10 Important Things to Consider For Conceiving A Baby

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10 Important Things to Consider For Conceiving A Baby

So you have planned for a baby? Hang on for a moment; are you ready to be a mother? And this should not surprise you either, “yes” you need to consider a lot of things before you decide to take a plunge into motherhood because there is no looking back; so just give yourself enough time and reassess everything properly to give yourself a fair chance for a healthy conception. Let’s look at the key things you need to consider before you take the journey into parenthood.

1. Preconception Checkup: Visit your doctor and get your medical history checked that includes your family’s medical history too; make sure to inform the doctor about supplements and medicines you intake because some medicines might prove to be fatal and can lead to severe complications.

You might want to discuss the diet regime, work out schedules and other unhealthy habits such as alcohol and smoking, etc. in case of other medical conditions such as diabetics, blood pressure and asthma you have to consult specialists to control their effects impacting your pregnancy. And you might consider a carrier check-up at this stage to make sure everything is alright. This is one of the most important things you need to take into account, being careless on this matter can lead to unpleasant outcomes.

2. Quit Smoking and Drinking: Stay away from smoking and alcohol; getting indulged in such habits’ means preparing for miscarriage and premature labor. Smoking can decrease the sperm count hence directly affecting your fertility capability. You might think moderate alcohol consumption is fine; in fact, there is no scientific evidence to support your claim, hence it is wise to avoid alcohol. It may not be as easy as it sounds; seek help and find ways to deal with addictions.

3. Eat Healthy: Maintaining a healthy diet regime is necessary; make sure to eat food that contains calcium such as milk, orange juice, and yogurt, intake enough fruit and vegetables. Include a large portion of protein in your diet regimes such as beans and nuts.

4. Limit caffeine intake: Since nobody knows how much caffeine intake is good for health, it is advisable to limit the consumption; some studies suggest that excessive caffeine consumption can lead to miscarriage. Moderate caffeine is generally accepted as healthy; do not take more than two cups of caffeine drink in a day, exceeding this limit can be dangerous and affect the conception process.

5. Visit your dentist: While getting ready for conception, make it a point to visit your dentist to investigate gum issues; during this phase, you are prone to various gums related diseases triggered by hormone changes. Dental issues can also instigate pregnancy-related complications too, hence it is recommended to get it checked to avoid unwanted troubles that might show up in the later stage of pregnancy.

6. Consider finances: Before you decide to conceive, consider your financial status; to be precise, draw out a clear-cut financial plan. Include every possible expense in the plan; a regular delivery will cost you a substantial amount of money and if things get complicated you might need more money for advanced treatment. If you have insurance, then consult with the insurance company and figure out all the aspects of the policy.

Now at this point, you need to decide the lifestyle you want to provide your baby; do not plan extravagantly; you might get enthralled by the prospect of giving your baby a luxurious life, which is admirable; however, it is good to stick to basics and keep things simple. Make sure, you are capable of providing necessities to your baby; things will look depressing if you fail to meet the immediate demands and requirements.

7. Take care of your mental health: The study suggests, women suffering from depression are prone to miscarriage and other pregnancy-related fatal medical conditions. Women with family history of mental illness should be careful about the depression signs such as feeling hopeless; loss of energy, change in sleeping pattern, etc. consult a psychiatrist to treat the symptoms. Either you can undergo psychotherapy or medication or the combination of both. A certified psychiatrist will be able to prescribe you antidepressants that are less likely to harm you while you prepare for pregnancy.

8. Beware of Infections: Stay clean and keep yourself away from potential infections; you need to avoid certain kinds of food such as dairy products, poultry, undercooked fish because some food-related complications can end up in miscarriage.

Make sure to wash your hands at regular intervals, wear gloves while doing cleaning work in the kitchen or garden. Consider taking a flu shot, it is imperative to get vaccinated before the arrival of flu season.

9. Eradicate environmental risks: Stay mindful of your surrounding and stay away from chemical substances and radiations; do not get indulged in activities like pest control; do not drink water from the pipes that are old, drinking water from such kinds of dangerous sources can cause problems during the pregnancy.

10. Rethink your decision: As we mentioned earlier; there is no looking back once you have made the decision. So, rethink; are you financially sound to bring up a child? You might have to discuss with your partner about all the important and trivial issues that might pose challenges later; you need to be ready to confront everything; what if you give birth to a baby that needs special attention, are you ready for such kind of situations? You might need to consider the neighbourhood too; it is advisable to move to a relatively safer place or near to a play school for your convenience; ensure that your move is well-timed, keeping everything for the last moment can backfire and sometimes it is not possible to move immediately after the delivery.

Lastly, you need to find out when you ovulate; always stay in touch with your doctor; in case of confusion feel free to approach your doctor. Sometimes you can seek help from experienced mothers; however, a doctor’s advice is suitable and safe. Stay relax, keep your mind clean, emotional well-being is the foremost requirement. So eat healthily, take enough rest and stay calm.

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