Gay or straight, a relationship is a relationship

With the way reality seems functioning, emphasis on the absurdities and the bittersweet fluttering of the heartstrings accompanying the casual utterance of the object of ‘love’ through one’s chapped lips, it comes as no surprise then that the current analysis of the subject finds itself on the forefront of the debate on the diversity that it finds itself representing unabashedly in the twenty-first century.

What is love? How do people of different ages, sexes, races and wavelengths give in to its sweet embrace time and again in all the centuries that it has found itself the stimulant of human imagination?

The very act of committing to another individual under love’s carmine banner is something that has inspired timeless wonder and joyful abandon. Why then, should one take things into crass labels and boxes to designate who should feel for whom? Or even which factions of the social construct of gender can be allowed the luxury to love and be loved. Here are the (plausible) 10 differences that demarcate why relationships among the same sexes is just as normal as ones between straights.

Gay or straight, a relationship is a relationship

1. Love is love, that’s it! C’mon. Don’t be a square. Two people in love and willing to spend the rest of their lives with each other – isn’t that what a relationship stands for? It is what it is. Love has no boundaries.

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2. They are just as stable – In fact, most gay relationships are seen to be a lot more stable than what straight couples are. Numerous studies done have shown that the individuals who find themselves in the midst of what is a same-sex commitment are faced with the luxury and freedom of not having their “roles” per se defined. This significantly reduces the amount of possible real-time friction that the relationship could manifest in the long run.

3. They have conflicts. They get it sorted too – Couples fight, don’t they? And Couples get it all sorted because it is love which wins in the end. And when we say couples here – we are hardly bothered if they are heterosexuals or homosexuals!

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4. Affection and validation – Affection and validation play as Strong a Means in Either Relationship. And why wouldn’t it? With individuals fully investing in the bond they share which is a connection; why wouldn’t one find the fulfillment of a certain amount of respect or validation from their partner?

5. Power sharing – A (more liberally defined) consensus is on the premise of power sharing, equality and fairness in the relationship. To behave as a unit when you find yourself mooning over a significant other of the same gender allows for a general ease of stable, equal timbre of appropriate vocals. This allows the relationship to flourish (something that straight relationships are pipped to idealize, but one knows better than to lay sunshine by that patch of earth).

6. Persons in both social institutions (if I may call it that!) – Get asked if marriage is on the horizon (Har Har).
With things being legalized, across the globe, it seems prudent that outsiders only start to pressurize gay couples in to the socially accepted normalcy of tying the knot.

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7. Undergo the same hardships – We’re all humans, eh? ~the beck and call for late night ice cream tubs, the run for tampons. Whatever life throws at you, man. We lean on our partners.
Give and take.

8. Harmony in communication – It is not that those persons who identify themselves with the label of “straight” do not find a common grounding with their relative partners. But allowing for that sense of harmony in communication seems to be more concrete in one of a same sex endeavor; as either knows the levels of prosecution that the world can undoubtedly throw at them (We wouldn’t be having this post if it weren’t so, y’know). Compromise is essential and acceptance is norm when it comes to relationships, either way.

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9. Sexual experimentation (or any experimentation, regardless) – Let’s just say that same-sex couples are more vocal when it comes to the deed, let alone not being bound by archaic “rules” of the sort.

10. Micromanaging – Hey, micromanaging exists everywhere. Fewer adherence to rules of society: an openness to holding separate bank accounts, to paying rent, to deliberation of planning of the living space, etc.

This is the twenty first century tandem; find yourself resigning to the inevitability of change being the only constant and allow your mind’s alleyways broaden. Anything can happen.

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