2yo+ Kid – Aurius Spells 150+ English words in less than 15 minutes

This kid, Aurius Guran is incredible and amazing. He spells the words like the dictionary, helicopter, watermelon, etc like an expert. In this “Kids Learn English Words Spellings with Aurius” video, Aurius is spelling more than 150+ English words like a breeze with some beautiful 1-2 sentences stories of his own around some words. This Kids Learning English Spelling video for is just fun to watch. This video covers many year 2 spellings, year 3 spellings, and year 4 spellings. Some people call Aurius as Child Prodigy.

We highly recommend Smarty Kids Channel for your kids to learn better and faster. This channel only shows educational and good videos that are absolutely safe for your kids to watch. The objective of this channel is that if this Kid can do, then your kid too, only if right inputs are given to your kid.

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Smarty Kids – An Educational Channel for Kids in a fun way. The aim is to encourage other kids to learn Maths, Numbers, & so on at a very young age.

Aurius is an Australia-born-Indian Kid. Apart from English Spellings, he is extremely smart with numbers too. Smarty Kids Channel is happy to publish your kids or other Smarty Kids’ videos if you have any.

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