11 things that will make you Fall in Love with your Partner all over Again

Be it love or an arranged marriage or even live-in relationships for that matter, the spark felt during initial stage dims with time. Personal goals, competitive world, work-pressure and many things take over beauty of relationship. Though we all wish to hold on that initial magical phase of relationships, truth is that sooner or later life takes toll of every couple. Time plays such a tricky games that the person you once fell so for badly now seems to be almost stranger. You ask yourself why you even thought of getting married.
In such situation, what if we offer you means to time travel…
Let’s look into some aspects that would act as lubricant in your love-story.

1. Play a small game where, both of you write down 20 things about yourself at the same time. Exchange your list and voila! Writing is best means of self-expression, all your subconscious thoughts, pent up emotions came down on paper without you conscious knowledge. Also, here spontaneity plays a vital role. Both the partners should pen down at same time so please manage your time accordingly and see what all you get to know.

2. Write in air ask your partner to identity what you wrote. This could be one of the most romantic things you can imagine. When you are lying together, one of the partner writes his/her message in air whereas other reads that.

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3. Take pictures of each other/ together. In the times of selfies clicking picture isn’t a “New” thing, we all indulge in it. However, we don’t click pictures of each other as much we click of ourselves. Click your substantial half is busy in daily chores, get it printed, make a scrap-book with tiny notes written and gift him/her as surprise.

4. Write/ Cook for each other. In today’s era of role-reversal we don’t propagate the cliché that a way to men’s heart is through his stomach.
In current scenario where both partners are working, both the partners need pampering and little concern. What better than cooking a meal for your darling? Or lending a helping hand to your wife/husband?
We are living in age of social-media, BBMs, WhatsApp and what not but nothing surpasses the ecstatic feeling receiving of a hand-written note. Write for each other, such small gestures makes it life worth living.

5. Go on long drive, play your partner’s favourite songs. Hide a surprise in back sit, give it as you spot some nice place.

6. Spend time gazing stars together while, lying together in open space. Jump to your terrace or go on beach, and let the magic unfold!

7. Have a make-over together. Monotony kills everyone & anyone, plan a make-over together, have a nice haircut, change your dressing style. If you have put on weight hit the gym together, look fit, or take up any other fitness regime together.
When you look, feel good about yourself you make your partner feel the same.

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8. Make a treasure hunt that leads to a room filled with candles,flows and entire wall of your pictures together. This idea hails straight from the romantic movies, and dream of any lover.

9. It might not sound so romantic but it’s a great cause. Visit an orphanage or old age home together. Feed the needy people.

10. Play your engagement / wedding videos, go through your honeymoon pictures, talk about how you had fun, how you loved the time together. Take a walk down the memory lane, revisit those beautiful memories and moments you spent together being nothing but, each others’.

11. Take interest in family of your partner. Take time out to spend time with your partner’s family, spend quality time with them. There can’t be anything more endearing than loving the people you partner loves and is being loved by.

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