10 things you didn’t know about Glen Waverley, Victoria

10 things you didn’t know about Glen Waverley, Victoria

Glen Waverley Suburb Profile VIC 3150 –

Glen Waverley is a suburb located in Victoria, Australia and forms part of the Melbourne Suburbs. The city has an area of 16.8 sq.km. Located 19 km south-east of Melbourne’s CBD, Glen Waverley comes with the seventh record number of A$1 million+ house sales in the city of Melbourne in the year 2013. There has been a new interest generation in the market here from Chinese buyers of property.

“How is Glen Waverley suburb stands on different parameters?”

1. Demographics

47.1% of Glen Waverley residents are Australian born. During the 2011 Census, more than 10,500 people of the total 39,204 said they were originally from China. The population is comprised of 51.2% females and about 48.8% males. The median age of the residents in Glen Waverley is 41 years in age. 49.5% of people in Glen Waverley speak English only. The other popular languages are Mandarin, Cantonese, Sinhalese, Greek, Tamil, Korean and Vietnamese.

2. Amenities

a) Healthcare: Hospitals and medical care in the area include Waverley Private Hospital, The Victorian Rehabilitation Centre and Waverley General Practice. The centres and hospitals are well aided and are open at most hours. There are emergency helplines too.

b) Sports: Glen Waverley supports a number of clubs in the fields of golf, Australian rules football, tennis, and swimming. The recreation centres and pools at Glen Waverley are well flocked to.

c) Transportation: The Glen Waverley railway line renders the suburb its name. This needs at the station of the same name. The railway services are available every 8 minutes at the peak hours. Off peak periods see a 15-minute gap in train services. The Syndal railway station is another connecting railway line. 

A good number of bus routes are run by the CDC Melbourne and Ventura Bus Lines. The 902 SmartBus from Airport West to Chelsea operates via Glen Waverley at a frequency of 15-minutes during usual schedules.

3. Property Prices

The average prices for a three room apartment are A$1,275,000 with a median annual growth rate of 11.79%. The weekly median rent is A$460. The average prices for a two room apartment are A$771,000 with a median annual growth rate of 8.04%. The weekly median rent is A$420.

4. Attractions

Kingsway, the main street in the suburb is a colourful hub for dining and entertainment. It reveals a lot of Asian influences. The cinema multiplex of Century City Walk is also a popular option. There are a number of hotels and eateries. In addition, there is the Monash Public Library Service. Churches, as well as shopping hubs, from attractions. The suburb has a number of supermarkets, a food Court, Diners Life as well as smaller anchor stores in the suburb.

5. Traffic

Springvale Road is the north-south main road running through Glen Waverley. It has three lanes. The other main roads are- Blackburn Road, Springvale Road, High Street Road, Waverley Road and Ferntree Gully Road. Monash Freeway also runs across Glen Waverley’s south-western part and offers connectivity via Springvale Roads and Ferntree Gully.

6. Safety

The information regarding the safety in the suburb has been uniform. The suburb has a well managed local administration and crime rates are reportedly lower than before.

7. Restaurants

There are a huge number of options in this department, at Glen Waverley. There are a number of open pubs and bars that run round the clock. Also, the suburb has a large number of varied restaurants that offer everything from ramen to kebabs. The cosmopolitan flavour of the place reflects clearly in its varied food scene. The steakhouses dotting the suburb too are a class apart.

8. Nearby Suburbs

The suburb of Glen Waverley is surrounded by Dandenong Creek on its east, Ferntree Gully Road on its south, Blackburn Road on its west and the Highbury Road on its north. Springvale Road divides the suburb and is also a major divider for North and South in the area.

9. Future Plans

The suburb of Glen Waverley is well adaptive to new job opportunities and is also growing in terms of jobs in the retail sector. The housing market is developing too; thanks to proximity to main Melbourne.

10. a) Reasons to Live in Glen Waverley: The suburb is a peaceful area and you can bring your family here. There is no dearth of basic schooling and entertainment or even basic living amenities in Glen Waverley.

b) Reasons to reconsider Glen Waverley: Glen Waverley has also grown to become a business hub of sorts. There are a number of international brands such as 3M, NEC, Ansell and Toshiba having headquarters in Glen Waverley.

What do people say about Glen Waverley:

Glen Waverley offers residents a number of things. From a good network for transportation and communication as well as essential hubs for basic stuff and leisure. There are a number of open spaces and parks beside the suburb offering an overall safe environment. While there is a premium tag for blocks close to Glen, rentals are realistic.

Glen Waverley is a quality suburb that comes with multi-cultured folks, good infrastructure, and superb living standard. All this- about half an hour away from Melbourne CBD.

List of following facilities in and around Glen Waverley at an average radial distance of approx 5kms:

Facilities in Glen Waverley Availability
Woolsworth Yes
Kmart No
Target Yes
Dan Murphy No
Bunnings No
Leisure Centre Yes
Swim School(s) Yes
Swimming / Sauna / Spa (Public) Yes
Primary School(s) Yes
Secondary School(s) Yes
Night Buses Yes
Buses (Lines and Routes) 753, 736, 754, 742, 850, 842, 902
Tram(s) No
Train Station(s) – V/Line No
Train Station(s) – Metro Syndal, Glen Waverley

Note: These facilities may or may not be near to your residence within Glen Waverley. Please recheck the distance to a facility before buying or renting a property in Glen Waverley.

Hope we have done some justice to showcase the highlights of Glen Waverley suburb. If you notice that either we have not covered something or have made some mistake in data about Glen Waverley, don’t forget to share it with us.

Disclaimer: Some information about Glen Waverley may change at any point in time. So, we humbly request to kindly verify any critical information directly with the Glen Waverley Council.


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