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Free Guest Blogging with 10 Key Things from any country

Free-Guest-Blogging-Dear-Guest-Blogger-300x200 Guidelines For Guest BloggingThank you for reaching out to 10KeyThings. Your interest to publish your blogs at 10KeyThings is much appreciated. Welcome to our rapidly growing community of Guest Bloggers. Though we are new in town, but the best part is that 10 Key Things readership is growing with every passing day.

What are 10KT preferred Topics and Subjects?

Almost all but adult material, offensive, & pure gossips. Ideally, if you can send a topic(s) in advance or if any confusion, please send it to us for our approval. It is usually done within 24 – 48 hours. We also consider vlog (Video blog) posts.

What are the Guidelines for Writing a Guest Post on 10KT?

Originality: 100% against Plagiarism. So, Copy-Paste or Churning or Spinning the text is not allowed.

Length: At least 900 words. If the article is too long, we may look into publishing it in parts.

Ideal Post structure:

Sub-title 1 – Explanation
Sub-title 2 – Explanation

Sub-title 10 – Explanation
Closing Para

How to submit a guest post on 10 Key Things?

In four easy steps:

  • Your post is based on the guidelines mentioned above (with references if any)
  • Write email Subject: GP: <Post Title>
  • Attach Images (jpg/jpeg) [each image <100kb size]
  • Email your post at

What’s in it for you?

  1. Link Back to Your Site / Blog
  2. Cross-promotion via social media – We’ll be talking about your blog post on our social media – Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, etc and via our e-newsletter.
  3. Possibility of getting more traffic to your blog (especially if you choose to write like… 10 key things on something…as “10 key things <say Amazon>” kind of searches are higher these days and indeed, because of our domain name your guest post may get the priority…rest, you are smart enough to understand
  4. Excellent Opportunity to write for a Different & New Audience as other guest bloggers do
  5. Great Opportunity to blog outside your own blog’s niche or a great platform to write on some thing different out of your comfort zone
  6. Experience: 10 Key Things is a fastest growing blog website which aims at publishing quality content for its reader so that they like to come again to repeat the experience of reading a useful, wholesome and entertaining content which can contribute to enrich their lives more. So, writing this kind of post is a great experience in itself.
  7. Acknowledgment: Your name as the author  of the blog / article shall be mentioned.
  8. Our Appreciation / Gracias por los blogs invitados 🙂 and Probably Friendship…don’t discount it!!!

To make sure that your post gets further attention, we suggest to stumble it, tweet it, basically share it on your social media channels to increase the power of the backlink to your blog and brings new audiences to your blog or site.

We also encourage you to mention your “10 Key Things guest post” on your blog.

What are the post images requirements?

Guest blogger must provide images with its original source. Please provide

  1. At least one image with <50kb size preferably (max 100kb per image), or video and/or downloadable file should be submitted to make the post attention-grabbing.
  2. Only JPG/JPEG format images are preferred.
  3. Preferred image sizes (rectangular shape – width is greater than height).
  4. All images or videos MUST be properly attributed and have been credited. In other words, you must provide the source of the image and the images must be free to publish. Please note: Images from Google are usually not free.

Please note – If you don’t meet the above criteria, your post may not be published on time.

I have sent a few topics for approval, but I did not hear anything from 10 Key Things.

Apologies for the delay. Ideally, we should have replied to you within 24-48 hours. Sometimes, the email reaches to SPAM folder. So, request you to send the reminder again at

Guest Blogger Bio

Guest Blogger Bio in 2-3 lines. Guest Bloggers should include a short biography of no more than 75 words. This bio will appear at the end of the post and should be provided along with the post (especially with your first free guest post) for guest blogging.

Disclaimer: 10 Key Things reserves the right to decline to publish a submitted blog for any reason, including duplication, significant rewrites, pieces that are self-promotional, pieces that are discriminatory or offensive, or if the topic doesn’t fit with our needs. Because of the moderation process, blogs may not be published at once. If several blogs are submitted at once (either by one person or by several individuals), 10 Key Things will distribute these blogs to ensure each blog has time at the top of our page. Any account posting product promotions or blatant spam will be deleted from 10 Key Things’s website. 

Note: Free Guest Blogging at 10KT except if it is for promotional purposes. For Promotional Purposes or Company posts, please Contact Us


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