12 life hacks on keeping your intimate areas clean – women

‘Cleanliness is the path to Godliness.’

But what about the cleanliness of the area down there? There is no way you can reach God via that region, but still, if you keep it clean, you can certainly have a chance to experience the elixir of Heaven.

Before delving into the very boring and monotonous ways to keep your vagina clean, let us first know the mechanism of this organ. Your vagina is a cleaning system in itself. In fact, doctors say it is cleaner than your mouth and rectum, under normal conditions. This is owing to the fact that there are Lactobacilli, the ones found in curd (yes! The curd/yoghurt that you eat 😀 , which are the good warriors and cleansers of your intimate region. They are in a constant battle with the bad ones and thus any fluid that comes out is a result of this war.

However, there can be times when either the balance between good and bad bacteria is disturbed, or you are unable to keep it clean. It is bound to pose problems for you, and before your vagina attacks on you, shed off those filthy bacteria.

1. Eat curd! Everyday. Without break – Since the bacteria are same, isn’t it the best way to increase the count of the soldiers on your side of the battle? So eat curd daily and keep your vagina clean and sanitized.
Repeat after me: We will eat curd every day.10KeyThings-eat-curd 12 life hacks on keeping your intimate areas clean - women

2. Wash it daily with clean water or mild soap – Again, think of those tiny, timid soldiers. You don’t want to hurt them, do you? Of course, there are various products available on the market, but just because you like the ad, don’t go to buy them! For a healthy person, mere water is perfect. One can use very mild soap, if absolutely necessary. But never ever kill those little friends of yours.
Repeat after me girls. Never ever.

3. Remember! Your vagina is not an aromatic flower shop – There was a girl I know who wanted her guy to go down on her, and so she usually ended up perfuming and scenting her whole vagina. Don’t ask me know I know. Girls talk! Remember? So, does her situation sound familiar to you? If you answer in the affirmative, STOP IT! Your vagina is not an artificial flower. It has its unique scent and that is always good. So until and unless you don’t have to scrunch your nose, remember, you are not selling flowers!
Repeat after me: We won’t drip our vaginas with perfumes, but stick to our natural odor.

1530388-724x1024 12 life hacks on keeping your intimate areas clean - women4. The wiping direction also matters! Going from the butt towards your vagina can bring all those nasty germs to your tender region. So whenever cleaning, make sure to go from front to back!
Chant chant! Front to back!

5. Vaginas also need fresh air – Yes. You are not the only one who needs fresh air to live. Your vaginas too need to feel the wind. Okay, I exaggerated a bit, but come on! They do need a good flow of air. So make sure your clothes don’t cling to you so much that your body feels suffocated.
Repeat after me: No tight clothes.

6. Cotton is the only suitable apparel for them – Since air needs to get through, cotton is the most perfect material for that. The linings and material allow air to freely pass through it.
Repeat after me: Only cotton.

7. After sex, go for a pee or wash – Because you don’t know how many germs get to that area of yours! So, go on a clean-up mission before they find a way inside you. Condoms cannot prevent every single germ!
Say it: Always pee or wash after intercourse.bath-465577 12 life hacks on keeping your intimate areas clean - women

8. Change pads/tampons frequently – Periods are perhaps the most ewwy times in a girl’s life. If apt hygiene is not maintained, it can lead to various infections. So whatever it is you are using, make sure to change it on a regular interval. Also, keep washing the area and keep it free of any blood clots.
Repeat after me: We will change pads/tampons every 4 hours or so.

9. Eat healthy food. Boost the antibodies in you – A thing taught to us since childhood. The more nutritious you eat, the stronger your antibodies are, hence better protection from the unwanted germs! Simple, isn’t it?
Repeat after me: I promise I will eat healthy.

10. Never ever itch! No matter how bad it is, keep your earnest hands off! One fact that every girl must know, but doesn’t! It has been recommended, never itch the area. If you are feeling too icky, go and wash, but never scratch. You will end up hurting your good bacteria. You don’t wanna harm your loyal people, right?
Say it after me: I won’t itch.mermaid-161845 12 life hacks on keeping your intimate areas clean - women

11. Too much hair is also forbidden – Well, not just for aesthetic purposes, but also from a sanitation point of view, if there is too much hair down there, it sure is going to get infested with all the dangerous germs and dirt. So girls, trim your pubic hair regularly. Don’t shave because most of the times you end up hurting yourself. And definitely not the crème hair removers. Too much irritation.
Repeat after me: Just everything that I just said. What? You want me to make you mug up or what? 😀

12. Try the deepest secrets of Ayurveda – An unexplored and hidden but very powerful means to keep your vagina fresh and healthy. Ayurveda has many such secrets that will not only keep you smelling good but also prevent any sort of infection.
Well, don’t repeat anything after me, but if possible, try to find the various facts related to this science.

So now that you know the best ways to keep your vagina healthy, it is time to give yourself the feel- to breathe, live and enjoy.

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