Make your daily meal like a Chef

Chefs use various spices to speak the language of love that is manifested in the delicacies prepared by them. Preparing meals is not as easy as it seems, it needs a lot of creativity and innovative bent of mind. If you love to cook like a chef it is important that you have the courage to experiment. You must have the idea to use ingredients in a correct measure and see what combination of ingredients would go well. A little originality and the ability to think out of the box can help you do wonders in the kitchen. Here is a list of tips that can help you prepare mouth watering meals, just like a Chef –

Cook like a Chef:

1. Relax and play music – The best way to embark on an exciting journey of cooking meals like a chef is to relax, de clutter your mind and focus on the task in hand. You can play your favourite songs as music will help you to relax.

2. Decide what you want to cook – To begin with, it is not necessary that you cook a complicated dish. Try with something simpler. Once you decide what you want to cook, think about radical ways you can make the dish truly exotic.

3. Line up necessary ingredients – Once you have decided what you want to cook, line up the necessary ingredients that you are going to use in the dish. Lay them in small dishes and meal preparations like cutting, chopping, kneading, etc. This will help you to save a lot of time and everything will be handy as and when you need it. Do not forget to put your oven to pre-heat in case you are using baking method.

10KeyThings-Accurate-Measurement Make your daily meal like a Chef4. Careful substitution – There may be several things required in a recipe that is not available. In that case, you will have to use a suitable substitute that enhances the taste and flavour of the dish instead of marring it.  Always remember that if a dish gets ruined; you will waste a lot of time. Thus, substitutes must be chosen carefully.

5. Accurate measurement – Always measure the ingredients in order to use them accurately. If there is an overdose of salt or chilli, it is simply going to ruin your entire effort. If you are not sure about the quantity to be used, take help of the internet where you will get the necessary information in the matter of seconds. Also remember that every dish requires ingredients in different measures. Hence it is wise to check the quantities of ingredients before sprinkling them.

6. Use bigger bowls – The idea behind using bigger bowls is to ensure proper whipping or mixing of the ingredients. If the bowl is small, the spices will not get mixed properly and the flavour will not come out as expected.

7. Turn up the heat – Once you are ready, turn up the heat and start cooking in an organized way. You have everything ready in front of you, now you just need to add ingredients as and when one process of cooking is completed. Never rush through the process as certain ingredients and spices need a little time to cook and settle.

8. Decorate it in style – Whatever you cook, remember to decorate to make it look relishing, even if it is for your own eating. They say that you first eat it with your eyes, then with your nose and finally with your mouth.10KeyThings-Potatoes-in-style Make your daily meal like a Chef

If you wish to cook like a chef, the key lies in staying organized and systematic. You have to keep your cool and look for ways through which you can augment the flavour of the dish you are preparing. These tips can help you to prepare mouth watering daily meals with precision, just like chefs!


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