Kebabs R Yummy – Restaurant Melbourne CBD, Australia

Kebabs R Yummy

Cuisine: Kebab
192 Wells St, South, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Ph: 03 9696 3100

Kebabs R Yummy is not your usual kebab shop. Cleverly located adjacent to a range of drinking establishments and open until a time with a.m. on the end. It’s in a really quiet part of Wells Street, about a block west of St Kilda Road, and caters more to the businesses and apartment residents in the area. Basically, this means that they can’t just get by serving up any old slop to line the stomachs of late night boozers.

And when it comes down to business, they mean it, when they do it. The food is lip-smackingly delicious and of great value too. Not only would you love coming here to eat a bite, you can visit this joint anytime and grab a takeaway as well. (Not both on the same day, though, that’s -probably a bit excessive and would likely result in a meat coma.)

This is a small shop with a massive range of excellent dips, salads, kebabs and plates. Have a kebab by itself or get adventurous and go for the combination plates. Not only that, this place also serves some seriously amazing eggplant salad as well. And the dips, Oh! The dips. They are so good that they do deserve a second mention. Especially their hummus and capsicum & parsley, which are stupendous. Magnificent meals that are tasty and filling. The very friendly and engaging staff, who treats everyone as special makes sure that you’ll definitely keep on coming back. Don’t miss to read the highlights of one of the Best Turkish Australian Restaurants Melbourne, Kebabs R Yummy below:

Website NA
Reservation Yes
Kid-friendly Yes
Price A$40 for two (approx.)


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