Fourth month Pregnancy guide – What you must know

Congratulations!! This is the successful completion of the first trimester of your pregnancy. You have entered in the fourth month of your pregnancy. As the time is passing, you need to be more cautious towards your health, medications and other dimensions.

You gradually are learning to take more care of yourself and the foetus inside your womb. But there is a lot more to learn. Scroll down to the article to know the health tips for fourth month of pregnancy.

Fourth month Pregnancy guide

1. Your body will process more physical changes – The weight will be increasing continually. You may feel heavier than earlier as the size of your abdomen area has risen up. You may feel full because of your tummy. The size of the uterus is of the size of grapefruit now. The breasts will also grow as they have to be prepared for the lactation.

2. Your body organs – Increasing progesterone levels in your body due to pregnancy softens the joints. As the uterus expands, your rib cage expands causing an overall shift inside your body. This results in enlargement of organs like heart and liver because of extra workload. Progesterone is also an element for slow digestion causing constipation. This is to ensure that the food you eat gets properly absorbed by your body to pass it on to the baby.

3. Change in skin and skin tone – The pregnancy hormones can make the skin dry out. Stretch marks may be observed due to extra collagen. At par, 90% pregnant women experience a change in their skin tone generally called as ‘mask of pregnancy’ due to change in pigment in your skin. 4th month pregnancy advice is to use a moisturizer for your dry skin.

4. Relief from nausea and dizziness – You may feel more relaxed now. Nausea may start to heal, and dizziness may be less. You may feel more enthusiastic now. An energetic mood may surround you. You can spend your time with your partner, family and friends sharing your views and feeling about the pregnancy.

5. A good sense of smell and taste – By now, your body may naturally develop a good sense of smelling and tasting which is one of the 4th month of pregnancy symptoms. Scientists conclude that this is to help pregnant women to smell from inches the smell of smoke, coffee and alcohol. A good sense of taste may help the pregnant to avoid the food that may contain toxins even in the small amount that may be harmful to your baby.

6. Headache- a trouble – It is natural and normal to have headaches during the fourth month of pregnancy. If it is still an annoyance to you, you can try some natural home remedies to get rid of the headache. You can rub lavender oil or peppermint on your forehead. A hot bath with lavender extracts in it can make you feel more relaxed. Take plenty of water and plenty of sleep.

7. Avoid sudden movements – You are required to take rest. Sudden movements such as rising up and down, standing up and sitting down, walking too fast will make you feel weak. You may need to slow down your activities and working. Avoiding sudden movements is one of the precautions during 4th month of pregnancy.

8. Calmness – At the beginning of the fourth month of your pregnancy, you may feel more relaxed. Your mood swings shall not control you now. Your mind would be more peaceful.

9. Forget the concept of ‘eat for two’ – This was a traditional approach for the development of the foetus inside the womb of the expected mother. Now, the perception has changed. You may need to make a diet plan in 4th month of pregnancy. Think about what you are eating rather than how much you are eating. Eating habits need to be nutritional. Excessive eating will not help your baby grow better and bigger.

10. Sleeping – on the left side – In the fourth month of pregnancy, you need to change the sleeping habits. Sleep on your left side. This will help a better circulation to the growing foetus in a better way. You can use pillows around your waist and between your legs for your comfort. Pregnancy specific pillows are also available for your ease in the market.

11. Invest in super comfortable clothing – This is the time by when you shall comply with the rapid stretch of your abdominal muscles. You need to be at your comfort for better care of your baby. You can use maternity clothing made of cotton and linen. Also, the colors of your clothes shall handle your mood better, maybe. You may choose lights colors and avoid dark colors.

12. Good exercise will be helpful – Growing size of your abdomen needs to be relaxed. It is not an easy task to handle it. Exercising shall make you energetic and is a good solution for a hassle free delivery ahead. Make sure all the movements and bends are directed and guided by some professional or your doctor or a fitness expert. Various forms of exercises may be practiced and with great care too which is one of the important pregnancy precautions during fourth month of pregnancy because there may be chances of imbalance in your body. Breathing exercises are also helpful in the growth of the foetus. Do not forget your pelvic floor exercises.

13. Production of more blood – Your body will manufacture about 50% more blood than usual, and the cardiac output rises by about 40%. To carry more oxygen around your body, you will build about 20% extra red blood cells. During fourth month pregnancy, your body will develop an ability of faster blood clotting.

14. Nasal Obstruction – Chances of nasal congestion are high in the fourth month of pregnancy. Bleeding nose, stuffy nose, blocked ears are common symptoms during fourth month as there is an increased blood supply to the mucous membranes and this falls as a challenge on your part. Do not worry. It is a common trait. Do not panic if there is constant sneezing. You should always carry a tissue bag in your bag.

15. Food supplements – Consuming a good high-fiber diet will help you to avoid constipation. Stay hydrated by eating more of liquid food items like plenty of water and juices. Food to be taken during 4th month of pregnancy includes fruit, green vegetables and cereals to avoid constipation. An intake of protein, folic acid and iron rich diet is advisable to protect your baby from any possible neural tube and cognitive defects.

16. Know ‘what not to eat’ – You need to be careful about your eating habits by now. Soft cheese, usually made up of unpasteurized milk products, shall be avoided as it may contain harmful bacteria and viruses. You can take hard cheese as it contains low-water content which reduces the risk of diseases caused by micro-organisms. Sea food has methyl-mercury in it that can cause mental retardation to your baby. Avoid maida or refined flour products and street food. Dry fruits including dried peaches, nuts, raisins, dried apricots, dried apples, dried bananas, dried dates and almonds should be eaten. Avoid eating dry fruits in access as they can cause untimely contractions. Licorice commonly known as mulethi in Hindi and licorice extracts should also be avoided. These food items should be eliminated from your 4th month of pregnancy diet.

17. Take the proper diagnostic tests – Certain tests and screening need to be taken by the pregnant women to estimate the risks involved in the pregnancy and provide measures to correct them. Quadruple Marker Screening test is a blood test which estimates the down syndrome in the foetus. Amniocentesis test is done on the amniotic fluid. Urine test to check the sugar and protein level, foetal heartbeat, height of fundus should be checked. Ultrasound and alpha-phetoprotein test are also offered. Other tests will be taken under the consultation by your doctor.

18. Feeling of arousal – During the fourth month of pregnancy, you may suddenly feel aroused than ever. This is because your nausea and exhaustion are lesser now. Your body starts producing more of estrogen. Ovaries in the pregnant woman produce estrogen as much in a single day as a non-pregnant woman’s ovaries will produce in three years. You will have a feeling of more sexual arousal and many women even experience multiple orgasms during the fourth month of pregnancy.

19. Vaginal discharge – There are possibilities of different forms of vaginal discharge such as white, pinkish or brown colored. The reason for this is an increased production of estrogen and greater blood flow to the vaginal area. The pregnancy hormones are responsible for such heavy discharge. Do not worry because these all are common symptoms of pregnancy. Special precautions during 4th month of pregnancy are to be taken if you see anything wrong with the discharge and then see your doctor soon.
You may consider wearing panty liners. Try to keep the vaginal region dry as it reduces the chances of infections.

The second trimester of your pregnancy comes with the advancement of the fourth month of pregnancy. Be in touch with your doctor, spouse, family and friends to avoid any problems. This will help you reduce down the fears you have in your mind. Be ready to experience the mixed emotions.

Disclaimer: Make sure that this generic advice is good for you in all manners. All the suggestions, diet plans, and tests must be cross-checked with your doctor as they may vary based on your medical history or health conditions. Hence, it is advisable to consult a doctor before adhering to any of them.

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