How to Give Your Girlfriend a Gift She Actually Wants

    How to Give Your Girlfriend a Gift She Actually Wants

    Remember playing Minecraft on your computer? Well, buying a gift for your girlfriend can be quite similar. It can be quite a win, but it can be a real blast (not in a good way). In the first case, you’ll get a big warm hug and “the best boyfriend” label, while in the second you’ll hear “well, fine” and become the subject of gossips in girls’ nights out. Let us be your little helpers and make you level up your gift game.

    1. Memories Are the Best GiftsWhether they tell you so or not, girls are the greatest romantic souls ever, and they’ll enjoy everything that makes them tear up a bit. So make your significant other a lovely scrapbook of your most memorable moments together. You can also print and frame your first photo together or make a collage of your photographs from different months or years.

    2. New Memories Are Even BetterSure, remembering things you did together is great, but making new memories with each other is even better. So, try to remember some place she always wanted to visit. As Audrey Hepburn said “Paris is always a great idea”, but if you can’t really afford Paris, a romantic hostel in the city nearby will do the trick. It is the thought that counts.

    3. Support Her Hobbies – Being supportive is one of the most important How-to-Give-Your-Girlfriend-A-Gift-She-Actually-Wants-Support-Hobbies-300x200 How to Give Your Girlfriend a Gift She Actually Wantsqualities in a relationship, and this will give her an idea how much you actually care about her. Listen to her and try to remember her interests and hobbies. If she’s really into photography, then get her a new camera, a lens, or a photography course. If she, on the other hand, likes dancing, take her to a tango festival or enlist her to dancing lessons.

    4. For the Love of FashionDiamonds may not be a girl’s best friends, but fashion really is. Try to figure out her style and preferences, and if you are not really proficient in “fashion affairs”, you can always go for some classic timeless piece. You can find a number of stylish dresses online that can match the “every girl” style, or simply follow what she likes on Instagram or Facebook. Just be careful about getting the right size. If you don’t know her approximate measures, try with some universal piece.

    5. There’s No Place like HomeHome is where your heart is, and if there is something you’re aiming for with your gift, it is winning your girl’s heart all over again. So, get her some decorative piece for her/your apartment/house. It can be a vase, statement poster, artwork, wall clock, coffee mug… Basically, everything from a book holder to a fancy table lamp will do the trick.

    6. Pampering at Its Finest –  Every girl deserves to be pampered, and yours especially. Get your better half a full day (or why not, even a weekend) at the spa where she’ll enjoy sauna, relaxing massages, pool, bubble bath and champagne. Of course, if she wants, you can join her.

    7. Personalized GiftsPersonalized gifts are a great hit lately. No wonder, since everyone loves getting something that is made just for them. It’s thoughtful and considerate to give your girlfriend something with her name on it, or perhaps the date when you started dating, or a quote/message that is meaningful for you two.How-to-Give-Your-Girlfriend-A-Gift-She-Actually-Wants-Pampering-300x200 How to Give Your Girlfriend a Gift She Actually Wants

    8. A Slave for a Day Who wouldn’t like having their own personal servant, at least for a day? Make her special day even more special by being a loving and caring boyfriend. Don’t let that gentle hands go anywhere near the dishes, and god forbids that she lifts something heavy. Add to that some massage with essential oils, her favorite movie and some popcorn, and voila, you’ve got yourself a happy girlfriend.

    9. Take Her to a ShowNothing beats having great time together as a couple. Your significant other will surely be thrilled if you buy tickets for her favorite bend or artist. If she’s not into rock or pop music, and she prefers going to ballet, well, take it like a man. Just don’t fall asleep during the play.

    There you have it – a bunch of great gifts that will help you avoid “explosions” in the great Minecraft game called love. Now go and make your girl the happiest woman alive.


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