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Wine is picking up pace as one of the popular drinks and is being served in almost all parties and get-together now a days. It is a drink which is considered quite classy and high on status. To enjoy and relish wine it is important that you know your wine better. Here are a few useful tips which will help you to select the right wine.

1. Bust the myth – Normally it is believed that a good wine is very expensive and old. Only a few can afford it. It is a luxury which can be only enjoyed by the rich. This is a big myth. Good wine not always is neither very old nor too expensive. 90% of the wines are meant to be drunk in the same year of manufacturing.

2. How to select a good wine – Follow the basic formula – swirl, sniff and taste. This is how a wine is tested. By following this rule, you can find out whether the wine will appeal to your taste buds as well as to your budget or not.

3. Don’t get influenced by fancy packaging or labels – There are too many varieties available in the market and this can make us overwhelmed sometimes. Don’t just go for fancy labels and packaging itself. Read the information on the backside of the wine bottle. Get information about the ingredients used, aging process, and manufacturer. You can even ask your friends for suggestions. Don’t feel shy.

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4. Smell the wine – This is the first step in choosing a good wine. Your nose plays a very important role here. Pour some wine in a wine glass. Swirl the glass and sniff. Focus your attention on what you are smelling – fruits, peppers, honey? See how the smell ignites your senses. Smell is the first thing which will appeal to you. If you like the smell of the wine it will definitely suit your taste buds. Don’t rush. Close your eyes and try to isolate all the different flavors. Make a mental note of every flavor you can smell.

5. Relish the taste – Once you have smelled the wine, it’s time now to taste it. This is the most important step in selecting the right wine. Tasting wine is similar to appreciating art. It takes little time and practice.

6. Drink it right – Don’t swallow it immediately. Take a small sip and let the wine move around your tongue. Let your tongue taste it slowly enjoying the different flavors. Feel all the flavors and see whether you taste all the ingredients which you have smelled?

7. Does not taste the same the next year or at other place – It may have happened with you! Your same bottle of wine taste different the next year. This often happens in location with cooler climate because the lower temperatures preserve the acidity, and in fact, cooler condition makes it difficult for grapes to ripen.

8. Serve it right – You must know that the red wine is suppose to be eaten with meat and white wine with fish. However, since the tastes of the people are changing, there are additions to variation of food. One can sip it with food of his choice.

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9. Store it right – Always lie the bottle and store it. This way the cork remains moist helping the wine to stay fresh for longer time. Keep the bottle in dark area within 14 – 16 degree Celsius.

10. Open it with right etiquette – So how should you pop the fizz? Just hold and twist. Hold the base of the bottle in one hand and the cork with the other. Twist the bottle slowly. The cork should ease out.

The art of selecting and enjoying a good wine is somewhat like enjoying good music. It takes time to develop the taste and a little patience and practice. So next time when you have a glass of wine in your hand, stop all the conversation. Give your complete attention to the wine. Swirl, sniff and taste and you are ready to enjoy good wine.

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