Let’s Talk About Femidoms or Female Condoms!

Now, how many of us know about Femidoms or Female Condoms? I bet half of us do not even know that it is called Femidom. A quick research would tell that Femidoms (Female Condoms) are a barrier contraceptive used during sex to prevent Sexually transmitted disease or unplanned pregnancies.

Most will put forward their question of why the need of female condoms when we have men using condoms whenever we want.

They have been hyped about; they have been made fun of, and now they have completely vanished off the shelf. When it comes to taking power in your hand, this should be your priority. This speaks how women during their most intimate position give their partners the choice and power of protected sex. If women want protected-sex, then they should initiate it by using Femidoms. Our society has not been particularly helpful either.

Female condoms have been made fun as “Amoeba” or “Carrier bags”, but in reality they are safer than the male condoms. In today’s world where we strive for “Gender equality”, more than half of the population does not have access to female condoms! It was launched more than two decades ago and still it is a hush-hush topic. Why not bring it out in open, make it popular, easily accessible to all the women to really need it? After all prevention is better than cure!

Benefits of Femidoms or Female Condoms:

1. Dual protection – Did you know Female condoms provide “Dual Protection” from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Unplanned Pregnancies?  Many women use contraceptive pills for the prevention of pregnancies, and some do none of these as they fear the side effects of the pill and they do not know about Female condoms. Women who use none of the above mentioned Preventions (protection and contraception) is as high as 222 million women. STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) are a major cause of death in women population who are young. Not giving due awareness to women-centered protection methods can lead up to more deaths and complications in future.

2. Sense of shared responsibility – In a recent survey, it was found out that the majority of men prefer female condoms over the normal male ones. It gave a sense of shared responsibility of having a protected sex. Being different from the male condoms, female condoms do not restrict and are not uncomfortable. Also, it is a stated fact that use of female condoms during sex is more “pleasurable” than the other.

3. More convenient – Yes! Apart from this, the amount of time taken for putting on and taking of the condoms are avoided in case of using the female condoms as they can be worn (or inserted) before the sex and they do not have to be removed immediately after that.

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4. Helps better! The material that the condom is made of is different from the normal latex and helps in the heat transmission. This means the plastic feeling in the male condom is absent while using the Female condom.

5. Just as many varieties – All safe and brilliant quality! It is not that the companies are turning a blind eye to this. Famous companies sell female condoms, and there are many varieties in it. Some are free of latex and others are free of artificial hormones used to improve the sex. After a proper research about needs of the partners and their comfort these condoms are made and are as same quality as others. All the female condoms are safe 95% of the time.

6. Female condoms are expensive? Just a myth! Female condoms are expensive – it is a myth which has been proved untrue. The fact that they are not easily available as the male ones creates a general apprehension in the minds of people. After being proved as safer than male condoms, female condoms become more effective than the treatment of the sexually transmitted diseases.

7. All we need is more awareness! Female Health Company, a firm in America had started a project called the “Pleasure project” which promoted “Sexy back on safe sex”. This means that now the female condoms were promoted with a positive image wiping off the fears of the wearer. This initiative became very successful in the developing countries where the female started cleverly using it as positive tool that was pleasurable and safe.

In the end, it can be said that an awareness should be raised stating the ways to use it and its benefits. Also on a global level many have started raising their voices highlighting the issue. Global Female Condom Day is celebrated on September 16. The Government and the public welfare institutions should realize the importance and start vending female condoms with the male ones too, as they increase the chances of the protected sex.

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