Fifth month Pregnancy guide – What you must know

Happiness comes in small packages. We know you must be excited to see your baby. But the wait is worth it. Wait for some more time span. Welcome to the fifth month of pregnancy and be ready to hear from your close ones’ wishes and compliments.

A lot of changes have gone by, and a lot more changes are yet to occur. Here are some pregnancy tips for 5th month that you should know while you are in the fifth month of the pregnancy.

Fifth month Pregnancy guide

1. Maintain good posture – You have developed your bump and put on weight and, therefore, the center of gravity of your body has shifted and is continually changing. This will put an extra weight on your back and waist. “Shoulder blades back, chest forward” posture is considered to be good. Maintaining good balance by proper body posture is one of the pregnancy tips for 5 month to avoid the chances of a muscle strain in your back.

2. Pressure on sciatic nerve – The sciatic nerve travels through your spine to your bumps and your legs. The increasing weight of the growing baby inside your womb will assert pressure on your sciatic nerve, and you may feel discomfort in lying down and sleeping. This can be reduced by wearing a pregnancy girdle to support the weight of your abdomen. A proper, comfortable sleeping adjustment can also be made to avoid such pressure by sleeping on your left.

3. The center of your body – Lifting of weights during pregnancy should be avoided. If you are a mother with no support system, you must avoid it. Pressure cannot be avoided, but adjusted. You can use quadriceps in your thighs and biceps in your arms to lift heavy weights. This can reduce the pressure on your growing bump. Hence, our fifth month pregnancy advice is do not put pressure on the center of your body.

4. Varicose veins – This is one of the most common traits during pregnancy. Women may generally feel achiness in their legs. This may be because of the growing weight and also if an expectant mother is overweight. You will be suffered by varicose or swollen veins. Your legs will ache if you stand for a long period of time. Varicose veins is one of the familiar fifth month of pregnancy symptoms.

5. Changes in your body – The increased blood supply will cause you to feel hot flashes even if the temperature is moderate. The red lines may be seen on your palms. You will need more air during this time. Your hair may become thick and lustrous as there is less hair fall during pregnancy. Your nails will become brittle.

6. Mood swings again – During the fifth month of your pregnancy, your mood may swing again. Strange fears of being a parent may develop, and that’s normal. You may doubt yourself for your abilities to raise a child. This is all normal and natural and happens because your bump is growing day by day.

7. Say ‘Yes’ to… – Your fifth month of pregnancy diet should be enriched with the vitamins and nutrients as these will be required by your baby for developing its vital parts. Now that you are eating for two, drinking a plenty amount of water will be fruitful to avoid constipation. Other fluids should also be consumed side by side, such as milk that contains calcium and micro-nutrients, juices and shakes. Add protein rich foods, green leafy vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Salads and fruit will add to your taste. Do not be lazy to stand up and feed your tongue.

8. Say ‘No’ to… – Carbonated drinks should be avoided. Tropical fruits such as papaya, pineapple and pomegranate may result in uterine contractions leading to miscarriage and should be avoided from eating. Intake of fattening foods and canned stuffs should be avoided too to keep away from pregnancy complications.
Habits of smoking and drinking may be harmful. Smoking hinders the development of the respiratory system of your baby. Congenital defects can occur due to excessive drinking during pregnancy. Too much caffeine like tea, coffee and chocolates is also bad for both you and your baby. Therefore, caffeine, smoking and alcohol should be excluded from your 5th month of pregnancy diet.

9. Heartburn – Your baby grows and tends to push upwards inside your stomach. This will gradually fill the empty space of your stomach. The result is an increase in the acid in your stomach to mount into your esophagus that ultimately causes heartburn. Over-the-counter antacids can be taken to cure heartburns after consulting well with your doctor.

