in love you like crazy and would love you with all of her heart. She would play with you, spend time with you and be your one and only.
Note – She is prone to get a bit too immature at times.

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5. Jasmine type – The lover girl, who wouldn’t care an ounce if you’re rich or poor; she’ll love you for who you are without worrying about the bank balance. She is brave and bold and doesn’t back down from taking risks. She will love you unconditionally, to say the least, and you will be her “true love” – once and forever.
Note – She may get too high at times (not drunk!) about all the risky stuff.

10KeyThings-Jasmine Disney-types you would want to Date in Real lifeImage Source

These were some of the characters that you are highly likely to meet during your existence and if lucky, fall in love with; who knows, you may have found yourself a keeper without even knowing! For all those busy finding, a word of advice – keep looking! All the best! And  share your choice of Disney characters with us!!!

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