10 Things you didn’t know about Doncaster, Victoria

10 things you didn’t know about Doncaster, Victoria

Doncaster Suburb Profile – 

Doncaster, locally known as “Donny”, is a geographically gifted inner eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. It is a suburb that contains everything from markets to shopping centres, from primary schools to universities, from churches to mosques; it is just great for everyone!

“How is Doncaster suburb stands on different parameters?”

1. Demographics

In the 2011 census, population of Doncaster was 18,359 and comprised of approximately 51.9% females and 48.1% males. The median age of the people in Doncaster is 44 years of age. 56.5% of people are married, 28.2% are unmarried, 6.2% are divorced and 2.0% are separated. The suburb is situated on 8.9 sq.km of land, around the top of the 120 m high Doncaster Hill. It’s postal code is 3108.

2. Amenities

a) Healthcare: Blackburn Road Medical Centre, Progress Medical Centre and Total Wellbeing Medical Centre are the most popular medical centres in Doncaster. Their practice is dedicated to provide people with personalised, professional, quality healthcare across a wide range of medical and support services. And incase, if you or your family need a doctor after hours, when your regular GP is closed, National Home Doctor Service and Doctor To You can help. They are Australia’s largest networks of after hours doctors, with teams of doctors providing care to patients at home and in-aged care facilities.

b) Sports: The suburb has an Australian Rules football team and Manningham United FC is a Doncaster-based Association Football club. Doncaster also has a cricket club called, The Manningham Cricket Club. Golfers play at the course of the Eastern Golf Club, on Doncaster Road.

c) Transportation: Present bus services exist in the area running from a park and ride centre, along dedicated transit lanes to the city. Various plans have also been made for extension of the Route 48 Tram north to Doncaster.

3. Property Prices

Doncaster is a spacious and family-friendly suburb with a buzz. The suburb’s story starts with 1970’s family homes along quiet suburban streets and carries on right up to brand new, gleaming, state-of-the-art apartment complexes. Buying, renting or investing in property is a big decision. Knowing that Doncaster is right for you is just as important as the property itself. The median rent in Doncaster is A$ 369 per week and the median mortgage repayment is A$ 2000 per month. 49.3% of homes are fully owned, and 25.5% are in the process of being purchased by home loan mortgage. 20.0% of homes are rented.

4. Attractions

The suburb consists of a central area along the top of Doncaster Hill, which includes several historical buildings along Doncaster Road. You should definitely pay a visit to Westfield Doncaster, The Cherry Hill Tavern, Village Cinemas and Endota Day Spa.

5. Traffic

It can be difficult to find a car park sometimes at leading shopping centres in Doncaster during weekends. Also, there can be traffic jams a’plenty at Knifepoint during peak hours. Apart from this, overall traffic in the suburb is pretty smooth and easy-going.

6. Safety

Doncaster is just about one of the safest suburbs in Melbourne. Crime rate has been negligible in the recent years.You can see people walking, shopping and socialising at all hours of the day. The residents are polite, friendly and helpful that hold respect for each other.

7. Restaurants

Planning lunch or dinner out with friends? Doncaster has some of the best dining options including restaurants that offer everything from fine dining to cheap casual lunches. There are many cool restaurants in Doncaster Shoppingtown, Westfield and East Doncaster that serve Chinese, Italian, Greek, Thai, and Japanese food. The following 10 restaurants have been reviewed by Melbourne’s food critics, and are perfect places for your next Saturday night out, private dining experience or a group Sunday lunch: Brunelli Restaurant, Ampang Tofu, Penang Flavours, Mythos House, Casavini Ristorante, Vegie Mum Restaurant, New Age Pizza, Yokoyama’s Japanese Restaurant, Khao Thip Thai Restaurant and Tender Trap Restaurant. So, head to any of these places when you don’t feel like having home cooked food.

8. Nearby Suburbs

Doncaster is about 14 km from VIC’s capital city of Melbourne. Suburbs near Doncaster are: Bulleen, Templestowe, Balwyn, Mont Albert, Box Hill, and Blackburn.

9. Future Plans

The Network Development Plan is currently being designed to expand the capacity of the existing network to meet the growing needs of the city, redesign train services to maximise opportunities for seamless coordination with buses and extend the network to areas currently not served by metropolitan rail.

10. a) Reasons to Live in Doncaster: Doncaster is like a snapshot of the sun-drenched 1970s suburban dream. This family-friendly suburb makes the grade with incredible shopping, amazing Asian restaurants, a grand golf course and a ‘best of both worlds’ location. With so much room and so many spacious family homes, Doncaster is home to many established families, as well as some younger clans. Doctors and specialists, schools and day care facilities, sports facilities, wonderful night venues and social clubs, a fabulous array of restaurants, gorgeous parks and open spaces, quick access to the CBD via the Eastern Freeway are some of the reasons to settle in Doncaster.

b) Reasons to reconsider Doncaster: Property values have risen above a median of A$ 1,000,000 and are destined to rise in near future. Also, the rental properties are always in high demand and tend to get snatched up quickly. Another reason to reconsider this suburb is that there is no direct train line to Doncaster. Lastly, car parking can be an issue sometimes at Doncaster Shopping Centre during weekends.

What do people say about Doncaster:

Doncaster is a great suburb, with fantastic location to both the city and beautiful leafy green North eastern suburbs. It is a great investment area for owners, tenants as well as investors since there is plenty of room for growth and development. The abundance of major features leaves residents and visitors with an array of choices. The area embraces all nationalities, ages and religions, with a variety of social clubs, sports clubs, learning courses, libraries, fitness facilities and places to worship. People living here say that, they enjoy a sense of liberty and space which is quite uncommon in many other suburbs. All in all, Doncaster is a wonderful suburb to call home for anybody, old or young.

List of following facilities in and around Doncaster at an average radial distance of approx 5kms:

Facilities in Doncaster Availability
Woolsworth Yes
Kmart Yes
Target Yes
Dan Murphy Yes
Bunnings No
Leisure Centre Yes
Swim School(s) Yes
Swimming / Sauna / Spa (Public) Yes
Primary School(s) Yes
Secondary School(s) Yes
Night Buses 978, 979
Buses (Lines and Routes) 279, 281, 293, 305, 902, 903
Tram(s) Yes
Train Station(s) – V/Line No
Train Station(s) – Metro No

Note: These facilities may or may not be near to your residence within Doncaster. Please recheck the distance to a facility before buying or renting a property in Doncaster.

Hope we have done some justice to showcase the highlights of Doncaster suburb. If you notice that either we have not covered something or have made some mistake in data about Doncaster, don’t forget to share it with us.

Disclaimer: Some information about Doncaster may change at any point of time. So, we humbly request to kindly verify any critical information directly with the Doncaster Council.


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