8 ways to make your morning better

So you are not a morning person. Waking up bright-eyed, energetic and ready to take on the day – that does not sound like you every morning. But do not worry, there is always a scope for amendments in this world, and your mornings are no different.

1. Stretch out the laziness – Learn something from your cat – Get out of bed and do some gentle stretching exercises every morning. Your muscles become a little too “cozy” while you are asleep, and stretching out your body every morning to get those muscles out of their sleepy-zone helps to become charged and take on the day. Although quite unlikely anyway, it also reduces the chances of muscle injuries and spasms.

2. Listen to your favorite musicNothing says wake up better than those speakers humming out your favorite tune in the house. Apart from taking the grumpiness out of the morning, music also helps to release stress from your mind and energize you. After all, how could you not get into your groove while your favorite jam is on in the background?

3. Drink a glass of warm waterThis morning hack is no myth, as it has been scientifically proven that drinking a warm glass of water every morning improves body functions and is beneficial for your health in the long run. We know that getting on with this habit might be a little tedious, but this is one habit that you would want to stay with you for your lifetime. After all, there is no better way to start off your day with a healthy habit!

4. Wake up to the sweet smell of coffeeNothing helps you to get your day started as good as that morning dose of caffeine does, right? Well, it is time to take it up to the next level and use that timer in your coffee maker that you thought was redundant. Waking up to the smell of coffee will work wonders for you, as there will be something to attract you out of your bed every morning.

5. Go jogging for half an hourWhile this might sound counter-intuitive, running a mile or so every morning will do wonders for your health and physique, apart from getting you charged up for the rest of your day. All that grumpiness and yawning that you experienced in your office today will be replaced with a soft and energetic smile that will show your boss that you care.

6. Change your alarm toneThe only thing that can be more depressing than waking up in the morning when you do not want to, is waking up to that obnoxious and deafening ring of the clock on your phone. Do yourself a favor and change your alarm tune to one of your favorite songs. That way, you will wake up to a great mood, without the instinct to break that phone and silence it forever.

7. Have a healthy breakfastSkipping breakfast and saving those 15 minutes looks like a great idea when you are getting late for the office, right? Well, you should be doing anything but that. Putting the right fuel in your body in the morning is important to get it through the day of working and grinding that you are going to face. Eat a healthy breakfast every morning with a balanced nutritional background.

8. Make the bedMaking the bed, laborious as it may sound in the morning, acts as a little warm up exercise for you and gets your body up and running. Besides, your bed looks nice and clean for the whole day, and you are welcomed to your room at night by a well-made bed that is calling out for you. Mornings and nights, making your bed tidy makes both of them a little easier to cope with.

Although you might be feeling elated by the thought of the wonderful mornings beginning from tomorrow, implementing these hacks into your daily routine is not a cakewalk. But rest assured, once you do that, mornings will become much easier to deal with!


  1. Nice article thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. This article is so useful & informative to start your day with fresh mindset.


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