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We all have that budding photographer brewing inside of us somewhere, waiting to be found. Everyone has that niche in their hearts to click masterpieces or at least be a part of them! Many people tend to get designated photo-shoots just for the sake of their Facebook profile pictures! Such is the craze for photography that mobile companies have come up with cameras so good that they can make a simple point-and-shoot cameras blush away! Not only do they have upped the mega pixels but come up with the latest ultra pixels – take that for some innovation!

In this changing world, where smart-phones are selling like hot cakes with new flavors coming up every now and then, cameras have been like the cherry on this cake with the taste getting better and better. So much so, that people have started ditching their favorite point-and-shoot camera and more importantly DSLRs for smart phones that claim to have “superb” cameras. Let’s spill the beans, shall we?

DSLR Vs Smartphone cam – DSLR wins!!!

1. Clarity – No matter, how much the smart phone companies may claim how better the cameras have become, they still cannot match with standards of a DSLR. Call it better clarity of the picture or just plain quality – a 16 mega pixel shooter on a DSLR and 16 mega pixel on a smart phone can never be the same.10KeyThings-Left-one-from-DSLR-Right-from-Smartphone DSLR Vs Smartphone cam - DSLR wins!

2. Focal length – This is one very important feature of the DSLR. Focal length comes into play when you need to adjust the light when clicking a picture. You can adjust the focal length on a DSLR to match your requirement, while the same may not be true for your smart phone camera.

3. Manual control – With a DSLR, you can adjust the ISO, focal length, exposure, etc. with much more ease and efficiency than you can on your smart phone camera. Actually, all the manual controls on the smart phone camera are kind of bogus and don’t really make much of a difference.

4. Print Size – Pixel density – comes into play when you print a picture. While all the pictures that you click with your DSLR are sure to produce great results, the same cannot be said about the images from your smart phone camera, no matter how much good the companies may claim the camera to be, at least as on today.

5. Lenses – One great thing about DSLRs is that you could mount different lenses on it for different purposes but on your smart phone camera, you would have to make do with the same old lens that the company has manually installed in it; leaving you no scope for any kind of alteration, whatsoever.

6. HD videos – Yes, you can make HD videos with your smart phone cameras as well but again the thing about quality. While DSLR shot HD videos are crisp and sharp and produce excellent results, smart phone camera shot HD videos only carry the tag “HD” with the video being of the same old quality with glitches in between.10KeyThings-DSLR DSLR Vs Smartphone cam - DSLR wins!

7. External flash – There are quite great flashes on the smart-phones these days that can shove light in the dullest of scenes but DSLRs with the added ability to attach and external flash proves to be too good for a smart phone camera. The low light images a DSLR is able of clicking is way too far-fetched for a smart phone camera.

8. Color – While many smart phone companies claim that the cameras on their respective smart phones are quite brilliant and capable of producing “true color” photos, it is rather the opposite, actually. Smart phone cameras are not evolved enough to produce such pictures while DSLR can do that without any extra effort.

9. At night – All the pictures that you click with a DSLR are sound and true to reality; it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. All the low-light pictures are as delightful as the full-lit ones with clarity and quality in full control. But smart phones just cannot match the demeanor that DSLRs have achieved in this segment or any other, for that matter.

10. Shooting as fun – What completes a DSLR is the fun that it offers. All the tweaks and the little gimmicks you could do with your DSLR are truly one of a kind and no matter what the smart phone companies’ claim; no camera can match the level that the DSLRs have achieved.10KeyThings-DSLR-Canon-vs-HTC-One-M7 DSLR Vs Smartphone cam - DSLR wins!

Smart phone cameras are good – no doubt about that but rivaling with DSLRs is just too haywire for them! If you love, taking selfies and clicking random pictures stick to a good smart phone with a good camera, but if you are looking for some serious shooting – you know where to go.


  1. Of course DSLR wins!! but sometimes we do not have it with us!!and smartphone are part of our everyday life!
    I have a bridge ( more simple for begginer) and it is great too!
    Great post by the way!


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