The Borek Shop – Restaurant Melbourne CBD, Australia

The Borek Shop

Cuisine: Turkish, Bakery
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ph: 03 9328 1223

As one walks past the beautiful Queen Victoria Market, they can easily spot the Deli Hall which holds a little gem within it called the Borek Shop. This place usually is full of a throng of people clustered around the stall. Manned by ladies with a positively upbeat mojo, the business is swift and brisk, and despite the crowd, you could get your fresh-off-the-oven boreks in a jiffy.

They are known for their pastries, which always come out crispy, fresh, warm and seasoned to perfection. After taking a bite of this piece of heaven, you would discover a light filling of minced lamb, a bit of spice, onions and bell peppers. Their spicy lamb, cheese and spinach and spicy spinach borek are the ones which are deeply loved by its regulars for the taste, which never fails to deliver. Don’t miss to read the highlights of one of the Best Turkish Australian Restaurants Melbourne, The Borek Shop below:

Website NA
Reservation NA
Kid-friendly NA
Price A$10 for two (approx.)


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