10. Gingivitis – The pregnancy hormones affect all body organs. Pregnancy gingivitis is a situation caused by the increased levels of estrogen in your body. It results in an inflammation of the gums and your gums may bleed. It is advised to get a dental care. Precautions taken during 5th month of pregnancy include using a soft toothbrush for brushing teeth. Gum bleeding can be reduced by using a soft toothbrush and maintaining good oral hygiene. Mouthwashes can also be used to maintain good oral hygiene.

11. Prone to rashes – As the blood supply in your body increases during pregnancy, your body may always be heated up. And you may become prone to rashes in various parts of your body like underarms, under breasts and groin. 5th month pregnancy tips to heal rashes include taking showers frequently to soothe rashes on your body.

12. Threat of hemorrhoids – During pregnancy, there are certain chances of constipation that can cause you to suffer from hemorrhoids. Smooth bowel movements are necessary to combat constipation while you have a back ache and varicose veins. You should not forget to continue consuming fiber-rich diets and increased water intake. This will surely reduce the risk of hemorrhoids. 5th month pregnancy advice is to keep consuming fiber and fluids.

13. Keep pacing with your hunger – By this time of pregnancy, you may feel hungrier than before. This is because your level of execution has doubled in due course. Stock up your kitchen and refrigerator. Keep your mouth chewing. Take meals at a proper time and for snacks, take salads, fruit, dry fruits (dried peaches, nuts, raisins, dried apricots, dried apples, dried bananas, dried dates and almonds), juices, and shakes. Do not rely on junk food as it can cause nausea and gastritis.

14. An ultrasound – We recommend you to go for an ultrasound test in the last week of your fifth month of pregnancy. You shall have a great visual of your baby now, and the parts of your baby will be clearly seen. By this time, your baby starts showing responses in the form of sudden movement and kicks.

15. Sudden reflexes – In the fifth month of pregnancy, you need to avoid sudden reflexes such as sitting, standing, walking, getting up from the bed or chair; this can cause an automatic drop in your blood pressure in your body and this may result in dizziness and fainting. So do not hurry. Make slow movements.

16. Snoring is not new – You may start snoring by this time of your pregnancy. This is because of the increased production of estrogen in your body, which can cause the mucous membranes inside your nose to swell and may even result in making more mucus. Women who have never snored throughout their lifetime, this is the time when you may snore. It’s normal thing.

17. Mask of pregnancy – Mask of pregnancy or melasma are those dark spots on the skin that are an output of hyper pigmentation during pregnancy, and it usually appears in cheeks and forehead. It is a common trait in half of pregnant women. You may use a sunscreen cream or lotion with high SPF and protection for face to avoid melasma. If you avoid the sun, these marks will disappear after delivery.

18. Want to dye your hairs? Certain dyes are mostly permanent and progressive dyes contain derivatives of lead. There is minimal absorption of dye through the skin. But in extreme cases, there arises the chance of harm to the fetus by the lead present in dyes. Therefore, the use of dyes is not advisable. If dying is must, you can use vegetable dyes. Use gloves and do it in a well-ventilated area. Precisely, dying your hairs should be handled with care and considered as one of the precautions taken during 5th month of pregnancy.

19. Growth of hairs on various parts of body – The hair growth is another symptom of pregnancy. Many pregnant women gets hairs on chin, legs and abdomen during pregnancy. You can go to a hair removal center before pregnancy so that the benefits will last long. Do not use creams or sprays that contain toxic chemicals. You should also not use hot wax. Razors, cold wax or epilators can be used for the removal of hairs.

During the fifth month of pregnancy, your baby develops vital parts of the body that include teeth, kidney, and sex organs. Diet plan in fifth month of pregnancy should include a healthy and nutritional diet that will contribute to your baby’s overall development. But if you do not comply with such diet, your baby may not properly shape up. Pregnancy is a special experience. Make it more special by following good habits. Take care.

Disclaimer: Make sure that this generic advice is good for you in all manners. All the suggestions, diet plans, and tests must be cross-checked with your doctor as they may vary based on your medical history or health conditions. Hence, it is advisable to consult a doctor before adhering to any of them.

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