Soft drink isn’t as innocent as it looks

Let us begin with an honest answer to a despicable question. How many of us enjoy drinking sodas or simply cola? I guess pretty much all of us, right? What harm could it possibly cause? It’s just a can of soda, right?
Wrong! It is, in many ways, a menace to the body, and if you continue to grace it’s unduly presence, you would be obliged to die the most horrific of deaths. Well, that was pleasant to hear, wasn’t it?

We live in a world where taste precedes quality. We would much willingly opt for a roadside snack than go for a proper meal. It is our surroundings that have made us who we are today – a wild animal ready to prance at the single speck of food – good or bad, doesn’t matter as long as it is tasty. Cold drink, in this “fast-food” world has become more of an armory that supports us in times of grief, enjoys with us in our times of triumph and glides with us when we tend to be high! But this so-called “friend” is actually a foe in a friendly cloak.
Let’s explore the various ways in which soda could prove to be nuisance to not only our health but our whole environment.

1. It makes you fat – Soda may seem like an innocent little prick but is capable enough of producing fat to build up around your liver region, subsequently causing an increase in the skeletal fat. One of the main reasons of your waist line becoming the “waste” line is directly or indirectly linked with sodas because they are one of the main reasons for fat build up around the liver region.

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2. It is a source of cancer – Yes! Believe it or not soda could be one of the reasons for having you wound up in the hospital wing with cancer diagnosis. The artificial caramel coloring that permits soda its vivid colors is known to have two contaminants that are proven to lead to cancer! So, the next time you open up a can of soda, make sure it isn’t your last one!

3. Responsible for killing poor animals – The same soda that you find impetuously delicious could become the reason for someone else’s death! Sadly true, but the plastic found in soda can sometimes prove to be too much for the poor animals that blatantly swallow it in the hope of satisfying their empty stomachs. Too bad, cause they can’t judge it for themselves; only, if they had a mind like ours!

4. You can time travel – No, not really; but sodas can actually help you in seeing the future. How, you may ask? Actually, soda contains phosphoric acid that is robust contributing factor to accelerated aging. So, while you may be able to see your future self, I am quite sure that you may not like it.

5. Sparks risk of diabetes – We all our quite acquainted with the fact that soda contains a good amount of sweetening agents along with the regular sugar and stuff. And I previously mentioned that soda causes fat build-up near the liver region, right? Now, this fat build-up also affects an ability to prevent diabetes. That’s a new one, right?

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6. Our teeth go nuts – No, our teeth won’t turn into nuts but may start to resemble them, to say the least. Scientists have now coined a new disease called the “Mountain Dew Mouth.” If you continue to drink too much of soda then you develop a mouth full of cavities, hence, the name. Wicked, eh?

7. Death by CAN – The cans that carry your favorite soda are actually lined with bisphenol A (BPA). This chemical is responsible for keeping the cans from corroding. However, this same chemical is responsible for causing infertility, obesity and other disastrous things! Wouldn’t it be nice to advertise this as well, eh?

8. It pollutes the drinking water – The artificial sweeteners present in the diet sodas are unable to break down in our bodies or when getting tossed; this results in contaminating the drinking water and subsequently putting our health at risk.

9. Increases the blood pressure – According to various studies, it has been confirmed that soda can lead to high blood pressure levels subsequently causing strokes and heart attacks. It is safe to assume that “taste” is not everything.

10. An unknown disaster – According to a recent study, sodas were found to include GMOs, which have unknown but dangerous side effects that the government is still trying to investigate. Let us get out of their way and let them do their work by not drinking any soda!

Therefore, we shall conclude with an old saying, “What may seem like gold may not necessarily be gold.” And so is soda; it may seem tasty and wonderful stuff but in the end, it is not only dangerous but could take our lives! So, we must cut on its intake and continue with whatever we were doing anyway!

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